How we paid for our Reno with cash

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So happy you’re here.

This blog post really is the starting point of my commitment to serving you greater this year within the online space. 2018 was all about hard work behind the scenes. (I’ve helped many of you get started with essential oils or maybe you completed my Awakened Mama course where we did intensive and private calls together).


This year I’m welcoming a new baby and so for the first three months or so of her time earth side I’ve prepared lots of online content ready for you. My hope and intention is that it will inspire you into deeper levels of health, wealth, leadership, money momentum and freedom. And ps if there is something specific you would like me to write about feel free to shoot me a message on either Facebook or Instagram. I’m all ears.

Also before I dive into today’s blog I wanted to let you know that I’m also starting up my monthly newsletter again. My intention with this is to share updates on my latest content (like these blogs) so you don’t miss them and to keep it real with you. I’m going to save my most vulnerable, real and raw posts for my monthly newsletter. Think of it like not just ice cream, but ice cream with your favourite toppings and sauce dripping all over it. Ha! In the past I’ve opened up lots via my Instagram account but I’m going to save more of that for my newsletters moving forward.

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So anyways let’s chat money. This is a big topic I want to focus on this entire year.

We’re in the final phase of completing part of the upstairs renovation within our home and it’s been so fun. We still have lots of work to do as we go around and intentionally upgrade our space to match our personalities and what we truly desire during this next season of our life: minimalism, a calm home that feels spacious and free and light and creative, and a healthy home to raise our girls in.

If you’ve ever done a reno you know that it can be expensive. Similar to putting a down payment on your first home perhaps or buying a vehicle, reno’s can cost lots of money.

Here’s how we paid cash, direct from our chequing account and acquired zero debt for this project.

And of course like I always do within my work, I’ll be weaving in different spiritual lessons and leadership principles that guided this money win for us. If you’re new to my work, that’s a big part of what I do and teach. Welcome :)

1. We waited 7 years to do a reno

Ah patience.

If you struggle with patience or this brings instant resistance your way this may trigger you a bit but stay with me.

Living like or “keeping up with” the Joneses as the saying goes doesn’t interest us not one bit. While we’ve been building our business over the last 7 years we have been patient and smart with our spending, mostly choosing to make edgy business investments that would propel us forward. (Like hiring help, coaching for our business when needed, website and/or marketing fees etc).  We basically lived like most people are unwilling for 5 years, so we could live like most people can’t for the rest of our lives.

And health. I can’t forget about this part. We have always prioritized our spending on our health first and we do get edgy here. Even in the beginning when money was tight I was always guided to make edgy purchases when it came to our health. (And I’ll talk about this more in point #2 - those edgy decisions that are intuitively guided and test our trust muscles).

Since we’ve been guided to be wellness based entrepreneurs this has been vital for us. Part of what we’re selling and offering to people is our wisdom based on our experience and if we’re not living out a vibrant life then who the heck would join our programs, purchase our products, trust our guidance or attend our events? Congruency with what you’re teaching as entrepreneurs is key and so we always knew we had to put our health first and trust the process here.

Things like:

1- Buying and preparing organic food, supplements, essential oils, kitchen equipment like juicers/blenders and the best quality water filters. Not all at once, but small upgrades each quarter of each year.

2- Taking last minute trips or retreats if we needed a quick soul refuel week. And we don’t stay at resorts who offer McDonalds if you get what I’m throwing down. We do detox retreats, yoga retreats or higher end resorts with quality food.

3- Booking in sessions with energy healers, massage therapists or other wellness based therapies we needed to stay full of life force energy. (With no life force energy you’ll drain yourself of passion which is vital for your work as an entrepreneur. Don’t skimp here or you’re done in my opinion).

Then, we put our money first too.

Instead of gravitating towards the shiny things that most people in socitey gravitate towards in order to fulfill a quick high or an unmet or unhealed emotional need, we spent our time learning about how to take care of the money we were making.

For example (and this could be an entirely different post) but a coles notes version for you:

1- Basic stuff like learning to track our monthly income. Here’s a spreadsheet to help you with that if needed. And below is a screen shot from my personal google drive. I have a folder for each year with spreadsheets saved under each.

Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 10.40.22 AM.png

2- Putting away what’s needed for tax time and saving 10-15% of everything we earn. We admittedly didn’t do this in the beginning because man, those first few years as entrepreneurs can be tight. But then we got better at prioritizing our spending and once this habit kicked in, we were off.

3- Interviewing and finding the right people to help us learn how to invest these savings.

4- The last few years we’ve focused on keeping our chequing account at a minimum of 5 figures always. We leave more so we can attract more and this is part of our emergency fund in case something breaks around the home or we need quick cash. (Most people live pay cheque to pay cheque and put new cars, renos, etc on credit. Yikes. This is so dangerous people! Is it time to get your financial shit together?)

5- Credit cards we pay off entirely every month. We only own two credit cards. One back up in case a big business expense comes down the pipe (and we use this to hide Christmas gifts we get for each other etc) and one that I place all my main business expenses and/or online purchases on.

6- Once we were comfortable with this plan (bank account at a solid 5 figures per month, business revenue at 6-figures or higher, savings plan automated monthly etc) then we looked at how we could treat ourselves and have fun with the design of our dream home.

I also just want to point out that I’m not a control freak when it comes to money and I also don’t subscribe to that way of being either. We’ve been guided to follow the above principles yes (and you may be guided in a different way) but we also first and foremost follow principle number two: it’s not our money.

Early on in my business I was guided to take what felt like risks that looking back seemed SO scary at the time but when I hear of what some entrepreneurs have done to put forth their vision in the world, what I was guided to do was peanuts. Things like putting money towards business investments, throwing some big expenses on a line of credit for a period of time, getting my business going, basic things I needed like a website or help around the home, healthy food etc. It’s so funny how this was SO scary to me. But what carried me through is that I knew and trusted in the fact that I was acting on the divine plan above all. And when you’re acting on the divine plan, it’s not a risk my friend. It’s acting on the divine plan. Doesn’t that just feel better when we frame it that way?!

As mentioned, let’s move onto the next thing we did.

2. We always follow this principle:

It’s not our money.

What the heck do I mean by this?

Just like our business is not our business, our money is not our money.

Our home is not our home and our kids are not our kids.

They are all the manifestation of God/our inner teacher/our soul whatever language fits for you there.

When you surrender your life (I wrote an entire post on that here) and commit to being a follower of the divine plan, you’ll be guided within everything that you do. How to spend, what business to join or start (if any), what career path you should follow, how to fuel your body, how many kids are waiting to choose you as their parents.

We treat our money no differently than we treat the rest of our life. It’s not ours. It’s up to us to ask/pray/journal about how we should use this money to make manifest of more hope, healing, light and love in the world. And then it’s our job to LISTEN to the guidance that comes through.

Many, many people would judge this way of being, call it quackery or make fun of it while drinking wine on a saturday night with the rest of their broke friends. But what’s really happening I believe is they are quietly judging themselves.

Because those who attack this way of being are simply triggered because they likely have unconscious shame around their lives. They are following something too. But it’s not the divine plan. They are following society’s mould and not their heart. We have a choice in terms of which path we choose to follow.

So newsflash, if you care about what people think and therefore doubt your divinely guided decisions based on them, you’re not being a follower of the divine plan. You’re being a coward. (And I say this with grace but I do say it. If you can’t handle the truth you can’t handle being a leader.)

Grow up. Also. You can’t lead if you can’t follow. And I know many people who pay attention to my work want to be powerful leaders in the world. And maybe you’re on the cusp of that. But my question to you is, are you truly TRULY following the divine plan and asking to be led in all areas of your life? In career, relationships, money, all of it? Or are you hiding behind a need to control who your ego thinks you’re here to be. Or perhaps you’re hiding behind 18 angel cards a day or the latest astrology reading to tell you. Signs from God/your higher self may manifest here and there to help you YES. But if you’re obsessed with looking outside of yourself for the answers, you need to grow up too.

It’s not your money.

It’s not your business.

It’s all apart of the divine plan for hope and healing and the quicker you surrender and follow the guidance that comes through, the quicker you step up into your role as leader and true light worker.

3. The timing was right

Following the divine plan always yields remarkable results and trusting the timing for us has been key. We could feel it in our bones that the timing was perfect to start designing our dream home. As you get more practice in with respect to following higher guidance and truth in your life, it actually starts to get easier and easier to feel into exactly what’s coming next. And the momentum never stops. It’s BEAUTIFUL, grace infused and freeing.

Keep in mind the analytical scientist would laugh at a blog or tip like this. Because there is no ‘research’ paper to back such a theory up about divine guidance.

Are we truly still living and leading from a place where we need validation from a research paper instead of our own inner connection to authenticity and truth? Some are yes. And I share this to make you laugh (if you get this and resonate, you’ll laugh) and to help awaken some of you because maybe you’re learning to let go of control still or maybe you’re UNlearning what’s been taught to you within this realm.

I personally don’t follow or take advice from people who only live and lead from “science”. While I find value and respect in science and research (that’s done with integrity) intuition and a relationship with our inner teacher to me carries more weight.

And our results speak for themselves. And so will yours when you trust the divine timing. Of all of it.

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Humbled to be on this journey of growth and awakening with you,

Geralyn xx

Prepare for 2019 with Grace


Hi beautiful friends. I’m so excited to share this blog post with you.

If you’re new here I’m Geralyn. Mama to a 2-year old, I’ve got a baby girl on the way, my husband and I are retired cops and we’re Presidential Diamond leaders with doTERRA. We decided to set a vision for ourselves a few years ago to ditch our alarm clock so we could be home and raise our babies amidst a peaceful country setting and ultimately, presence.

We believe that’s the true gift of not only the Christmas season which is just ending but every season of life. Truly BEing with each other. Cultivating peace in our hearts so we can give one another the most precious gift, our pure unconditional love and attention.

As we’ve built out a wildly successful business over the past few years our teaching has shifted. We know we’re here to help people achieve big yes, but to do so with soul and grace. In alignment with God/their inner teacher/your higher self, whatever word resonates for you there.

We believe when you surrender your life and ask to be guided to how you’re here to live, lead and then teach you will not only become wildly fulfilled and successful, you will truly be able to help other people.

So this post is about launching into 2019 with goals yes - but soul goals - along with intention and a commitment to live out your best life. The one that is uniquely destined for you.

We’re also here to help you clarify who needs you and how you’re meant to passionately show up and teach/lead this year.

Let’s dive in.

Step 1: Clarify Your WHY

At the end of every year I always take a few moments to clarify my vision for the coming year and to reflect in solitude on why I’m doing what I’m doing. Sometimes the hustle and bustle of the last quarter of the year can cause us to forget. We get so busy consuming, ending the business year strong and then we add Christmas into the mix and somewhere along the way our hearts can get cloudy.

So what is your WHY for 2019?

Your WHY is a purpose, cause or belief that you stand for. (As defined by Simon Sinek who wrote the bestseller “Start with WHY.” You can find it on Amazon or watch his TedTalks on the subject.)

It’s basically why you do, what you do and it comes from a place of intention and inspiration. It will inspire you when you get up in the morning and will help you stay in the game when the going gets tough. It’s key.

For example.

You may believe that the world needs X for deeper healing and so that’s why you work as an entrepreneur selling Y. Basically what we do in terms of our career has a lot to say about what we believe in.

My why shows up right on the front page of my website here.

It says and I quote “My work is devoted to helping you and your family live well and earn well so you never have to sacrifice what matters most: time together.”


I truly believe in my heart that families need more presence today and time together.

I do not believe in the way society has created separation, access consumerism, going to jobs people hate, supporting CEOs who sit on a golf course all day (while their product that makes people sick, makes them millions), sitting in traffic, believing we’re unsupported and therefore have to do this to get by or fulfill our ego needs of what success is defined by. I just don’t subscribe to this way of thinking and my why has much to do with shifting cultural beliefs within this realm.

My why inspires me to help women and families to create an inspiring business, one in which serves the world in a way that it needs for healing while also freeing up their time.

So I help people earn while they sleep essentially and my why drove my business choice. One of my businesses is with doTERRA essential oils which is passive or residual income. My husband hasn’t worked in over two years but if you were to hang out at our house the last thing you would think is that he’s a guy without purpose. You would see the opposite. You would see us living out our why and what we believe. You would experience presence, peace, laughter, dance parties, dirt rolls outside, tractor rides, dinners at the table together, food prep together and most importantly peace in our hearts because this why was chosen for us, it’s apart of our divine plan and we surrendered to that. This may not be your desired way of living and your why may be different and that’s normal and ok. I hope this example however inspires you to clarify your why even deeper for this year.

And here are a few ways to inspire you to get clear on your why for 2019.

Journal what’s on the surface for you with some of these sentences to help prompt you.

  • My WHY is……

  • I believe the key to changing the world is…….

  • I believe the key to X is to Y

  • I am devoted to helping people…..

  • I am devoted to helping moms/families/health care practitioners/men…..

  • The world will be set free by…….

  • People struggling with X need more Y

  • The key to true healing for people living with / struggling with A is C

  • The key to inspired living is Z

Do you see where I’m going here.

Allow your soul to drip out on paper.

The biggest mistake people make is they journal something out and it feels funny or edgy or sounds messy (very normal) and so they affirm to themselves, “Hmmm, that’s a bit messy so I’ll leave it and come back to it.”


As young entrepreneurs you must be willing to be uncomfortable. To show up messy for a bit. Deeper clarity will come if you trust what surfaces and run with it.

The business Gods don’t deliver deeper clarity to those who don’t trust what initially surfaces. You must be willing to trust the divine plan and yourself my friends. If you don’t trust yourself and what surfaces you won’t cultivate success with grace. You will always feel unfulfilled in some way.

My WHY felt funny to me for 5 years. Again, remember that true confidence is bred from action. You’ll become more confident in who your soul is here to be by acting on its guidance and truth, not from running away from it.

Step 2: Empower Your Thinking

I was coaching a team member this week through her thinking. She came to me and said “My business needed me to adapt during the last quarter of 2019. I was called to create deeper boundaries and a new system for those I mentor. Although this feels good and I know it’s aligned with how I’m here to step up and grow, it feels edgy. And now I feel like I’m I’m losing people. I’m going to have to start over with building my dream team.”

