3 Ways Breathe Essential Oil will Help Connect You to Your Intuition


Hi fierce and fabulous lady friends,

Today I want to chat with you about my absolute favourite essential oil. I have used this blend almost daily since I began my essential oil journey!

It’s called breathe, or easy air, if you’re in Canada.

The women I attract to my work are usually on a path of trusting their intuition deeply. The part of themselves that knows exactly what they need to live and lead at their best. They are learning how to access this innermost power and they are connecting deeper, day by day, to the work they’re really here to do in the world.

That clarity however, takes daily work. And, deeper clarity arises, the more you do and apply the work.

And that’s where breathe essential oil comes in.

Here are 3 ways Breathe essential oil will help you connect deeper to your intuition:


1. It helps you slow down and breathe

I know, not exactly brain surgery or the deepest thought in the universe but can I be honest with you for a second? I don’t believe we need 'complicated' today and we forget how simple it can be to 'tune back in' to our power. Most women today are simply not breathing; They are running around on overdrive and that is hands down in my opinion the number one reason why they have trouble connecting to their inner wisdom. We need to slowwwwww down, feel, and connect. 

I carry breathe with me everywhere and typically place 1-2 drops on my chest 3 times per day. It opens my airways, helps me ground and slow the F down ; ) 

PS this is my fav pouch for carrying oils in my purse. 

2. It clears stuck energy from your body

As you apply breathe and take a big beautiful whiff, you’ll instantly feel grounded. It opens the airways, your breath reaches deeper into your body and you’ll notice your exhale will also get juicier. Did you know the body detoxifies through your exhale? Sometimes we need deep ones to really let go.

3. It grounds you in a calm, peaceful, meditative practice

One of my favourite things to do is to practice presence. While in seated meditation, while on a walk, or while hanging with my baby babe. I don’t believe meditation needs to look like a 20-min practice with a straight spine and closed eyes. (I used to try to force that and hated my life haha. Can anyone relate? After years of taking it slow, I can now dive into deep seated meditations today but it took me a long time. Start simple!) 

The cool thing is, you can still experience the same benefits of a 20-min seated meditation, just in a simpler way that is wildly effective.

Try this: before you head into a part of your day where you intentionally want to feel more present and peaceful, apply breathe to your chest, wrists and/or behind your ears. Take a few deep breaths and notice your surroundings, exhaling gently as you feel the urge to rush back into 'busyness'. 

Watch the magic that starts to unfold after that.

Ger xoxo