FAQ's about doTERRA and Network Marketing

Hello beautiful human,

Let's explore some of the most frequently asked questions I see popping up within the essential oil and network marketing industry today. As always, I'm here to spread the truth and stand for you highest potential. 



Q. Where can I learn more about doTERRA as a company?

A. Start here. Then go here and here. I also shared this beautiful blog post 

Q. How much money do you make per month?

A. Right now as a Blue Diamond leader I average between $28,000.00 - $30,000.00 per month in Canadian dollars. I am obsessed with teaching women how to earn abundantly, so you can free up your time to serve in a way the world really needs you to!

Q. What does the average person get paid?

A. Like any business, it depends on what you do and the work that you put in and how open you are to trusting those who have gone before you. And, like any business, it takes time. (What is up with some people online talking about how you can create a successful business in a week? Ummm, no lol.)  

In doTERRa 62% of people who choose to work the business are at the Silver rank or higher which is the foundational leadership level in the company. This is an incredible number. Again, not everyone wants the responsibility of a larger business, some just want an additional $1,000.00 per month as a Silver leader. Some want to build to the Gold or above rank and some want to go all the way. The choice is yours! I decided pretty early, once I became educated on the model, that I was going to go all the way. I was blown away at what was possible in terms of how I could help people and how I could help my own family. 

Here are doTERRA’s average earnings. 

Q. What makes doTERRA unique?

A. I believe you want to look for a few things when considering partnering with a brand, product or person. Integrity of course and the owners have this, hands down. The marketplace. Natural health and healing is booming and it's not going anywhere. It's the wave of the future. Retention. doTERRA has the highest retention in the industry. In my own business for example, with just over 7,000.00 customers from 19 different countries around the world, 85% of people who joined myself as a customer, or one of my teammates as a customer, ordered products again within a 12-month period. That is powerful business retention friends! Also, the doTERRA culture of support is like a warm hug. Read more below on that. 

Lastly, most people who join doTERRA join to use the products. It's a value driven company with a heart of gold to serve. Check them out on Facebook and Instagram

Q. I know there are tons of great network marketing companies and so many businesses are moving towards this model. But I’ve heard a few weird things about it, can you explain?

A. I love this question. No one really questions network marketing anymore because of how brilliant the sales model is. Every now and then someone with old school thinking might attack the sales model but here is what I’ve come to compassionately see within my experience: This is simply their belief system, typically based on a bad experience. Maybe they had a cousin who was selling protein powder and said cousin was really bad at it. Maybe said cousin bugged them all the time or just spammed their protein powder sales on Facebook all the time without actually adding value or building a relationship. Kind of like the life coach that just pitches their program all the time. Or the weirdo cold callers who try to sell you an upgraded furnace. Kind of annoying, I get it.

This is something you probably won’t ever get away from, some people just refuse to learn postured business skills, like in any industry or career. When I was a cop for example, there were some great cops, and some questionable one’s who gave policing a bad rap. When you go through the Tim Hortons drive through, you’re going to have some great customer service and at times, some bad customer service. The key here is to be open and understanding. Every now and then I hear a health coach for example who slams network marketing and I know in my heart what’s really going on. They are being unsupportive and missing the mark with compassion for what some of these people are doing, which is simply trying their best and following their heart. That’s definitely not my vibe, to diss people who are following their heart and trying their best and I find it quite rude. But to each their own.

Also, just to define network marketing a bit further. It’s a relationship business and people love that. Most people are starting to get annoyed with purchasing crap filled products from drugstore perfume reps for example, who know nothing about the truth regarding what is safe and healthy for the body. They want to purchase from people they know, like and trust, and those who are setting a great example by how they live. This is the wave of the future.

Lastly, the network marketing sales model is extremely fair and abundant! You get paid, for how much you help people. I’ve helped hundreds of people get rocking on their oil journey and I’ve trained and helped many women who want to start the business and grow their personal leadership skills. THIS is why I’m successful. I care about people (I really, really care!) and I’m passionate about what I do. In fact, it’s my belief that this is THE MOST spiritually charged business on planet earth and is made for those who have a big heart. It will help you grow into the person and leader you’re really here to be, faster than anything else. If you're not into that kind of thing, this probably isn't for you.