Now I know this person and her business is not falling apart at all. Sure the reality is now that she has set some new boundaries 1-2 might drop off the map. Totally normal and expected.

But what is truly happening is that she is stepping up in her leadership and so her fear based mind is creating all sorts of disempowering thoughts to make her think things are falling apart (or they’re going to fall apart when she acts on the divine plan) when in fact what’s really happening is that through her leadership strengthening, her business will start to strengthen.

This is the test of building a business with grace behind the wheel.

Do we trust?

And when we do the edgy, scary things that we truly need to do and our fear based mind starts to freak out and tell us it’s wrong (this will happen) are we able to correct our thinking?

My course in miracles teacher always tells me that God/our higher self lives in our mind. But so does fear. And when we’re growing, that fear based voice is going to try to create all sorts of limitations to hold us back.

So I had this leader write out 4 empowering thoughts and paste them on her fridge. Things like…

“My business is strengthening as my leadership strengthens”

“I am beginning to attract clients and team members at a very high level”

“My team and those who follow me are starting to cultivate deeper trust in me and in themselves as I set deeper boundaries”

“I’m attracting healthy people who do powerful things; We do powerful things together”


Do you feel that shift?

It feels good just reading it.

Your higher mind will never lead you to step up in the arena of personal growth if there wasn’t meant to be powerful results on the other side of that stretch or action step. But we need to clarify and empower our thinking to make sure it aligns with the action we’re being guided to take.

Read that again friends.

This is big.

Now think about where you are being called to step up in terms of your leadership growth right now. Has your mind been telling you some BS story or belief about why that won’t work or how you’ll fail?

Take a deep breath and feel those fears lifting up for healing. (Sometimes people ask me what that means by the way; How do I lift fears for healing they say?) The thing is if you try to obsess and logically figure out how to do that, you’re done. You need to relax. Trust yourself here and the simplicity of this. Sit quietly and imagine the fears or thoughts as stuck, heavy energy in your body. Then imagine them like a dark cloud lifting up towards the sky. There is a power greater than ourselves working on our behalf at all times. This power is waiting for us to lift our fears, trauma, guilt, grief. All of it. This power is what does the cleansing for us. We don’t need as many crystals or angel card readings as we think we do. We need to lift our fears for healing and allow the supportive energy that is right there to cleanse them for us.

Now write out 4-5 empowering thoughts about what is truly happening this year in your business.

Remember strong leaders cast vision. They write out what they feel to be true and most possible for them and they trust in the divine plan.

Step 3: Make Your Social Media Profiles Intentional

Your social media headshots, bios, cover photos etc should be you in your highest potential and full self expression. Update your photos if needed, book in a new photoshoot, make sure you are coming across how you want to be experienced. In your power, confident, filled with grace, hope, inspiration and love.

Vague bios, stories, posts and random crap doesn’t cut it. You will often see influencers who have been around for years and have massive followings get away with more playful bios but they have the credibility already, they have built their empires, they are already known for their work and they are wildly successful. Do you have that yet? If not, you have to get your hands dirty and create that. You are in charge of this and no one can do it for you.

Here’s an example of my Instagram bio: it’s clear on how I live, what I stand for (my why / belief) and who I help.

Screen Shot 2018-12-27 at 11.15.03 AM.png

If you write something out and it feels messy or edgy that’s fine. Own it. Remember deeper confidence and clarity comes from action not sitting around waiting for perfect clarity to emerge.

I love the example of Brene Brown, best selling author. When she writes her books she has a sticky note on her laptop that says “It’s supposted to feel scary Brene. Keep writing.”

This intentionality should follow you into your year. Every blog post, sales call, interaction, workshop that you teach will have this clarity woven in.

Side note and cool fact: I don’t have 18 million followers online but I do have a business that most people only dream about. It’s because I’m intentional and I have the courage to be intentional. I don’t chase likes, or vanity metrics. I ask daily how I’m here to serve and I show up and serve in that way. This is part of how I attract powerful leaders and clients into my business and truly help people. Get intentional if you want to do the same!

Step 4: Cast Vision

If you have a team of people you work with, clients, team members like I do or even family and friends make sure you are casting vision. I wrote this blog post for my team this year specifically (and for all of you who follow my work) but I’ve also been saying things strategically to help my team feel into their potential this year. For example when I posted a webinar I recorded recently I wrote out in my post, “Guys, this is the year so many of you are going to actualize your potential.” I’m casting vision with my words here. Speaking possibility. Feeling into the potential for other people and using my language to support that.

Strong leaders cast vision. And not just when it’s all about them or their most epic sales month. They do this continuously.

Stuck or ego driven leaders think negatively about themselves and their people or they make it all about them.

Step 5: Reflect

John Maxwell says one of the most important business skills to cultivate is self-awareness. Meaning the first person you need to lead is yourself. The first person you need to inspire change within is yourself.

Practice self-awareness by journalling honestly and truthfully on these questions before diving into 2019:

  • Who needs me this year? (Example: mums struggling with X need me)

  • What is the experience I want others to have of me? (Example: I want others to feel love, compassion and hope coming through me as I build my business)

  • How does the 6-figure per year CEO ME show up in her daily life and actions? (Or if you already earn 6-figures, the multiple 6-figure biz owner or if you already have that, the 7-figure biz owner etc)

  • How does she think?

  • What stories/experiences from 2018 do I have to share that will inspire others?

  • Where do I need to grow in my confidence and what’s my game plan to do that? (Remember action breeds confidence).

*PS if you’re in doTERRA I recorded this webinar on attracting CEO’s to your business and I chat lots about reflection and self-awareness. Basically guiding you to your own answers and to your own authentic power. You can access that here. Share with anyone it may help!

Step 6: Set Soul Goals

I’m all about simplicity and ease and I don’t subscribe to access “doing” in my life.

When I set goals I keep it very simple because to me it’s a reflection of how deeply I am or am not listening to the voice of God/my inner teacher/my highest most wise self.

I simply create a spreadsheet like this and save it in my google drive titled “Yearly goals”. I have one for each business year.

Screen Shot 2018-12-27 at 11.25.19 AM.png

Then I sit in solitude, take a few deep breaths, shut down all tabs on my computer and/or phone and simply journal out what I want to experience this coming year. It’s as simple as that. One year my focus was on having my first 6-figure year. Last year one of my goals was to hit our income goal of high multiple 6-figures and I was very specific about the exact number.

One year it was all about presence and grace as we had our first baby.

Another year one of our goals was about cultivating powerful relationships with influencers and friends and family that felt good and value driven. Another year it was all about asking for and leveraging more help. You see where I’m going with this. It can be anything but the key is in your listening and most importantly in how much trust you have in yourself and the divine plan and what surfaces.

So write out your 3 goals for this year if this feels aligned. Here is that spreadsheet to help you. (Click file, make a copy for your own).

Then I expand by writing out my income goal as you’ll see on the spreadsheet. I do this every year. Remember earning money has nothing to do with money but it has to do with our fear of our own power and leadership. This is why I have up and coming leaders do this exercise. We have to feel any fears here and allow them to move through so we can get to work.

Another key is non-attachment. In the first 4 years of being an entrepreneur I rarely hit the exact goals I set. But each year I expanded into who I needed to be in order to hit the goal the following year or shortly after the original timeline I had set. Now I’m better at setting soul goals and I get pretty close to hitting exactly what I write down.

You’ll see I also have a section at the bottom for personal and family goals. This is in case the top 3 goals that surfaced were all surrounding your business. Then I would add to this section to make sure it’s well rounded and you have passion, purpose and joy flowing through all areas of your life. For example for us this year we’re doing a renovation but I wrote down that I want it to come together with ease and grace and in perfect timing. This feels so good to me.

Remember when we get bored or stuck in our life it’s because the beautiful ego has taken over. When we feel passionate, in flow and creative (in business and life) it’s because we have surrendered our life and we are deep in our listening.

So there you have it friends.

Did you find this helpful?

Please share the blog link with your family, friends, team and/or network. I would super grateful to help anyone this truly aligns with.

To a magical (and soulful) 2019,

Geralyn xx an

Happy, Healthy Fall: An Immunity Plan for Conscious Moms


Friends! Even though it’s only Aug. 31st you can smell fall in the air here just outside of Toronto, Canada where I live.

I’ve been shopping for a new fall wardrobe for my bump and for my toddler. I love being prepared to limit any stress.

I do the same thing when it comes to our health.

I can feel the gentle nudges and changes my body, home and heart guide us to make to ensure we are happy, healthy and thriving all year long. Of course I know that the odd cold or cough is sometimes inevitable and I believe the body knows exactly what to do in order to support healing but I also believe this:

When we support our body with the right mindset, the right loving and clean energy within our home and the right fuel in terms of water, nutrition and supplementary tools like essential oils,  we are on track for a gorgeous fall and winter season.

Here is what we do.

And please note as always, I’m not a doctor so always check in with your healthcare provider first and foremost.

Your Healthy Home Plan

Every year we clean out and detox a few areas that feel heavy. That good old kitchen junk drawer, closets that need a refresh, old toys that we can donate. Always, always aim to make space for the new and fresh.

Experts say that those who have a clean car and a clean home minus any junk, clutter or trinkets actually have a clearer headspace.


To do:

  • Make space by decluttering and cleaning out any junk areas. Make an all purpose spray with water, vinegar and 20-30 drops of your favourite essential oil(s) for fall. I love onguard essential oil mixed with wild orange right now and I only use doTERRA oils due to their transparency around purity and potency. (More on that here.) You won’t catch me at the supermarket buying essential oils or supplements even. Those oil brands are generally loaded or cut with synthetics and/or adulterated oils or perfumes. This is exactly what you want to get away from so if your goal is more vibrant energy at a cellular level, you have to support the cell with the highest quality oils. This is key.
  • Review your fall immunity plan with a professional that you trust. We use an osteopath who also practices chinese medicine, craniosacral adjustments, cupping and energy work. We also leverage a naturopath who leads clients from love, truthful research, empowerment and not fear. We have a zero tolerance policy in our home for healthcare professionals who lead from fear. 

Your Healthy Body

We use and leverage supplements on the daily to fill in nutritional gaps. Here is a blog I wrote on my personal daily supplement routine. This is bit different now that I’m pregnant but for general health this works well.

We also use a Berkey water filter - the latest research on what’s in our water is alarming. I believe in pure, clean, properly filtered water. Avoid water filters that you can purchase at your local hardware store. They are usually crap! The EWG has a great article on water filters. 

If allergies are getting to you try doTERRA’s TriEase supplement a blend of lavender, lemon and peppermint. It’s wildly effective, safe and natural. (Email me for support in setting up your doTERRA account,

In New Zealand many people take a teaspoon of Manuka honey daily to support their overall health. doTERRA just launched the world’s purest Manuka oil, now available this month only in Canada and the US. We purchased some and it’s insanely gorgeous friends. We’ve been applying to our neck, spine and chest area daily and I include my 19 month toddler in this routine. (She’s the healthiest little gal I know!) You can also roll Manuka under armpits as a natural deodorant and it’s great to support and balance emotions during times of transition, change or stress. Try rubbing it along the forearms, wrists and/or elbow creases, which in chinese medicine connects to the heart channel.

Other oils we use for support during the transition into fall:

  • Onguard capsules - the capsules contains a slightly different blend of oils than the onguard essential oil. It’s a bit more powerful in my opinion so I crack open the softgel, pour into a bowl and dilute with some coconut oil and then rub on my toddlers spine 1x / week.

  • Vitamin C  - I love Dr Suzanne Humphries work and teachings on natural immunity and the vital role vitamin C plays in general immunity and also how supportive it is when we come down with an illness. She talks about how conventional medical doctors are not taught about the mechanisms of action and benefits of vitamin C in medical school. (Surprise, surprise, sigh). If they knew about it, she believes a raft of other drugs would become unnecessary. You can find her work and articles online. She wrote a great book called Dissolving Illusions.

  • Onguard hand sanitizing spray - I don’t go crazy with this or act out of fear. I’m ok with the reality that germs are out there and I trust our body’s ability to handle it, that’s what it knows how to do. I do carry this in my purse however and after a day in the daycare center at church or a sweaty afternoon at the park I’ll give my toddlers hands a quick spray. I also keep one in the top drawer of her dresser and regularly spray down her change table and diaper pail area which - c’mon mama’s I know you hear me on this -  just the smell is so gross, ha.

  • Digestease - the gut and our gut health is everything and so this oil is a staple for us. We all currently have great digestion so we have not had to use much lately but it’s on the kitchen counter in our top 10 oil rack in case.  

  • Digestive enzyme’s - I talked about this in my blog post on my daily supplement routine but this is one of my favourite products. I take 1 with each meal to ensure when I consume a big salad for example, my body can absorb all the nutrients properly.

  • Melissa essential oil - this is one of the most expensive and luscious essential oils on the market today and for good reason. It’s incredibly powerful in my opinion at bringing the body and our cells back into balance. I take 1 drop in a capsule whenever I’m feeling off and apply to my toddler’s belly and spine 2-3x month for general health. You can read more about Melissa here.

  • Lavender roll on essential oil - check out this sweet instagram video of my toddler Vera applying her lavender oil before bed. My goal is to start her young when it comes to routines that feel nourishing and supportive of her body. We do this every night before bed.

My last tip- eat well and with the seasonal change. Start to reach for more root veggies, cooked foods for optimal digestion in the colder months and my absolute fav, bone broth. 


bone broth in baby food trays

Or use ice cube trays! Add to stir fry, rice dishes etc

You can find tons of great bone broth recipes online. (Just make sure the recipe you're using advises that you soak your bones in apple cider vinegar and water first to help pull the essential minerals and nutrients from the bones.) 

Here's my tip for bone broth: make a huge batch and freeze in small portions. I use mason jars to freeze a few 1 c portions for fall soups and stews and then my top secret trick is to freeze a few ice cube trays or baby food trays. Then simply pull them out in small portions and add to stir fry's, rice, anything really. The nutrients in bone broth are incredible for you and your family.

Your Healthy Mind

A healthy mindset is the key to just about everything in my opinion and fall is a great time to rewrite the narratives we've been telling ourselves. 

Take out a scrap piece of paper and write down how you currently feel about transitioning into this fall and winter season. Notice if something negative comes up like "I hate the cold weather or I always get sick or my business is slowing down."

Now rewrite those narratives into their most empowering version. For example "This time of transition brings about new change, growth and opportunity" or "My business is starting to flourish because I've been focusing on XY and Z." Read these new narratives every day 1x in the am and 1x in the pm and feel your cells start to move into deeper alignment.

There you have it friends - share with your friends and shoot me a line at if I can help in anyway. 



Navigating Grief, Loss and Coming Back Home

If you’ve followed my journey on Instagram or Facebook you are likely aware that 3 months ago my brother took his own life.

I was pregnant at the time and my pregnancy was keeping me glued together so to speak. I felt like I couldn't completely meltdown because emotionally I wanted to be stable for the baby.

A few weeks later, a few days before the end of our 1st trimester, we lost the baby. The loss was awful. My cramping and contractions felt similar to early labour with my daughter Vera.

During the first few weeks of this pregnancy I had the fatigue, the growing belly and a few other symptoms.

I thought for sure we were in the clear. It was just a feeling. I have had visions of our family expanding and it just felt right.

We’ve experienced a miscarriage before but that time was different. Although painful I almost instantly felt a stronger connection to my spiritual practice, to prayer, to God. It was if I knew on a deep level that the timing just wasn’t right. And it wasn’t. I’m grateful for that loss and for the perfect timing of our daughter Vera who came a few years later.

But this time, with this loss, I completely LOST it.

If total darkness is what it feels like to hit rock bottom, well, I hit.


I started having postpartum type thoughts.

Mean, horrible, dark thoughts.

Is postpartum after a miscarriage a thing?

On top of that I would have days where the grief surrounding my brothers loss would hit me like a brick house. I felt like I was suffocating and I couldn’t breathe.

The images of how he did it.

The thoughts of why he did it.

The spiralling fearful thoughts about the intense pain in the world and how awful it is that many people suffer in this way.

I remember for a few weeks having to take deep intense breaths constantly throughout the day, just to get through the day. I have never had anxiety my entire life but for a period of about 14 days I could barely breathe. My husband would sometimes hear the sound of these loud breaths and ask, “Are you ok? Why are you breathing like that?”

Often times I would just turn around and allow my eyes to swell with tears, taking a moment to compose myself.

I figured grief would be bad but this was awful.

I would bawl my eyes out while having a bath at night with my daughter. While driving. While laying in bed at night, sucking back sobs so my husband couldn’t hear. (Don’t get me wrong I used him often for support and I always do; He’s the best listener in the world. But sometimes you just want to feel and be left alone you know?)

Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 9.44.14 AM.png

We had a special connection my brother and I. We always did. He had struggles, he had darkness and it was quite obvious his entire life but I believed in him. You could say that’s one of my strengths, I believe in people. I see the light in everyone (well, most people) and often I see visions of people’s highest potential and who they're intended to be. With my brother I saw his light and I tried, oh man at times did I try to help him.

And so here I am, 90 days after this loss and I feel for the first time total and complete peace.

I sent a voice note to a friend this morning from my front porch and she commented back that she could hear the birds chirping and it sounded so peaceful. “I am at peace” I told her and “I feel so much better.”

Now I'm not saying I will never be sad again or I can't miss him. That's not what this post is about. And I certainly don't want someone who has struggled with grief or pain for a long time to feel triggered hearing about my healing process. This is about sharing the tools I've learned, with love. I'm sure another wave of grief might spring up for me - and it likely will - as it tends to come out of nowhere. But I’ll know how to handle it now and I'll be more keen to trust the process. And when I learn, I teach. That's just what I do as a wellness entrepreneur. 

And so this post. I feel inspired to share today in case you are learning to let go, going through loss, know someone who might be and/or you like to arm yourself with knowledge around the tools to help you come back home.

Because you see through this period of loss in my life, as painful and awful as it was it literally brought me back home.

Am I home 100%? No. But I'm close. I'm allowing this process to happen. And we always have that choice friends. To sink or to come back home to sovereignty.

One of my favourite teachers Caroline Myss says, “The best place to find your soul is in the middle of a battlefield.”

Not only was I literally forced to feel, grieve, let go and mourn, so many other emotions came up that I literally had no choice but to lift my arms up above my head and say “God, I give this to you.” And through that process of releasing I have connected deeper into my soul and truth than ever before.

Let me explain and start with one basic principle I deepened into. (And if you guys like this post please let me know. Because I have more to share if you would like!) 

You know those Jesus quotes about casting your burdens on him. (I love the mystical teachings of the Bible.) They are real and that I believe is a big part of our modern day spiritual work as a collective. Lifting up what is not ours to burden.

And so through this season of loss and letting go there was a beautiful lesson:

You are here to feel yes, but if you want to come back to peace (which you deserve to do) you must give it all up to God.

It’s not yours to hold onto. It’s yours to feel yes. But hold onto? No.

If we hold on to any painful emotion or experience it can manifest years later as bitterness, resentment, a lack of passion towards our work, even a dark depression.

And so an exercise to complete would be to 1) feel the emotion and the pain that comes with it (don’t rush this-many people will distract themselves and do anything to avoid pain) and then 2) lift your hands up above your head and say “I lift this to you God.”

You can use whatever word feels right for you - God, the divine, source.

Take a deep breath and notice how it feels to do this.

And remember that this exercise is relatable to so many other areas of life.

Let’s say you get angry and reactive easily. Maybe this is even a trait that got passed on (or taught) through your family lineage but it’s not who you really are when you’re in your sovereign power.

  1. Feel the emotion/pattern/behaviour pass through your cells, then lift your arms up above your head saying “I know this is not me and not my soul’s true essence. I lift this to you. Cleanse me of this pattern/thought/behaviour and bring me back home to the true me.”

  2. God/the Holy Spirit/Source is waiting to support you in coming back home to your essence of peace and joy and that’s part of the miracle that is available to us when we open ourselves up to healing. Healing can happen lightening fast just like it did when Jesus healed people. That is mystical truth. But you my friend have to believe in this.

The only prerequisite for this process to work is that you have to be open to it and you have to be willing to let it go. If you’re addicting to living in pain, fear, or self-sabotage and change or healing is not a choice you’re willing to commit to, this might not be for you.

Also to note, if you have your own business (I attract many entrepreneurs to my work) you can also apply this same principle to fear.

Feel the fear you’re experiencing and then lift your arms up and ask God/the Holy Spirit to cleanse you of it.

Throughout the grief process at one point I literally spent close to 14 days straight doing exactly what I’m teaching you above - feeling intense pain, grief, fear and reactionary thoughts come up (some in relation to these losses but other stuff emerged too) and almost every hour on the hour I would practice giving it up to God.

For weeks after my brother passed and we lost the baby, a heavy, tense feeling in my upper back and neck became present.

And now, after practicing this principle, it’s literally gone.

My digestive system is also back on track, my anxiety is gone, and peace has washed over me.

This is the truth regarding the healing that is available to us. But we have to do the work friends.

I hope this is helpful, (and I may have more to share in the days/weeks to come) so stay tuned.

Geralyn xx


The Truth About Surrender

Let’s go deep today ladies. If you’ve followed me for awhile you know that my main teaching is surrender. Yes I sell, educate and inspire on the teachings of essential oils and reducing your toxic load. Yes I help women step deeper into their leadership so they can grow beautifully abundant global businesses. Yes I help mama bears to grow in their confidence with their intuitive choices. But essentially, it all comes back to surrender because I believe that’s where your deepest power comes from. That’s where your intuitive guidance comes from. That’s where the answers come from.

So what exactly is surrender? 

There are many teachers of this concept today and for many people it’s not new because so many great men and women have gone first, writing books, and doing beautiful work behind the scenes in this field. They’ve paved the way so to speak. (Teachers like Marianne Williamson and Gabrielle Bernstein for example. Even modern day preachers and ministers are doing such a great job at bringing forth this message to the masses in a way that isn't so scary. Some of my favs: Joel Olsteen and Bishop TD Jakes). There are hundreds of teachers of surrender today and everyone tends to teach it in their own way, but essentially it’s the same dang message.

You must invite in the presence of a higher power, in order to access your own personal power. 

Period. End of story. The truth about the truth of all truths! 

I’ve been living this way for years and just recently I feel like I’m coming out of the closet to talk more about it. 

Why now?

Because of my results. It’s time to share what living out a surrendered life has created for me so I can inspire you to give it a try.

I literally want to scream from the rooftops and tell everyone what is possible if you decide to live in this way.

The timing is also right for me, because I had to walk it out first. I had to do the work. I had to surrender, hard, and ask how I was here to live and lead, and then I had to follow the signs. I had to heal. I had to transform. I had to take risks. I essentially had to allow the magic of surrender to work on me and through me. 

Throughout my own surrender process I always instinctively knew that I would be fine, I would access my true power, my connection to the work I was really here to do and my greatest health. I knew if something did go wrong or astray, that I would be fine too. Because that's the power of surrender, you feel like you're being held the entire time, and you are. 

Yes I still experience fear as I live and lead in this way, but I have the confidence today to push through that, because of this support, of an energy greater than myself, and because I see time and time again, the results that I achieve. 

Other cool things that have happened, since living out a surrendered life. (And the Truth about what is possible for you): 

  • I finally don’t care what people think anymore. I’m a very sensitive person, I always have been. If someone was gossiping about me on the school yard in grade 8, I would cry for days about it. That’s how sensitive I am. And, as I’ve completely changed the trajectory of my life over the past few years, I’ve had a few haters. Everyone does, when you live in this way, it’s basically the first warning sign that you’re doing it right. If you don’t have haters, you’re doing it wrong and playing safe. When it would happen, it would crush me initially. My confidence was really low and I was afraid to bring forth this new me. The real me. But now, I honestly don’t care. I show up, as I'm told to show up, and I don't give a crap. It’s so freeing and liberating. I also know the risks of not showing up in this way and I'm not interested in going back down that alley.
  • I’m the healthiest and most vibrant, confident being, I’ve ever been. (And ps, I recognize I’m talking a lot about myself here, and that will change as I continue to blog more on these topics, and offer value and support to you, but I do need to build trust with you and show you what’s possible when you live and lead in this way. And there is SO much greatness possible.) 
  • I’m not afraid to make mistakes. I’ve made them, and I’ve had to learn. But when you’re living out a surrendered life, the risks you’re called to take don’t scare you as much. You just do it. And that’s where your freedom and success comes from. Are you really going to remember that one thing you messed up on when you were 25, 35 or 45 because you were guided to try something new, to record the video, to say the thing, to send the email? No. You’re going to be sitting with the beautiful legacy you’ve created and the joy in your heart, because you had the courage to fail forward. To walk out your real destiny here. You'll also be sitting with deep joy and appreciation for how you were guided to help others in the way you were born to. 
  • I’m connected to my creativity. I always thought I wasn’t creative, it was a story I would tell myself, but slowly and over time, I’ve been guided to heal that story and my self-expression as a woman is unleashing, at a rapid pace. I believe we are all creative beings and need to express this part of ourselves in order to feel truly fulfilled. 
  • I’m connected to my real destiny and how other women in the world need me. This is by far the best part. At first, when you’re living out a surrendered life, it’s admittedly all about you. How am I  going to get my finances in order, what career / business model am I here to explore, what health upgrades or healing do I need? Why do I feel this way? How can I align more with the true, authentic me? Then all of a sudden, the answers come, you follow the signs, and then you’re guided to share your experiences and healing techniques with others.

This to me is leadership. Having the courage to share and inspire. This is where your freedom will deepen and you start to see what life is really about: getting lost in the service of adding value, hope and healing to others. 

PS: When you start to walk out this path, do NOT let anyone bully you into downgrading. If someone has an inability to respect your path of healing, transformation and leadership, let them go. Got it? Coolio. 

So lets recap. What exactly is surrender? 

It’s getting sick and tired, of trying to control your life.

Of trying to figure it out, on your own.

Of ignoring what God/Your Higher Self is so desperately attempting to guide you towards. 

Instead you pray your face off.

Step 1: You ask, intently, with your language “Please guide me. Show me. Because what I'm doing is clearly not working. I hear my body speaking to me. I hear my soul speaking to me. I know it's not supposed to feel this way.”

Step 2: And then you affirm with your language and your heart that you are wide open to receive the guidance that comes your way. Because when you ask and pray, that answer is coming fast baby cakes ;) 

“I am wide open to receiving the guidance that comes my way. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. I’m sick and tired of forcing. Of not knowing. Of confusing myself. Show me a clear sign and let’s do this. I promise to take immediate action. I promise to trust. You take charge. I turn this over to you.”

You can’t skip this step.

Step 3: Of course is taking action.  

Most people receive the signs and most people today still ignore them. We’re getting better as a society, because so many brave men and women are going first. 

But we can do better and I believe we must do better. 

Here is a mini meditation I recorded awhile back, when I was doing 1:1 coaching that will help you tap into the  feeling of surrender and the language that accompanies it. I recorded this to help guide you, but I do believe that surrender can NOT come from someone else. YOU have to want to live in this way. You have to be open to it and trusting of it. (I also led this call with doTERRA leaders on 'Inviting Grace into Your Life') 


So there you have it. 

The basics of surrender, and what can happen for you, when you allow yourself to live in this way.

A few people have asked me how I'm living out a surrendered life today and what I pray for. Here are the things I'm currently asking for guidance on the most, and putting into bold action the responses / signs I receive : 

  • I'm asking how I can be a better leader and affirming that I'm ready for my next level of greatness
  • I'm asking how to take care of my daughter. There are lots of scary things happening in the world today with respect to our kids so I ask and when the signs come, I take massive action
  • I'm asking how I can be a better wife
  • I'm asking how I can be more emotionally tuned up and not so reactive. I've been  guided to books on that and I'm reading them all and applying what I'm learning
  • I'm asking for more courage. I've been guided recently to speak up online about hot topics and it scares the f*&%'ing pants off me, but this is living out a surrendered life so I go for it. So I ask for courage and grace
  • I'm asking who in the world I'm meant to partner with in terms of spreading hope and healing with essential oils and my doTERRA business. I don't just want to partner with anyone today, I'm bored of working with people who are resistant to growth. I want to partner with men and women who love to live and lead in this way 

There you have it. I hope that inspires you! 