Q. How much time does it take?

A. Like anything, you get in what you put forth. Typically it takes about a year to learn skills, grow as a leader, set a strong foundation and if you’re open and ready to work, you can start to see a generous profit around 1.5 years in. If you come into this with experience in the health and wellness field, leadership experience and/or a strong desire to learn, and high self-confidence, you'll likely soar a bit quicker. I started to earn big in my business about 2.5 years in. (With zero experience I should mention. I was a hungry learner.) 

I started earning 5 figures per month, 5 years in, and I’m growing to a million dollar business towards the end of this year. 

Q. Is doTERRA embraced by modern medicine?

A. Yes! Check out this video of the doTERRA medical advisory board, which includes a board certified surgeon; ear, nose and throat specialist; dentist; anaesthesiologist; family physician; pediatrician; and gynecologist. 

An integral part of doTERRA's mission is to bring together healthcare professionals of traditional and alternative medicine to encourage further study and application of essential oils in modern healthcare practices. Are you a health care professional? Check this out or message me for more details. I have a few healthcare professionals on my team already who are part of this initiative! 

Q. What do the most successful people on your team do well?

A. Hands down, they are open and coachable to what successful people who have gone before them, teach them. And, they are interested in growing themselves personally, more than anything else. They lead by example. They're also not afraid to invest in themselves. Like I mentioned, I started with ZERO experience but I did hire a few successful people who helped me to grow into the leader I am today. 

My best people also follow their heart and they tend to have a very open energy to believing a higher power is guiding them. They see they’ve been guided here for a reason larger than themselves and they take full ownership of that. 

Q. Does doTERRA test on animals?

A. Nope.

Q. What makes their sourcing process and their oils so pure and special?

A. Check this out. This is the website that is making all the other fake essential oil companies nervous. This is another one of my favourite videos that beautifully captures how they source their oils indigenously (meaning, from the part of the earth where the specific plant/root or stem grows and thrives in its natural habitat.) This is what creates the most effective essential oil, in terms of its therapeutic results. 

Q: Is there a membership when you join or how does that work?

It's basically your own account so you can shop wholesale, at home, whenever and however often you would like. You pay $42 Canadian for your own account and then you receive wholesale prices (25% discount from retail) for life ; ) 

Q. I've heard a few people online slam essential oils, mostly around fears with using them safely. What's up with that? 

A. The short answer. Some people are triggered by the sheer greatness, expansive innovation and pioneering effect doTERRA and essential oils are having on the world. So they attack and defend their belief system. I don't give one second of my time to people like that and I'm sure if you've landed here you're the type of person who 'sniffs out' this type of behaviour as well. 

Something I find interesting is that for years and years people have been buying essential oils on the store shelf with zero education. Like me, a few years back, when I picked up a bottle of lavender from the health food store when I was a cop. I had zero training, no one in the health food store told me anything when I purchased and I actually discovered later on that this specific brand of oils was actually really bad quality, sourced poorly and cut with synthetic ingredients. (Ouch!) And I was putting that on my skin.

When I started with doTERRA, I was welcomed with open arms into a community that cares deeply. It felt like a warm hug to be completely honest with you. It was the supportive and loving, like-minded community that was missing from my life. The doTERRA blog and science blog has safe recipes and articles on safety, dilution, how to use and much more. Each person that buys essential oils receives a jammed packed welcome email with education guides on safety (a full 30-page guide), smart usage tips, using oils with kids and so much more. The odd person declines this additional support of course and as with anything, you’re going to get people who don’t listen and choose to ignore labels so it’s important to remember that. 

Top leaders have also developed e-books, 4-week programs that they provide their customer communities for free, tear sheets and safety sheets that we give out at oil classes. We don’t just stand there with a booth or a shelf and sell. The education, support and community is remarkable. We are ALL about education and I believe that’s why doTERRA has grown to become the #1 oil company in such a short time. They are setting an impressive benchmark that thousands of companies globally are now trying to replicate. 

Have you ever heard the business quote “The more value you give, the more successful you will become.” This is why doTERRA is great and changing so many lives around the world. 

You're in great hands here!

Q. What do you believe holds people back from success in this and/or business in general?

A. Fear. Anyone can do this. It’s fear. Of their potential, and of their power. 

Q. What do you believe holds people back from investing in their healthcare on a larger scale?

A. They have to believe they are worthy of feeling their best. Society has brainwashed most people into believing this is not possible.

Q. How do I get started?

A. Check out my post on why doTERRA and email me or the person who sent you, today: geralynmariepower@gmail.com.

I’m so pumped you’re honouring the pull of your heart strings.

We’re going to create MAGIC together.