To your most beautiful life,

Geralyn xx 

PS Post below this post on Facebook or Instagram and tell me everything about your results since starting to live in this way. We’re inspiring the next generation when we do this ; ) 

The Real Reason I Use, Share and Love doTERRA Essential Oils

Hi friend, 

If you’ve been following my trajectory it’s no secret that I am passionate about nature and essential oils. I wanted to write a truthful and tell all post about my love affair, why I believe every family and home needs doTERRA essential oils and what to look for when choosing oils for your home and family. I hope my story inspires you and I hope you see just how much possibility is available for you too.

Story time! A few years ago I left a stressful job that was robbing my soul. I may look happy on the outside here, but my insides were screaming at me. I know so many people have a cliche story like that, but how much truth lies within those key cornerstone moments? The one’s where you decide that you’re worthy of something greater.



Something more aligned with the man/woman you’re really here to be. That was me and I’m not sure what took over one day, but I simply said a prayer and asked to be guided. I felt a sense of courage take over my cells, and within about a 20-minute timeframe, I dropped my gun belt off on my staff sergeants desk and took off. It was absolutely liberating.

There was some fear of course. My husband and I had just purchased our first home, had a $40,000.00 wedding bill we had racked up (Oops — has anyone else done that? I like pretty things, lol) and we had no idea how we were even going to afford curtains for our living room.

But what happened next was magical. We didn’t care about the curtains, or furniture for that matter. In fact, we lived in our beautiful home for almost two years without furniture. Our values had shifted and our health and life purpose became our number one priority. Instead of worrying about curtains we would ask and pray about how we were meant to live and lead in the world. Answers came and we simply followed the signs. We were being guided, by a power greater than ourselves, and I could tell our life was taking a massive shift into a world of possibility that neither one of us even realized existed.

My hubby kept on with his work in policing but set a 5-year goal to retire, once my business generated enough revenue. 



I started off teaching yoga, which eventually turned into workshops and small leadership seminars. I studied with a few life coaches, did the Tony Robbins circuit, hired a few business coaches, and learned some skills around how I was going to monetize my growing holistic health and leadership brand. I got pretty edgy and set a goal for when we would be mortgage free, even though I was making ohhh about $800.00 / month teaching yoga at the time. LOL! (That goal oriented mindset would pay off later though.)

I began taking even more risks, spending all my yoga teaching money on continuing to development myself. At times I wanted to barf because I was guided to begin again and again and it scared me. (To elaborate, I went from teaching yoga, to 1:1 coaching, to mentoring with one of the greats in the lifestyle and leaderspace space, to finally landing in doTERRA all in the span of about four years.)

But each time I said yes to where I was guided, I felt more free of the fear that had lingered in my cells for years, and I could literally feel my freedom deepening and my final destination closing in.

doTERRA was my final destination and it found me. 

Momentum and magic took off in a way I was always promised it would, by my greatest mentors, if I trusted the process and worked hard. 

I built out one of the largest and most inspiring teams in Canada and we’re now global, in 19 countries and counting.

I am completely financially free, but I honestly don’t even care about that part. Yes it's amazing. (And here are 20 remarkable things doTERRA has created for our family if you’re interested.)

But my favourite part? The energy, vitality, and lightness I feel every day, coupled with my unbridled passion for helping other men and women achieve their dreams.

(A few success stories from my team: millennial Brittany McLean; Inspiring mama of 3 Elizabeth Dipetta; Adventure seeker Amanda Payne and Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine Laura Hughes.) Our combined success has completely shifted my beliefs surrounding what I now believe every man and woman deserves to feel: free and connected to the work they're really here to do in the world.

The complete freedom that you feel, when you trust the trajectory of your heart and walk out Gods path for your life is the most intensely liberating feeling in the world. 

The oils of course played a huge part and worked magic on myself and my family too. When I started doTERRA, I was doing some intense detoxing at the time, to help my body prep for pregnancy. I had experienced a miscarriage the previous year and intuitively knew I needed some deeper healing. I had been addicted to carbs and sugar my entire life and turns out my digestive system and therefore my entire system was thrown off. Coming off grains, healing my gut and using doTERRA’s digestzen blend along with many of their top notch products to completely rid my home and body of toxins, I KNOW in my heart was a key factor in me conceiving a healthy baby. 

doTERRA quite simply changed our lives. I see a higher power working through this company, I see their innovation and how they are completely pioneering a new way and I want to scream from the rooftops about this opportunity, both for people looking to integrate essential oils into their life and for those looking for a vehicle to share with others. 

If you’re feeling drawn to doTERRA, here are 4 things you absolutely need to know.

Number 1 thing you need to know: Their quality is unmatched and world class

doTERRA sources their essential oils indigenously, which means they go to the part of the earth that grows said specific plant/stem/root/leaf in the climate and region where it thrives. This of course is what makes them so pure, potent and effective. Each oil then goes through rigorous testing and doTERRA is completely transparent with their consumers about everything. 

Check out this beautiful and intimate video of how they source Jasmine essential oil for example, from the lush fields of India. 

And, check out their signature Source To You website where they outline the full details on how they harvest their oils. 

If you’re looking for an essential oil company that you can trust, you’re in good hands. 

Number two thing you need to know: The culture and support feels like a warm hug

Have you ever felt completely overwhelmed along your natural health journey? At times I wanted to cry trying to read labels in the organic aisle of the grocery store and trying to figure out WTF (excuse my french, but seriously) I needed and didn’t need. And, every year it seemed to get more overwhelming and borderline scary with what we’re learning as a society. From GMO’s, and our corrupt food system, to the dangers of drug addictions and over prescribing to wondering who on earth you can actually trust today. 

The good news? The intuitive heart strings that lie within all of us are cracking open at a rapid pace. People are starting to see and lean in towards the truth of what their body needs, and doesn’t need.

And what have I discovered so many people need? Community. Support. And value. 

When I joined doTERRA it was a like a warm bear hug. I was instantly welcomed into the most supportive and loving community I had ever been apart of. I learned so much and at the perfect time, right before conceiving a baby. My education deepened, I was surrounded by like-minded people who got me and I got them and I felt safe exploring all I needed to learn to best support my family and I.

If you’re feeling drawn to us here, please know that our culture and community is here for YOU! Whether you start as a customer or a business builder, you’ll be welcomed with a jammed packed starter email filled with education guides on safety (my team and I send out a full 30-page guide), resouces like the doTERRA blog and science blog which includes safe recipes and articles on safety, dilution, how to use with kids and much more. Some top leaders and specialists have even developed e-books and 4-week programs that they provide their customer communities for free, and we all share these resources with each other. 

Trust me, you're in great hands.

Number three thing you need to know: Their philanthropy is real

I have a huge crush on the CEO of doTERRA, Dave Stirling. (Sorry hubby ;)) But in all honestly, his badassery as a CEO is incredibly inspiring to me. Here is what doTERRA is up to with respect to giving back...

As wellness advocates we donate to the Healing Hands foundation which seeks to bring hope and healing to the world through many different initiatives. For example, the ‘Days for Girls’ initiative works to provide young females in the world the education, safety, and dignity that they deserve through direct distribution of sustainable feminine hygiene kits. (Did you know many young girls do not have access to feminine products? Horrible.) Thanks to a global grassroots network of thousands of volunteers and supporters on six continents, Days for Girls has reached women and girls in over 100 countries.

doTERRA is also actively involved with Operation Underground Railroad, also known as OUR, a non-profit organization that extricates as many children as possible from sex trafficking. They recently funded a facility in Thailand, with state-of-the-art technology to intercept trafficking before it happens. Learn more here:

Number 4 thing you need to know: They’re pioneering a new way in collaboration with modern medicine

doTERRA is becoming more and more embraced every day by modern medicine  because of how hard they’ve worked to source the best quality possible and therefore highly effective oils on planet earth, that are creating remarkable results for people on a global scale. This, coupled with their dedication to building the right relationships with people within the healthcare industry, is starting a movement. Passionate and innovative health care professionals are paying attention and getting involved. Check out this video of the doTERRA medical advisory board which includes a board certified surgeon, and ear, nose and throat specialist, a dentist, an anaesthesiologist, a family physician, a pediatrician and a gynecologist.  An integral part of doTERRA's mission over the next 10 years is to bring together healthcare professionals of traditional and alternative medicine to encourage further study and application of essential oils in modern healthcare practices.

PS are you a health care professional interesting in learning more? Check this out or message me for more details. I have a few healthcare professionals on my team who are already apart of this initiative and we are getting set to blow things up! 

I hope that inspired you to read and learn, as much as I loved writing it for you.

Thanks so much for stopping by and learning.

And if it’s your time to get rocking, check out my official oils page here or flip me an email today at 

We have magic to create! 


5 Ways to Integrate Peppermint Essential Oil for More Energy, Vitality and Flow

5 ways to integrate peppermint essential oil into your life.

5 ways to integrate peppermint essential oil into your life.

Morning sister!

Here we are again. 

Exploring all the magnificent ways pure and potent essential oils can completely change the game for you and your family.

I see life as a game — do you? 

Think of it like a great athlete or coach. There is the prep work. Which involves the ‘know how’ or in other words the ‘recipe' for success. There is the belief in themselves as they put in the work and of course the trust factor. Trusting those who are living out and/or those who have helped others live out a beautiful life. And then there’s the magic that starts to pour when they put their recipe into action. 

This is what happens when I start to see women and families integrate essential oils into their life.

Women are usually drawn to doTERRA at a key time. They are open and ready to adjust their ‘recipe' so they can experience full blow vitality and flow. Their current recipe is usually pretty good when they start to integrate essential oils. But from experience I’ve noted, they are usually drawn in at a time when they’re ready to blow issshhh up in the health’care’ and self-care department. 

So, with that in mind, here are 5 simple ways to integrate peppermint essential oil into your daily life for more energy, vitality and flow:

  • First thing in the morning, take a deep inhale of peppermint and then swipe 1 drop onto the back of your neck. It’s cooling and invigorating, wakes you up and puts some pep in your step. I'm currently doing this daily before I visit my personal trainer and get my a$$ kicked hehe.
  • Turn on the diffuser in your kitch, adding a few drops of peppermint and a few drops of either wild orange essential oil or grapefruit essential oil. When using doTERRA, you’ll only need a few drops because of how pure and potent they are.
    • PS: So many people ask me where to get a good diffuser. I love doTERRA's petal and/or Lotus diffuser. I also love diffusers from amazon and honestly, you can get good diffusers today from pretty much anywhere. It's the oils that you want to ensure you're getting the best quality, diffusers don't matter so much.
  • Carry a peppermint roller bottle that comes pre-diluted with fractionated coconut oil in a handy dandy oil pouch of your choice. Roll this baby onto your tummy post lunch or dinner for extra digestive support. 
  • Pull out your roller bottle during a long car ride and give your temples, back of your neck and/or wrists a good roll to freshen up your energy and the good ol ‘road trip stagnant car smell’ 
  • Add 1 drop to your morning organic coffee and blend in a blender. Hellooooooo! 

To your health,

Geralyn xx

FAQ's about doTERRA and Network Marketing

Hello beautiful human,

Let's explore some of the most frequently asked questions I see popping up within the essential oil and network marketing industry today. As always, I'm here to spread the truth and stand for you highest potential. 



Q. Where can I learn more about doTERRA as a company?

A. Start here. Then go here and here. I also shared this beautiful blog post 

Q. How much money do you make per month?

A. Right now as a Blue Diamond leader I average between $28,000.00 - $30,000.00 per month in Canadian dollars. I am obsessed with teaching women how to earn abundantly, so you can free up your time to serve in a way the world really needs you to!

Q. What does the average person get paid?

A. Like any business, it depends on what you do and the work that you put in and how open you are to trusting those who have gone before you. And, like any business, it takes time. (What is up with some people online talking about how you can create a successful business in a week? Ummm, no lol.)  

In doTERRa 62% of people who choose to work the business are at the Silver rank or higher which is the foundational leadership level in the company. This is an incredible number. Again, not everyone wants the responsibility of a larger business, some just want an additional $1,000.00 per month as a Silver leader. Some want to build to the Gold or above rank and some want to go all the way. The choice is yours! I decided pretty early, once I became educated on the model, that I was going to go all the way. I was blown away at what was possible in terms of how I could help people and how I could help my own family. 

Here are doTERRA’s average earnings. 

Q. What makes doTERRA unique?

A. I believe you want to look for a few things when considering partnering with a brand, product or person. Integrity of course and the owners have this, hands down. The marketplace. Natural health and healing is booming and it's not going anywhere. It's the wave of the future. Retention. doTERRA has the highest retention in the industry. In my own business for example, with just over 7,000.00 customers from 19 different countries around the world, 85% of people who joined myself as a customer, or one of my teammates as a customer, ordered products again within a 12-month period. That is powerful business retention friends! Also, the doTERRA culture of support is like a warm hug. Read more below on that. 

Lastly, most people who join doTERRA join to use the products. It's a value driven company with a heart of gold to serve. Check them out on Facebook and Instagram

Q. I know there are tons of great network marketing companies and so many businesses are moving towards this model. But I’ve heard a few weird things about it, can you explain?

A. I love this question. No one really questions network marketing anymore because of how brilliant the sales model is. Every now and then someone with old school thinking might attack the sales model but here is what I’ve come to compassionately see within my experience: This is simply their belief system, typically based on a bad experience. Maybe they had a cousin who was selling protein powder and said cousin was really bad at it. Maybe said cousin bugged them all the time or just spammed their protein powder sales on Facebook all the time without actually adding value or building a relationship. Kind of like the life coach that just pitches their program all the time. Or the weirdo cold callers who try to sell you an upgraded furnace. Kind of annoying, I get it.

This is something you probably won’t ever get away from, some people just refuse to learn postured business skills, like in any industry or career. When I was a cop for example, there were some great cops, and some questionable one’s who gave policing a bad rap. When you go through the Tim Hortons drive through, you’re going to have some great customer service and at times, some bad customer service. The key here is to be open and understanding. Every now and then I hear a health coach for example who slams network marketing and I know in my heart what’s really going on. They are being unsupportive and missing the mark with compassion for what some of these people are doing, which is simply trying their best and following their heart. That’s definitely not my vibe, to diss people who are following their heart and trying their best and I find it quite rude. But to each their own.

Also, just to define network marketing a bit further. It’s a relationship business and people love that. Most people are starting to get annoyed with purchasing crap filled products from drugstore perfume reps for example, who know nothing about the truth regarding what is safe and healthy for the body. They want to purchase from people they know, like and trust, and those who are setting a great example by how they live. This is the wave of the future.

Lastly, the network marketing sales model is extremely fair and abundant! You get paid, for how much you help people. I’ve helped hundreds of people get rocking on their oil journey and I’ve trained and helped many women who want to start the business and grow their personal leadership skills. THIS is why I’m successful. I care about people (I really, really care!) and I’m passionate about what I do. In fact, it’s my belief that this is THE MOST spiritually charged business on planet earth and is made for those who have a big heart. It will help you grow into the person and leader you’re really here to be, faster than anything else. If you're not into that kind of thing, this probably isn't for you.

Q. How much time does it take?

A. Like anything, you get in what you put forth. Typically it takes about a year to learn skills, grow as a leader, set a strong foundation and if you’re open and ready to work, you can start to see a generous profit around 1.5 years in. If you come into this with experience in the health and wellness field, leadership experience and/or a strong desire to learn, and high self-confidence, you'll likely soar a bit quicker. I started to earn big in my business about 2.5 years in. (With zero experience I should mention. I was a hungry learner.) 

I started earning 5 figures per month, 5 years in, and I’m growing to a million dollar business towards the end of this year. 

Q. Is doTERRA embraced by modern medicine?

A. Yes! Check out this video of the doTERRA medical advisory board, which includes a board certified surgeon; ear, nose and throat specialist; dentist; anaesthesiologist; family physician; pediatrician; and gynecologist. 

An integral part of doTERRA's mission is to bring together healthcare professionals of traditional and alternative medicine to encourage further study and application of essential oils in modern healthcare practices. Are you a health care professional? Check this out or message me for more details. I have a few healthcare professionals on my team already who are part of this initiative! 

Q. What do the most successful people on your team do well?

A. Hands down, they are open and coachable to what successful people who have gone before them, teach them. And, they are interested in growing themselves personally, more than anything else. They lead by example. They're also not afraid to invest in themselves. Like I mentioned, I started with ZERO experience but I did hire a few successful people who helped me to grow into the leader I am today. 

My best people also follow their heart and they tend to have a very open energy to believing a higher power is guiding them. They see they’ve been guided here for a reason larger than themselves and they take full ownership of that. 

Q. Does doTERRA test on animals?

A. Nope.

Q. What makes their sourcing process and their oils so pure and special?

A. Check this out. This is the website that is making all the other fake essential oil companies nervous. This is another one of my favourite videos that beautifully captures how they source their oils indigenously (meaning, from the part of the earth where the specific plant/root or stem grows and thrives in its natural habitat.) This is what creates the most effective essential oil, in terms of its therapeutic results. 

Q: Is there a membership when you join or how does that work?

It's basically your own account so you can shop wholesale, at home, whenever and however often you would like. You pay $42 Canadian for your own account and then you receive wholesale prices (25% discount from retail) for life ; ) 

Q. I've heard a few people online slam essential oils, mostly around fears with using them safely. What's up with that? 

A. The short answer. Some people are triggered by the sheer greatness, expansive innovation and pioneering effect doTERRA and essential oils are having on the world. So they attack and defend their belief system. I don't give one second of my time to people like that and I'm sure if you've landed here you're the type of person who 'sniffs out' this type of behaviour as well. 

Something I find interesting is that for years and years people have been buying essential oils on the store shelf with zero education. Like me, a few years back, when I picked up a bottle of lavender from the health food store when I was a cop. I had zero training, no one in the health food store told me anything when I purchased and I actually discovered later on that this specific brand of oils was actually really bad quality, sourced poorly and cut with synthetic ingredients. (Ouch!) And I was putting that on my skin.

When I started with doTERRA, I was welcomed with open arms into a community that cares deeply. It felt like a warm hug to be completely honest with you. It was the supportive and loving, like-minded community that was missing from my life. The doTERRA blog and science blog has safe recipes and articles on safety, dilution, how to use and much more. Each person that buys essential oils receives a jammed packed welcome email with education guides on safety (a full 30-page guide), smart usage tips, using oils with kids and so much more. The odd person declines this additional support of course and as with anything, you’re going to get people who don’t listen and choose to ignore labels so it’s important to remember that. 

Top leaders have also developed e-books, 4-week programs that they provide their customer communities for free, tear sheets and safety sheets that we give out at oil classes. We don’t just stand there with a booth or a shelf and sell. The education, support and community is remarkable. We are ALL about education and I believe that’s why doTERRA has grown to become the #1 oil company in such a short time. They are setting an impressive benchmark that thousands of companies globally are now trying to replicate. 

Have you ever heard the business quote “The more value you give, the more successful you will become.” This is why doTERRA is great and changing so many lives around the world. 

You're in great hands here!

Q. What do you believe holds people back from success in this and/or business in general?

A. Fear. Anyone can do this. It’s fear. Of their potential, and of their power. 

Q. What do you believe holds people back from investing in their healthcare on a larger scale?

A. They have to believe they are worthy of feeling their best. Society has brainwashed most people into believing this is not possible.

Q. How do I get started?

A. Check out my post on why doTERRA and email me or the person who sent you, today:

I’m so pumped you’re honouring the pull of your heart strings.

We’re going to create MAGIC together.


How to Leverage doTERRA's Loyalty Rewards Program

Hi friend. How are you! I've been busy lately with Vera's first bday party plans and Christmas - so fun. Ps are we following each other on Instagram yet? Come follow me here.

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 8.38.20 AM.png

Vera turned one.


Anywho - if you have not heard about doTERRA's Loyalty Rewards Program, grab a cup of tea and cozy up. It's magical. {And make sure you read until the end so you understand fully, it's only a few paragraphs!} 

Ok. Here is how it works:

When you order a minimum of 50 points in doTERRA product of your choice on the monthly-basis LRP program, you start off by earning 10% back in free product points.

So again, for each monthly order, you get 10% back in points, and your points manually save in your account. You can see here, I have over 300 points to use for free product, at the time of this blog post! (I took a screen shot from my personal wholesale account.)



How it works is, you then get bumped up to 15% back in points after ordering that minimum of 50pv each month for 4 months, and then you go up to 20% at 7 months and it just keeps going up like the image below showcases. 



Eventually after 12 months, when you spend a minimum of 50 pv per month, you get 30% of that back in free product. 

Yes you heard me. Is there anywhere else that when you spend let's say $100 you get 30% of that back in free stuff? 

There is nothing out there on planet earth like this you guys! 

The current market today is oversaturated and full of noisy distractions not to mention products + programs that overpromise and underdeliver. Not to mention there are companies selling products that have nothing to do what the world actually needs for true healing. (Think powders, gimmicks.. gross, I know.) This is why I'm obsessed with this program you guys. It's from the heart, developed with the conscious consumer in mind and it attracts men and women who care deeply about their self-care and the health/healing of both themselves and the planet.

Essentially, doTERRA is rewarding you, as you become healthier. And as you become healthier, so does the world around you.

I only align myself with the best of the best and this is the best of the best. What I also love about this is that it teaches the concept that as you invest in yourself, and upgrade your health, you naturally start to receive more good in your life. It literally cracks open people to the truth about how good it can be if we choose to live in this way.

You of course get to decide what products you want in your LRP cart each month. And, if you wanted a break for a few months, as long as your LRP cart fires off something, let's say a lip gloss for 5 points, you won't lose your free product points. It just needs to be at 50pv, or higher,  in order to keep growing on the points back scale.

Lastly, you can cancel at any time. Nothing funky here. (I left the funk, aka drugstores with gross products and synthetic scents, a longgg time ago.)

This link here explains the program well if you want to read through a different example. And here is a two minute video on how to set up your LRP cart, and a quick 2-minute tutorial on how to redeem your free points.

So here is what I do.



I order doTERRA's Lifelong Vitality Pack each month. I talk about why in my daily supplement routine post here. Take a read, it's juicy! 

Then, I use my points to order my fav essential oils, the laundry detergent, fluoride free toothpaste and a few other goodies that we love. All for FREE. 

You can't beat it you guys! 

If you are ready to commit 100% to your wellness journey and you're ready to make the leap into feeling your absolute best, while empowering your family to do the same, I encourage you to try LRP for a few months. I even have a special little promo in collaboration with doTERRA for my team only, called 'Oil of the Month' club. Basically when you commit to trying LRP for three months, doTERRA sends you 3 free oils. And, I add on a special prize as well, as a 'high five' for taking a huge upgrade. 

Step 1 is to join as a wholesale member though me and then I can explain all of this though more direct communication with you.

Chat soon!

Geralyn xx 

My Daily Supplement Routine for Great Poops, Glowing Skin and Beautiful Energy

Friends! How are you? I just got back from a trip to Curacao - WOW. We've been doing the air b+b thing and I'm not sure if we'll ever stay at a hotel again. It was perfect because we chose a place with our own private pool and stunning views so we could chill (with privacy) while baby V had nap time. Here are some pics. I'm going to start a file with epic b+b's we've found - stay tuned for that.

Also have you heard I’m going back to school for functional medicine? I’m thrilled to deepen my knowledge and wisdom around how the body is uniquely designed to heal itself. Expect lots of juicy blog posts coming up on all that I'm learning.

I’ve always been the gal who stays up until 2 am doing my own research so it's time for more in depth knowledge, mostly because I really want to help people. But can I be honest with you for a moment? Do you want to know what has served me the most along my wellness journey thus far?

Trusting my intuition. 

I believe our inner wisdom is speaking to us all day long, most of us just don’t know how to tap into it.

Or, we're simply afraid of taking action on it. It terrifies most people. 

I believe the only way to live out your best life, both in health and leadership, is to surrender deeply. I wrote an entire blog post on that here and talk about the fact that you must invite in the presence of a higher power to guide you. And then of course, you must listen and take bold action.  

So what does this have to do with supplements? Everything. Because you can, and should, apply this practice in every area of your life.

There are probably a good 456, 789 supplement brands on planet earth today. (Ok, maybe I exaggerated a bit, but you get what I’m throwing down.) So how do we know what to trust?

Again, I like to couple my decisions based on two things:

1) My intuition and where I’m guided. I ask and pray to be guided to what I need, to what my baby babe needs and then I listen to the signs, and it's GO time baby.

2) Advice from health practitioners I’m guided to and one’s I know, like and trust.

I absolutely do not trust someone who has a medical degree, yet they are drinking diet coke and living out a life that does not show in any way, that they practice what they preach. I’ve run into a few of those and I’ve fired them pretty much instantly.

I’m also not a huge fan of family doctors, unless they practice functional medicine and they're tuned in and dialled up with respect to the most important health issues of our time today. Although times are changing, most family doctors just prescribe and treat symptoms, which is fine if necessary, but I personally leverage a more holistic health team for myself and my family.  

So let’s chat supplements.

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 8.25.06 AM.png

Before Vera was born, I especialy wanted to tune up my supplement game to ensure I was feeding my cells with the best of the best. 

I prayed. I asked. I received signs. I took action.

Vera is currently 13 months old and has stunning health.

Of course I’m not naive, I know certain things are outside of our control but there are so many things as a mum that I can influence. And I believe in taking personal responsibility for influencing our health, in a big way.

I share openly about the results we receive in our life in terms of our business success, our abundance, and our clarity on how we serve others, plus of course our health because I know results speak volumes and I really, really, really want women to see through example just how powerful a surrendered life really is.

So here’s my daily routine. {And yes I continued this on vacation I always travel with my supplements.}

My hope is that you've been guided here because you have been seeking, asking and/or praying for a better way with respect to your health and I hope through sharing my experience and what's worked, you'll be drawn to what you need.

(And of course, I’m not a doctor, this is simply my own personal choice and routine and not intended to give advice, but to inspire, so be sure to check in with your own healthcare provider when tuning up your own routine.) 

  • I currently start my day with a glass of water, using my Berkey water filter, and 1-2 drops of doTERRA’s lemon essential oil. (And if you're an oil customer of mine, you'll have my guide on safety with essential oils during pregnancy and postpartum! I just started taking a few oils internally again, about 6 months post bebe.)

  • I take 1 terraZyme digestive enzyme complex from doTERRA, on an empty stomach along with an additional omega supplement, Evening Primrose Oil, based on my holistic health team's recommendation for what I need during this time.

  • At lunch, I take doTERRA’s multivitamin and omega blend, called Lifelong Vitality Pack. I recorded a short video here sharing my thoughts and experiences on LLV. I used this as my pre-natal vitamin too! I don't trust those weird pink synthetic vitamins from family doctors. My intuition gave me a clear NO with those babies. {No judgement on what you take, this is just my experience.}

VIDEO LINK: HTTPS://VIMEO.COM/217244854 (Password = oils)

  • At dinner, I do the same. I take the lifelong vitality pack and an additional terraZyme.

    • Also, good to note: I order the Lifelong vitality pack on doTERRA's Loyalty Rewards Program and then I receive all my other natural health products for free, because of their points program. Here is how I get free stuff.

  • Before bed, on an empty stomach, I take one of doTERRA’s probiotic supplements.

  • I'm also a huge fan of their Mito2Max energy complex blend. I'm super intrigued by all the research lately on our cells and powering up the mitochondria. More on that in a future post.

  • I also use digestzen, or digest ease as it’s called in Canada, 2-3x per week, to support my digestive system with all its hard work. It's doTERRA's tummy tamer blend and supports overall digestive function. This was the first oil that came to my rescue and I hold it near and dear to my heart. I carry this blend around in my handy, dandy oil pouch on the daily and I travel with it too!

So there you have it.

Oh I also use a supplement pouch that I fill every Sunday to keep me accountable. I pulled an example from amazon there quickly for you, but you can find cuter ones and travel ones.

And here are my top tips for tuning into what your body needs, in terms of supplements (or anything in life really): 

  1. Surrender. Ask through prayer, listen, take action.

  2. When you take action, take it promptly and seriously.

  3. Notice what greatness starts to flow into your life.

  4. Repeat : )

So much love,

Geralyn xoxo 

3 Ways Breathe Essential Oil will Help Connect You to Your Intuition


Hi fierce and fabulous lady friends,

Today I want to chat with you about my absolute favourite essential oil. I have used this blend almost daily since I began my essential oil journey!

It’s called breathe, or easy air, if you’re in Canada.

The women I attract to my work are usually on a path of trusting their intuition deeply. The part of themselves that knows exactly what they need to live and lead at their best. They are learning how to access this innermost power and they are connecting deeper, day by day, to the work they’re really here to do in the world.

That clarity however, takes daily work. And, deeper clarity arises, the more you do and apply the work.

And that’s where breathe essential oil comes in.

Here are 3 ways Breathe essential oil will help you connect deeper to your intuition:


1. It helps you slow down and breathe

I know, not exactly brain surgery or the deepest thought in the universe but can I be honest with you for a second? I don’t believe we need 'complicated' today and we forget how simple it can be to 'tune back in' to our power. Most women today are simply not breathing; They are running around on overdrive and that is hands down in my opinion the number one reason why they have trouble connecting to their inner wisdom. We need to slowwwwww down, feel, and connect. 

I carry breathe with me everywhere and typically place 1-2 drops on my chest 3 times per day. It opens my airways, helps me ground and slow the F down ; ) 

PS this is my fav pouch for carrying oils in my purse. 

2. It clears stuck energy from your body

As you apply breathe and take a big beautiful whiff, you’ll instantly feel grounded. It opens the airways, your breath reaches deeper into your body and you’ll notice your exhale will also get juicier. Did you know the body detoxifies through your exhale? Sometimes we need deep ones to really let go.

3. It grounds you in a calm, peaceful, meditative practice

One of my favourite things to do is to practice presence. While in seated meditation, while on a walk, or while hanging with my baby babe. I don’t believe meditation needs to look like a 20-min practice with a straight spine and closed eyes. (I used to try to force that and hated my life haha. Can anyone relate? After years of taking it slow, I can now dive into deep seated meditations today but it took me a long time. Start simple!) 

The cool thing is, you can still experience the same benefits of a 20-min seated meditation, just in a simpler way that is wildly effective.

Try this: before you head into a part of your day where you intentionally want to feel more present and peaceful, apply breathe to your chest, wrists and/or behind your ears. Take a few deep breaths and notice your surroundings, exhaling gently as you feel the urge to rush back into 'busyness'. 

Watch the magic that starts to unfold after that.

Ger xoxo

How to Order doTERRA BOGO

I get it girl. You want to stock up. Or you want to get started with oils and leverage BOGO week as your starting point. It's the perfect time and that's where I come in.

Let's go through easy instructions:

Step 1: If you’re curious to learn more about doTERRA I wrote an entire post on how they’re changing the healthcare game and empowering the most people on a global scale HERE. Grab a coffee and read through.

Then join my exclusive PROMO group on Facebook where I announce the BOGO’s a few times per year. I run this group in collaboration with some amazing friends and fellow business partners. CLICK HERE to join the group.

Screen Shot 2018-11-18 at 9.31.16 AM.png

The daily BOGO is announced by 7am each day in the Facebook group. We also go live with trainings on exactly how to use your oils. For customers exclusive to us who lead the group you’ll also enter to win a few bonus giveaways that we only offer 2-3x year.

Step 2: Make sure you already have a wholesale account with doTERRA. (And if you do jump ahead to step 3.)

If you do not have a wholesale account that's how you purchase doTERRA. It's like Costco. You purchase a one time membership for $35 US / $42 CND and then you receive your oils at wholesale cost (25% below retail) for 1-year. If you would like to renew your wholesale membership at the end of the year it's $25 and doTERRA sends you a free bottle of peppermint for renewing. Send me an email asap and I'll hook you up with a wholesale membership if needed: (I also have an exclusive oil cove you'll be added to right away, where I mentor women behind the scenes along their wellness journey). The group is light, spacious, vibrant and fun. 

If you're more of an ambitious self-starter simply visit this link here to enroll yourself. You'll fill out your information, add the $42 wholesale intro package to your cart (you'll get cute stickers for your oil bottles and a few other things with the starter wholesale package) plus whatever BOGO items and/or products you would like to start with. You can wait until Monday morning to enrol with the first BOGO or you can shop products here now and get started ahead of time. If you really want to get rocking as a new oil'er I recommend adding one of the starter kits to your cart. Then shop the daily BOGOs as they are announced. The starter kits include the wholesale membership but they waive the $42 plus you save extra money. I started with the natures solutions kit because of the savings. (If you added up all that comes in the kits individually it would be much more. The kits truly are the best bang for your buck.)

Step 3, for current wholesale members to order BOGOs: Visit and enter your wholesale customer # and your password. 

Step 4: Add the daily BOGO to your cart and then the free BOGO oil will self-populate. doTERRA has a promotion page with instructions found here as well.

Happy BOGO'ing! 

Frequently Asked Questions and official doTERRA BOGO rules: 

There is a limit of 6 BOGOs allowed per home per day.

They typically sell out by noon.
Some days the doTERRA US warehouse offers a different BOGO than the CDN warehouse.

Canadians can order the max from both.

Shipping is approx $13 from the US and $6 from Canada.
If you order the BOGO through your LRP cart (the Loyalty Rewards Program) you'll receive your shipping back in product credits. If your daily LRP order is higher than 50 points in product you'll also earn at least 10% back in free product points, depending on your LRP status and how long you've been on the program. 

If you already have a monthly LRP order and you're adding an additional LRP template to order on BOGO day, simply add the BOGO oil to your new LRP cart. If you want any additional product, add that to your cart. (Remember, it's smart to bump it up to 50 points if you're close, so you get the additional 10%-30% in product points. If you've been on LRP for awhile, you may be earning more towards the higher end at this point.) Then click 'ship now'.

After you've clicked the 'ship now' button, go back and delete the BOGO template you just shipped off. You'll do the same thing for each of the 5 BOGO days. Your regular LRP order will stay intact for the week. 



Top 10 Uses for Tea Tree Oil

Good morning! 

Tea tree is one of my fav 'essential' oils. It's known for it’s deep cleansing properties. Here are my top 10 uses for around the home.

1. Keep a bottle in your bathroom and use it to cleanse makeup brushes and earrings 1x per week.

Try: Keep an old glass mason jar in your bathroom vanity. 1x per week, fill with warm water and add 2 drops of tea tree oil and optional 1 drop of lavender, geranium or onguard. Soak for 10 minutes and watch all the makeup and debris float off.  Rinse your brushes well and place them on a paper towel to air dry. 

Also, use a Q-tip with 1 drop of tea tree to rub down earrings and earring backs, for fresh, clean ears.

2. If you've had a breakout or experience them regularly, add 1-2 drops of tea tree to your weekly oil cleansing routine.

Do you oil cleanse? Check out this article here on oil cleansing: I personally oil cleanse 1-2x per week, and rotate between using tea tree, geranium, lavender, frankincense and/or lime essential oil, based on what I feel my skin needs. (And if you're wondering, use tea tree for break outs, geranium for combination skin, lavender for either everyday use or for calming / soothing sun exposed skin, frankincense to support scarring / skin rejuvenation and lime to brighten on tired days.) I believe this is one of the most beautiful, and effective self-care practices for mamas! Combine this with drinking 3 L of water daily and watch your skin glow, sans makeup.

3. I make my own hand soaps around the home and 90% of the time I add tea tree oil to my recipe. It's quick, easy and effective! 

Try this: Grab a glass soap pump from your fav home store and add 2 squirts of castile soap (add to your next amazon order or pick up from the organic aisle of your local grocery store) then top with essential oils. My fav combination is 5 drops of tea tree oil, 3 drops of lemon, 3 drops of cypress and 2 drops of purify. Fill with warm water and you're set. You'll never have so much fun washing your hands.

4. In his book, emotional healing with essential oils, Daniel Macdonald refers to tea tree oil as the oil of energetic boundaries.

(Helloooooooo!) If you're a sensitive empath personality type like me, you may resonate. He notes the symbolism of people drawn to this oil : they may be drained of life-force energy, but not conscious of why. He says that tea tree invites the person to discover clarity on why they're feeling this way and invites in a conversation around purification and releasing toxic debris. Juicy! 

5. Tea tree oil is antiseptic, antibacterial, antifuncal, anti-parasitic, and antiviral.

So use this baby in DIY recipes to clean your home. Get creative and have fun making your own. My favourite book with recipes is called 'The Essential Life' book and you can find it on amazon.

6. Mama bears. Do you cubs have lice?

Add 1 d of tea tree to the kids shampoo, lather for a few minutes and leave on. (Being careful it doesn't get in their eyes of course. No essential oils in eyes, within the ear canel, etc. If that were to happen, you would want to gently apply an oil such as coconut oil, instead of water). This recipe is also a great prevention method if there has been an outbreak at school. 

7. Because it's antibacterial, tea tree (combined with lavender for extra punch) is great when used topically on the skin to clean for light cuts and wounds. 

Try mixing 1-2 drops of tea tree with 1-2 drops of lavender in 1 tablespoon of fractionated coconut oil. Mix. Then apply to skin. 

8. Fun fact: with 12 times the antiseptic power of a phenol, Australian aborigines have used tea tree for centuries, often crushing leaves in their hands and inhaling the aroma for seasonal threats.

Recipe: add a few drops to a spray bottle with water and use on surfaces to protect against environmental threats.

9. Occasionally add 1-3 drops to your diffuser to cleanse and purify the air. Try mixing with 2 drops of lemon and 1 drop of purify or cypress for an extra punch.

This isn't something you would necessarily reach for on a daily basis, as it's too strong. Most days you'll reach for breathe essential oil, lavender, motivate blend etc. This baby is to support the cleansing of your home 1/2 x week!

10. Tea tree blends well with cypress, thyme and lavender.

Try a unique diffuser blend here or your own DIY recipe. Affirmation: "I trust the internal guidance I receive with respect to the oils I'm attracted to and how I'm called to use them." 

Have fun oil babes!


30 Ways to Make Space for Your Next Level of Greatness

When I first started getting serious about my desire to learn how to create success in business, I was drawn to many self-help books, leadership books and mindset books. One of the first books I ever read was from a super successful business leader and I thought it was going to be all about how to create a wealthy business because the title alluded to that. But once I started to flip through the pages, I discovered something: wealthy people are good at their craft, yes. They understand how to give value to the world, and they do so, earning money for something the world needs. They solve problems for people with their business and/or product. They care, they are good listeners, they have leadership skills.

But they all have one thing in common that sets them apart: they have incredibly strong mindsets. Fear exists in their world, as it does for everyone, but they don’t dwell in that space. They take the upgrade, they do the thing, they shine brighter, they go for the risks. They basically listen to what their heart is telling is them to do, and they trust. 

Some people I believe have an inability however to hear the voice of their heart because their life is cluttered, chaotic and filled with stuff. 

My years studying and practicing yoga taught me about this concept. Have you ever tried to get through a yoga class but thought it was boring. Did you want to immediately stop and get back to something that filled your brain with busyness. This is exactly what I’m talking about. If we can’t slow down, and clear the clutter in our lives, whether that’s physical clutter (like a crowded closet, filled with stuff) or mental clutter (like a brain on overdrive all the time) it’s going to be challenging to hear the voice of our heart. My favourite quote that lands this point is “Prayer is when you talk to God. Meditation is when you listen to him.” We literally can’t hear the voice of our soul, which to me, is God speaking to us, if we’re living in chaos. 

So back to this book I was reading. It was all about the fact that wealthy people are constantly making space, not only for their next level of greatness, but so that they can feel wealthy. And so they can live in a zen headspace and hear the voice of their soul when it speaks up. They are comfortable with silence, they are comfortable with clean space, and they don’t feel the need to constantly fill it back up with noise. 

Here are 30 ways to make space, for your next level of greatness:

  1. Clean out your car, and have it detailed (Ger’s reco: an earth friendly high pressure steam, using water and no toxic chemicals) 
  2. Start a regular yoga or meditation practice 
  3. Clean out the junk drawer in your kitchen 
  4. Start saying no when you really want to say no (Over yes’ing, is clutter) 
  5. Commit to reducing social media time 
  6. Remove yourself for groups on social media that you don’t have an interest in 
  7. Turn off notifications for groups you’re in on social media that you don’t need to pay attention to on a regular basis
  8. Once you’re generating enough income and can hire an assistant, have them check in on your social media groups and support pages for you (This is where I’m currently upgrading. I have someone checking in on all my messages, and groups for me, so I can laser focus in on my zone of genius and how I’m here to serve) 
  9. Have at least 1-2 days a week where you shut your cell phone off for the day, or at least part of the day 
  10. Keep a journal and notice what distractions you have that are actually addictions. Clean them up, asap
  11. Put an auto responder on your email, setting a boundary about the realistic timeframe of your answers
  12. Throw away any clothes you haven’t worn in the last 6 months. Do the same  for your kids if you have children. Get organized, and involve the family. Tell them what you’re doing and why, make it a teaching point for them and make it fun
  13. Don’t respond to text messages right away
  14. Eat clean. Food prep 1 day / week, chopping a large bowl of freshly washed salad greens for quick salad grabs. Involve your family so it’s fun and they learn from you. Clean out the fridge while you prep, so your fridge reflects a beautiful, clean energy 
  15. Clean your home with non-toxic products (I use everything doTERRA)
  16. Diffuse essential oils for their mood boosting properties (I use doTERRA, contact me for deets, 
  17. Keep your gardens weeded, clean and fresh. Hire this out if you don’t have the time. Your home is a reflection of your mindset
  18. Take a walk, 2-3 times a week in a quiet forested area
  19. Drink fresh water, daily
  20. If you drink caffeinated beverages, drink them black. If you’re a coffee lover, go organic (The less crap, the better. We want your cells dancing, in peak state!) 
  21. During the colder months, take a weekly detox bath with 1 cup epsom salts (plain, no gross synthetic scents) and optional, add 2-3 drops of your favourite zen essential oil. I like lavender, ylang ylang, or whisper (all doTERRA)
  22. Clean out your purse, 1x / week 
  23. Clean out your wallet, 1 x / week
  24. Keep a fresh $100 bill in your wallet, and leave it there (This will grow your abundance mindset, quick. It will also grow the subconscious belief that you already have abundance in your life, and it will also help you attract more, by leaving some there) 
  25. Only hang with friends that lift you up. Even better, hang with people who will help you grow into the woman/leader you’re really here to be. Toxic people will distract you and create unnecessary noise 
  26. Once you have some success in business and extra money to invest, start hiring things out, so you can focus your time on creating more value. Hire a house cleaner. A nanny for help 1-2 days a week. An assistant. Start small, but have these things on your vision board for the future. Remember, YOU are the creative genius and you need to spend as much time as possible on revenue generating activities
  27. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a drive in silence to clear your head
  28. Get your body moving by exercising 3 x / week
  29. Get a massage, 2x / month. If this isn’t something you can commit to yet, add it to your vision board with a by when date 
  30. Read. This fills your brain with the good, and acts like a cleanse for the bad

Let me know which upgrades you're taking on from this list! 

Ger xo

Vera's Birth Story-- A Story of Surrender

So many women today blog about the birth of their babies. I love it. It’s beautiful, raw, vulnerable. But what about us personally?

I believe, we have an opportunity to birth into something new too. And not just when we give birth, but during any moment of transition or struggle.

My intention with writing this post is to reach women who have not yet given birth, but feel the desire to bring a child into the world in a beautiful and gentle way.

My intention is also to reach women who are ready to open up to the lesson of surrender, whether that’s in childbirth, business, or a unique life transition.

I’ve been a teacher of surrender for the past five years. An ex-police officer, I left my job because I could tell it was wreaking havoc on my health and I dreamed about having a beautiful family one day, and living the most simple and present life. I wanted to be fully “in” my life, experiencing all it had to offer. I was tired of just trying to get through the days. So I said a simple prayer and asked to be guided. From there, my life began to shift. I left the police force, studied yoga internationally, and developed wellness classes and courses. What I very quickly began to realize was that as I started teaching others, I was actually healing and rinsing from the inside out.

The theme of surrender started to emerge in my yoga classes and workshops. I would encourage my students to slow down, get present and become still. I taught them that their greatest source of power came from an inner listening, from a deep spiritual connection first and foremost and that it wasn’t something outside of themselves. As I continued to grow and develop, I was guided to start a wellness business with doterra essential oils and became very successful. Surrendering, asking to be guided and saying yes to the opportunities God sent my way was not only working magic in my life, it continued to be a core teaching for the women I was mentoring.

Then, I became pregnant. My vision was starting to manifest at a rapid pace. I didn’t realize however that the lesson of surrender was about to smack me in the face and teach me what was really at play.

My beautiful daughter, Vera Aveline, was born on December 13, 2017 at 7:10pm. 

I started to labour around 11pm on the night of December 12. The contractions came like slow waves, and they were not painful. I could tell they were contractions because they would come and go consistently. I felt strong and I was excited. I had prepared for this.

I woke my husband, tossed some essential oils into my diffuser and pressed play on the birth playlist I had created. I swayed around our bedroom, closing my eyes and holding onto my giant belly. We had planned for a home birth, and I had worked hard to prepare for it.

What I realized afterwards however, was that I actually worked too hard, and was secretly trying to control things, which leads me into my first lesson around what surrender was really here to teach me.


I’m not saying we can’t plan ahead, in fact I know this is a powerful skill, especially as a mom and business owner. However, it’s when we try to control every little detail that we tend to end up flat on our face.

Let me explain further. Leading up to Vera’s birth, I became obsessed with trying to stay ‘in’ an optimal state for childbirth. I would wake in the morning and read my affirmations, I would meditate, I would read my divine birthing books, I would get energy treatments, I would use my essential oils, and I would pray 213 times a day. Literally. It was crazy!

I wasn’t leaving any space in my life for God to work behind the scenes. 

Let's head back to the birth story, and lesson #2 :)

I continued to labour at home and my midwife and doula arrived around 1 am. The contractions were getting more intense but I still wouldn’t consider them very painful. Just uncomfortable. I continued to labour for about 3 hours, getting in and out of the bathtub. My bathtub is where I feel the safest believe it or not, it’s my zen space so I secretly wanted to have baby in my bathtub, as the birthing tub we rented felt cold and just weird to me. I also spent some time walking up and down the stairs, trying to get things moving.


Around 5 am my midwife suggested we check to see how far along I was dilated. She did an internal exam and her eyes widened with excitement. I was 9cm dilated. I couldn’t believe it. I was so excited, I turned to give my husband a high five. It was also amazing to feel the shift in my body from this news. The pain lessoned! I attribute this to me calming down, which I’m sure calmed my body down. I had watched many home birth videos (ok, like a thousand) and I knew that once a woman got to the precious 9-10cm mark, the final stage of labour would kick in, and baby would be arriving soon.

So I got back into my tub, put my fav playlist on repeat and continued to labour. 

Something felt off to me however.

The contractions were definitely a bit painful, but they honestly were not that bad. I was counting through them slowly (1… 2…. 3….4… all the way to 60 and this really helped for any women taking notes) but I never felt the urge to push and I didn’t experience any pressure in my low abdomen or my bum, which I had learned was a sure sign baby was ready to enter the birth canal. 

I could just tell something was off, and my midwife seemed a bit nervous as well. It was as if she too didn’t understand why I was dilating so quickly, but baby wasn’t descending and my labour was not progressing into the final stage.

Within the next two minutes, I began to leak meconium, which essentially means baby had taken a poop inside of the uterus. This can be dangerous because baby can swallow the fluid, so my midwife suggested we attend the hospital for additional monitoring. I was sad to leave my goal of a home birth but immediately agreed of course and we headed out.

That’s when shit hit in the fan, in terms of the pain department. 

It really did get intense and I was not digging it. I had left my cozy home, my favourite Jesus songs on Spotify, my warm comfy bathtub and all of a sudden back labour kicked in. Ugggghhhhh. 

This was NOT my plan and to be completely honest it started to piss me off, which I’m sure just made the pain worse.

(In preparation for birth, my holistic health team was big on teaching me about this concept, specifically how the nervous system works. They swore that women who stayed “in” a zen headspace and were able to flow and let go of control, experienced way less pain, and women who reacted and freaked out… {ummm me, the second we got in the car}… their pain would go from 10 to a hundred, real quick. Which is exactly what happened.)

As we arrived at the hospital and I continued to labour for what felt like days, it was really intense. Back labour meant that I didn’t get a break in between contractions, so it felt like I was in a sea of endless discomfort. It didn’t help that I could hear other women giving birth down the hall and their screams. My midwife seemed to be stressing a bit too. She was probably just tired but I could feel her uncertainty. My husband was quiet and pacing the room. My birth photographer had followed us to the hospital and she just seemed to be rocked and perplexed by the entire experience. (This was her first time photographing a birth!) My doula was trying to press on my hips a few times and offer me suggestions and support, but I would just shrug her off. At one point, I spent quite a bit of time alone, labouring in the bathroom of our hospital room, crying. 

I just wanted it to be over. 


Later into the afternoon, my midwife and doula suggested I try a few different positions to see if we could get baby to move or shake down… or something... I was fully dilated and had been for awhile and my midwife said the head was right there, and she therefore couldn’t understand why this baby wasn’t descending. 

Neither could I and at this point I was freaking out. I was tired. And I was overwhelmed.

All the ‘work’ I had done to prep, all those damn affirmations, all those birthing books. 

I wasn’t thinking of that exactly within this stage of labour of course, but I was definitely aware of the fact that I was no longer in control and I could feel I was approaching the end of what I could honestly handle, on my own strength. 

Which brings me to lesson #2 of what surrender is really about.


All of a sudden the option of surrender hit me like a ton of bricks. I decided to give up the fight.

I turned to my midwife and said, “Give me the epidural. And let’s ask the OB and another Midwife for that second opinion. I don’t feel that this baby is coming.” 

She immediately looked relieved and got on it. It was if she intuitively knew too!

My husband and doula however looked at me funny, shocked. They knew this wasn’t my birth plan. “What?” they both said.

“Give me the epidural and a second opinion” I repeated, out loud. "I’m done." 

In that moment, finally giving up the fight, I realized what this birth was trying to teach me, my business had been trying to teach me and what God had been trying to teach me for months, and that’s lesson #3 of what surrender is really about….


After I surrendered, Vera was born about 40 minutes later via c-section after an OB and a second Midwife gave their opinion and shared that Vera was in fact lodged and stuck in my pelvis. They tried to complete an internal "turn" but it didn't work and I intuitively already knew it wasn't going to work. At this point, I was resting peacefully however, knowing that my baby was about to be born and I could chill out. My photographer even said something very profound to me after I received the epidural and was waiting patiently for my c-section. She said, "Ger, there is a lightness present in the room here. The energy has completely shifted." 

"I know", I said. "It's because I surrendered." 

The room fell silent and after a few minutes my doula came over and asked if we should say a little prayer together. My eyes filled with tears and I said, "Absolutely." 


I felt so safe, so grounded, and so at ease. (Post surrender of course. And please note, this is my personal story, not meant to lean any woman in a certain direction for your own birth. Please allow this to grow your own ability to trust your body, your intuition and the trained medical staff that is helping you!) 

They had to vacuum little miss V out of me via c-section and she came out looking mighty cute, but with a bit of a cone head and a very crooked nose from the vacuum (it’s ok now though, ha). 


She is beautiful and perfect in every way, and we are so grateful for her arrival.


Simple. I've learned that we're truly not meant to do it all. 

And, if we keep trying to do it all, we're going to get knocked to our knee's, and shit's going to hit the fan, until we learn to listen. 


A few more things I've been incorporating:

  • When I work, I focus on what I need to do, and when the day is done I say a little prayer asking God to take over what I have not been able to accomplish. I’ve realized that he really digs that, I can’t do it all, and there is so much power in giving up control and trusting the process

  • When I parent, I ask how I should raise Vera based on the woman she’s here to be and then I pay attention to her and her cue’s, and what she needs.

  • When I live, I live. I shut off Facebook, I turn off the iPad and my family takes center stage. They are my why, they are my everything and so I refuse to get caught up in what “everyone else is doing” and endless distractions. I have strict boundaries now because my #1 priority is living a surrendered life, my family, my creativity and my purpose. Because I know that’s where the freedom lies. I live it, everyday.

  • When I rest, I rest. I know that God is working on my behalf and my business will actually grow, while I rest. I turn it over to him and ask him to keep the momentum going. People have told me it’s inspiring how I’ve built my business because I don’t seem to ‘hustle’ as much as the average person and it’s true. I used to be super modest about this, and I used to hide this trait because it actually triggered some people who didn’t understand. Now, I’ve learned to trust the woman I’m here to be, the message I’m here to share, the life I’m here to lead and I now share that, and own it… yes humbly… but unapologetically.

To your leadership, your highest truth, and a beautiful surrendered life,

Geralyn xx 

Navigating "The Stretch"

I woke up this week feeling a bit uncomfortable and knew I was heading into a stretch phase in my business. 

It happens at every new level. For example, maybe you’re launching a new coaching program or maybe you just hit a new income rank in your business. 


I've learned that if we ignore the work within the stretch phase, it’s very easy to simply slide back down. So it’s important that we honour this phase. It actually propels deeper momentum forward, if we’re willing to honour it and do the work. 

I’ve learned through the past few years how to navigate this season. And although I’m still learning and a forever student, I wanted to share my thoughts and tips with you today. 


1. Don’t run

Acknowledge that you’re in the stretch and don’t run. Most people sacrifice their success because they’re afraid of feeling uncomfortable. I’ll get to this more in a minute, but what if we labelled the stretch a bit differently so we welcomed it in more? For example, if we really look at it, it’s actually just an uncomfortable feeling or sensation in our bodies. It’s not that the work you’re about to take on is actually hard. It just feels hard. 

But, if you stay “in” the process and do it, the feeling of hard fades, and your freedom, health and abundance deepens. 

2. Get clear on what your heart is asking of you, in terms of growth 

Within every stretch phase there are new skills, ways of being or action steps that your heart will tell you to take. This one is pretty straight forward. You’re either courageous enough to sit down and write on paper what that is. Or, fear will take over and you'll resist this part. If you opt for option #2, the stretch phase is over and you’re officially “stuck.” No one wants to be or live within that space but unfortunately many people do because they are afraid of what their heart is asking them to do.

3. Take action, no matter how “hard” it feels 

Now that you have a list of what your heart is telling you to do within the stretch phase, start taking action immediately. Expect it to feel hard, but understand that it’s a temporary feeling. This is where you have to build some trust muscles as well, and look at the examples of those who have gone before you. I had to trust my mentors and teachers and favourite personal development authors when they told me to just go for it. They all said my freedom, abundance, vitality and impact would grow, the more I took courageous action but unfortunately in the world of business, there are no tangible guarantee’s, so our fear deepens. For example, when you run a marathon you know it’s a given you’re going to get a cute ribbon at the end for participating. In the world of entrepreneurship, you’re out there on your own and you have to trust what your heart is guiding you to do. Which is the entire point though and a deep life lesson. What would be possible if you trusted her? Do you really think she would lead you astray? 

4. Feel, to heal

My first yoga teacher Baron Baptiste had certain principles that guided his teachings. One of them was “In order to heal, you need to feel.” I used to attend his week long yoga intensive trainings and at times I found myself in a pile of tears while lying on my yoga mat. He would push us and challenge us to stay “in” the yoga practice, which was quite challenging and he did this on purpose with long days and hours and hours of yoga. It was so intense and literally forced us to get quiet, move our bodies and just breathe and be present. Some people got so uncomfortable with what "came up for them" within the deep presence that they would quit or go home. Some just cried and released. It sounds deep, but if you think about it, it’s a very simple concept to understand. Many of us humans block our emotions and we’re therefore storing lots of fear in our cells. We don’t want to get quiet, or sit still, for even a short moment, because that would cause us to have to “look” at our unhealed stuff. Over the last 4 years as I’ve built my business, I have enveloped my heart in deep healing. I have cried, I have released, and I have transformed. And, it's been a key cornerstone to my success.

And, it still happens to me at every new stretch phase. I’ve realized this is actually where we gain our deepest power, through healing. But in order to do that, we need to feel. 

5. Show up imperfect 

This one is quite personal for me. During many “stretch” phases I’ve made mistakes. Nothing too crazy but within the healing, the feeling and the releasing, sometimes my energy has gotten the best of me, sometimes I took action on something without knowing how to do it yet and the email maybe didn’t come across in the best way. Sometimes I would be in the stretch and feeling uncomfortable and my brain was mushy and overwhelmed, so my mentor calls were not the best or the way I showed up for my husband on that day was not the best.

But here’s the thing. (And I learned this from a 7-figure mentor)

You can sit in fear around the “how” and fear around showing up imperfectly and then never take action.


Again, it’s temporary. You’ll get better. Your skills will enhance, and in fact, this is the only way they’ll enhance, by trying your best with what you know. 

You’ll eventually learn new skills, you’ll make refinements and then you’ll be able to handle your new level with grace.  

6. Learn and refine.

I touched on this in point #5, but make sure you’re open to growth and refinements. I believe there is nothing more dangerous than someone who just pushes through the stretch phase, because eventually, we're going to have to face our stuff. And, if you wait until you have a massive business, and massive responsibility, how is that going to feel when it all gets compounded on top of you? The entire point is to feel more free at each level, so it's key to ensure you're allowing your business to do it's "work" within you, at each level. 

7. Enjoy the freedom you've cultivated 

The good news? On the other side of the stretch is the most beautiful freedom. I usually last a few days to a week in a stretch phase now and then I start to vibrate at a higher frequency and I step into a deep flow. I used to last months in a stretch phase because I was resistant to doing what my heart was telling me to do. I’ve learned from those experiences however and now I just do and then enjoy the sweetness on the other side. 

8. Get ready for another stretch

If you’re a woman passionate about stepping into the leader you’re really here to be, if growth, freedom, and impact are important to you then I need to do my job and tell you that another stretch phase will come. They always do. But they get shorter and easier each time, as long as you’re committed to doing the work.


To your leadership,

Geralyn xx 

How I Finally Unlocked My Real Destiny

I was sitting in a private villa in the picturesque mountains of Panama with five other amazing women, on a 7-day leadership retreat with a master business coach, eating chocolate and drinking hot tea, when the retreat facilitator came in and announced that for our afternoon session we were going to immerse ourselves in another deep meditation. She asked us to prepare and set up. 

I groaned inside, silently to myself. 



I was tired. 

And annoyed. 

We had been participating in deep internal personal growth work for days and I had already experienced some incredible breakthroughs. 

I had received some 1:1 laser focused coaching from the facilitator, I had a game plan and clarity on next steps to take in my business and to be honest, I kind of just wanted to relax. My brain was tired and my emotions were spent. 

I didn't want to dive any deeper and I didn't think there was anything left to uncover. Sometimes personal growth work can be exhausting, you know? 


Resistance has always been a theme I've struggled with throughout the years. 

Meaning, if I didn't "feel like it" or if something or someone made me feel uncomfortable, I wanted to run, hide, or resist. 

If I couldn't run and hide, I would just react. 

Get annoyed. Irritated. 

I would take out my frustration on someone else. 

I would write a passive aggressive social media post, filled with emotion, instead of dealing with my own resistance. 

Basically, I would sit and either over-analyze the situation or react to it. Neither strategy was working for me. 

In this particular instance, I was polite and respected the group and the process, but inside, 


I knew I didn't have a choice however so I took a deep breath and laid down on the couch inside the villa. This could have come across as rude, and I'm sure the facilitator felt that. 

I'm normally the good student who sits up tall in meditation, listens deeply during business lectures, takes notes, and asks great questions. 

My growth and my personal leadership is something I take very seriously. 

But because I was feeling so blah, I sort of lost that desire and my resistance had me relax a little deeper instead. My inner dialogue went something like, "Heck, if I have to participate in this, I might as well make myself comfortable, right?" 


I took a deep breathe and softened in. 

The facilitator began her guided meditation and shared that we were focusing on expanding the heart today. 

I cringed. 

Before I continue, to give you some deeper context, this retreat was a mix of business strategy (I left with a new mentorship plan for clients, strategies to scale my business from 6-figures to multiple 6-figures and a deeper 5-year vision) but it also included the deep emotional, and spiritual healing work that I believe is so incredibly important, especially within the conscious leadership space. 

Things like busting through limiting beliefs, money blocks and old stories / fears we had accumulated over the years that were causing the manifestation of our deeper purpose to slow down. So this particular exercise I could tell was intentionally directed within the emotional and spiritual realm. 

Why did I cringe at that? 

Because let's face it. Sometimes the deep internal work can feel the hardest. Uncovering our deepest fears, illusions and patterns. Sitting in resistance. Bringing the intense presence and commitment that's required, to make the necessary changes towards growth. 

But what I also knew from experience is this: 


What triggers us and causes resistance in us is usually exactly where we need to pause and do some internal reflection, despite the resistance that we feel. 

So I gave myself a little pep talk, surrendered deeper into the couch and said a little prayer, asking for support in feeling the resistance lift so I could receive what I was meant to, from this beautiful afternoon session. I trusted the facilitator deeply and I knew each session was crafted for a reason. I was guided to be there and paid big money to be there. I needed to shift my attitude, pronto. 


The facilitator took us through a meditation where we intuitively explored any areas of our lives where we were blocking an opening or expansive energy within our heart. She explained that as conscious leaders, we are here to give. To love and lead others, and to share our gifts with the world. And we can only do that, if our hearts are open. She noted that sometimes, from negative past experiences, we close off our hearts or create stories about all the reasons we're "not ready" to step into this role. Also, she shared, as women, we need to balance our strong masculine side with our soft, feminine, creative side. She continued to rift on all the aspects of the heart and the divine feminine energy that exists within us. 


The part of femininity that is involved in procreation. 

As in, making a human being. 



That struck a cord. 

I felt an intense sensation coming from my abdomen, underneath the gentle touch of my hands. 

Tears started streaming down my face as I suddenly found myself immersed deeply in the meditation. My resistance had lifted and images were popping up on the screen of my mind, replaying events from the last several months of my life: 

  • Images of me, telling my husband, "Let's just wait one more month before we try and get pregnant. I want to, but shouldn't we get ___ in order first?" 
  • Images of me, arguing with my husband. Telling him that yes, I did want kids, but that maybe we should wait until my business reached ____ in revenue first, just to be safe. 
  • Images of me over-thinking fitness plans and nutritional requirements. Thinking "Oohhh, I'll have to do that first, before I'm ready to get pregnant." 
  • Images of me, immersing myself in hours upon hours of endless work in my business, leaving me tired and burnt out, reactive and out of alignment 

It hit me. Making myself excessively busy all the time was my clutch. It was helping me stay, well, unconscious. 

Because u see, with me being busy all the time, I didn't have to pause, go within and feel all of the above. I was completely unconscious to my patterns of resistance. 


The breakthrough hit me, and it hit me hard. 

Becoming a mother I realized was actually a big part of my destiny. God wanted that for me. 

But I was blocking it.... 

  • Because I believed I needed to have it all together first, before I could welcome a child into the world. So I wouldn't fuck it up. 
  • Because I believed Dan and I would maybe get overwhelmed and potentially end up divorced like my parents were, if things were not perfect.
  • Because I believed I needed to have it all together first, as a woman and as a business woman.
  • Because I was addicted to being busy and "pushing" and chasing all the time, therefore my intuition had no space to communicate it's guidance and next steps with me. 


What bullshit stories I had been telling myself. The tears wouldn't stop. I was in a sea of deep clarity. The meditation came to a close and we sat up. 

The facilitators assistant passed me a box of tissues and I took a moment to compose myself, while the other women sat silently, holding a beautiful container for me to just be. 

To feel. Heal. And process. 

This was a big part of the retreat, the concept of sisterhood. Coming together to not judge one another's process but to unconditionally love and support it. 

After a minute or two, the facilitator started her subsequent lecture. After a few minutes, I gently raised my hand and asked if I could share. 

I needed to get this out in the open. 

"Of course" she said gently. 

Fighting back tears I shared the breakthrough I had experienced with the group. I've done tons of high level yoga immersions in my day, I've studied with energy healers and business specialists, and had experienced many breakthroughs and life altering moments. But this. 

It was truly the moment I felt I had been prepared for, years in the making. This one breakthrough, changed everything for me. 



It was time to stop resisting the woman (and mom) I was here to be. It was time to make space for my real destiny to come forth. 

Four months later, the pregnancy test read positive. My little bump and journey into motherhood had begun. 

Now five months pregnant, I'm still sitting in a deep sea of clarity.


To the retreat facilitator, Lisa Fabregathank you. 

To the women who held space for me, and loved me unconditionally, despite my moments of resistance, thank you. 

To this sweet, sweet soul, getting ready to come earthside, thank you. I'm so excited to meet you and to be your mama! 

So now. 


Thank you for reading. Please share with anyone who this may help. I would be so grateful. 

But what about you? 

  • Where is resistance tugging at you and controlling you? Where are you being reactive, instead of going within? And what can you give up so that you can experience your own powerful breakthrough? 
  • Is there an area of your life where u know you're meant to play bigger? Receive or welcome something in that you've been resisting and making hard? 
  • What stories are you telling yourself about why you're not ready or why you can't do ________ yet? 
  • Did something happen growing up, that's made you believe you're not ready or worthy? 
  • And finally, what are you unconsciously telling yourself, that's blocking the (real) woman you're here to be, from manifesting into her true form? 

Because you really can be/do/ and have anything that you desire, you know that right? 

It's mostly just a game of healing all the old stories we tell ourselves, with respect to why we're not ready or capable of having ______ yet.

I believe you're ready now. 

You may just need to unpack and weed out a few stories first, that's all. 

To your (real) destiny and as always, your freedom



5 Signs You're At A Career Crossroads

Five years ago, I can remember clearly the intense clarity I was downloading. It scared the crap out of me.

I knew that the aches and pains my body was experiencing, was not a coincidence. I had been practicing yoga for over a year, but I had to constantly attend those classes to experience a brief feeling of freedom and relief. The fact that I had to go back, every single day, to reconnect with that feeling of ease, felt intuitively off to me.


I knew in my heart, that I was facing my crossroads. I knew my body was screaming at me, and trying to teach me a lesson. I knew my inner guidance system, my intuition, was starting to brew. 

My role as a police officer served me in many many ways, that I am now deeply grateful for.

Like the pre-training; challenging myself to commit to a career path, and going for it, the fact that my small 5’2, 115 lb frame was able to rock out 25 chin ups, 50 push ups and bench press my bodyweight. This all gave me confidence that I was strong enough to do anything.

The way I was able to confidently complete my interview process (even though I was shaking in my boots).

The way I showed up to my first few emergency calls and was able to act  like I knew what I was doing (when I really had no clue).

The courage I developed pulling over gang members and shaking them down.

It served me.

It brought me to my crossroads.

And for that I’m forever grateful.

But something was shifting, and deep within, I couldn’t ignore it.  

Maybe you can relate?


For me, I began to feel heavy. Even though I had developed this strength, this courage, this beautiful salary that I was proud of, my body started to fail on me.

My heart began to feel heavy. My chest began to sink. There were certain days that loading my gun and stacking it in it’s holster felt scary, not because I wasn’t trained to do so. It felt scary because I was becoming so numb to the daily routine. My body was becoming so heavy, that I feared the simple task of loading my pistol in it’s holster properly. That’s how heavy my fingers felt.

The gal who chased that police badge with strength, excitement, courage, and tenacity... she was falling apart.

I started to think about what would happen, if I didn’t make a change?

I started to think about my future.

As a newly married woman, my husband and I would chat about our goals of having a large family one day. We would visualize 3-4 kids, running around a spacious property in the country. The visual however, was Mom and Dad playing with them and thriving with them. Being fully present for them and taking in all those precious moments.


How on earth was I supposed to do that?

What type of message would I be passing on to my children if Mom could barely get through the day? I knew I would have the courage to “push through”, but what kind of message would that really be sending?

My concern was, that I was working hard to remove the intense overwhelm and nothing was working.

I was eating healthy.

I was avoiding the caffeine, alcohol and energy drink addictions that many of my co-workers and fellow shift workers had succumbed to.

I was practicing yoga regularly and even started to attend a few week long yoga retreats. During those retreats I felt lit up. On fire. Free.

But once I returned to the daily grind the overwhelm was back.

So, I had to make a choice. I could allow the thoughts of “This is just how it’s meant to be” control my life and my outcome, or I could make a change.

I decided that I was worth that change.

I decided that my health and freedom were going to come first.

I knew instinctively that I had what it took to lead a very different life and although the picture was not completely clear, I was willing to pick up a paintbrush and develop a new sense of courage. I was willing to fall to my knees and declare that I didn’t know the answers. But, I was willing to see and experience a different way.

When I simply surrendered and decided to do that, a new way found me.

Fast forward a few years later, I have an expansive and rapidly growing 6-figure business, and much of that is passive income, meaning I get paid while I sleep. (I sought out ways to do that so I could align my vision for health and freedom with my new career.)


I had to switch my perspective and see my crossroads as a gift. I had to learn to access my intuition so I could discover where I was being guided.

Trust is my daily mantra. Grace became my BFF.

And together, the 3 of us have cultivated a dynamic team.

It’s now my passion and my mission to help other women recognize that your crossroads is exactly where you’re meant to be. The struggle IS real, but it’s a gift.


First and foremost, you need to get clear on the signs. You need to take an honest inventory. I believe the women who are creating real freedom, are the one’s who have the courage to go within, first.

I’ve already mentioned a few of the signs, but after mentoring many women, I believe the top 5 indicators that you’ve hit a similar crossroads in your career, are as follows: 

  1. You’re constantly tired and no matter what you do, your energy feels drained.

  2. The negativity of your surroundings starts to annoy and irritate you. 

  3. You feel unsupported and unheard by your boss and co-workers.

  4. You’re trying everything to stay healthy. You’re hitting your yoga mat, or that step class, maybe you’re reading all the best self-help books, you’re meditating,, you’re cleaning out the toxins in your home. You have brief periods of feel good freedom, but for the most part, you still feel like poop, no matter what you try.

  5. You’ve had enough and you’re open to change.


You see, when I was at my crossroads, I had this one divine moment. I collapsed in my police car one day and felt intuitively guided to surrender. The process I took myself through helped me develop the trust that I mentioned and I started to discover my path, pretty much immediately. 

It 100% changed my life.

If you’re open to creating a shift and starting the process of attracting deep clarity so you can understand what your crossroads means and the path that you’re meant to take... the path that is aligned with your most authentic and creative self... the path where you absolutely start to feel free... then I want you to download this 10-min meditation.

It’s short. It’s simple.

And it works!

If you’re ready to gain clarity on the next step you're meant to take, then you can’t afford NOT to do this.

Click here to access the meditation.