How to Leverage doTERRA's Loyalty Rewards Program

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Vera turned one.


Anywho - if you have not heard about doTERRA's Loyalty Rewards Program, grab a cup of tea and cozy up. It's magical. {And make sure you read until the end so you understand fully, it's only a few paragraphs!} 

Ok. Here is how it works:

When you order a minimum of 50 points in doTERRA product of your choice on the monthly-basis LRP program, you start off by earning 10% back in free product points.

So again, for each monthly order, you get 10% back in points, and your points manually save in your account. You can see here, I have over 300 points to use for free product, at the time of this blog post! (I took a screen shot from my personal wholesale account.)



How it works is, you then get bumped up to 15% back in points after ordering that minimum of 50pv each month for 4 months, and then you go up to 20% at 7 months and it just keeps going up like the image below showcases. 



Eventually after 12 months, when you spend a minimum of 50 pv per month, you get 30% of that back in free product. 

Yes you heard me. Is there anywhere else that when you spend let's say $100 you get 30% of that back in free stuff? 

There is nothing out there on planet earth like this you guys! 

The current market today is oversaturated and full of noisy distractions not to mention products + programs that overpromise and underdeliver. Not to mention there are companies selling products that have nothing to do what the world actually needs for true healing. (Think powders, gimmicks.. gross, I know.) This is why I'm obsessed with this program you guys. It's from the heart, developed with the conscious consumer in mind and it attracts men and women who care deeply about their self-care and the health/healing of both themselves and the planet.

Essentially, doTERRA is rewarding you, as you become healthier. And as you become healthier, so does the world around you.

I only align myself with the best of the best and this is the best of the best. What I also love about this is that it teaches the concept that as you invest in yourself, and upgrade your health, you naturally start to receive more good in your life. It literally cracks open people to the truth about how good it can be if we choose to live in this way.

You of course get to decide what products you want in your LRP cart each month. And, if you wanted a break for a few months, as long as your LRP cart fires off something, let's say a lip gloss for 5 points, you won't lose your free product points. It just needs to be at 50pv, or higher,  in order to keep growing on the points back scale.

Lastly, you can cancel at any time. Nothing funky here. (I left the funk, aka drugstores with gross products and synthetic scents, a longgg time ago.)

This link here explains the program well if you want to read through a different example. And here is a two minute video on how to set up your LRP cart, and a quick 2-minute tutorial on how to redeem your free points.

So here is what I do.



I order doTERRA's Lifelong Vitality Pack each month. I talk about why in my daily supplement routine post here. Take a read, it's juicy! 

Then, I use my points to order my fav essential oils, the laundry detergent, fluoride free toothpaste and a few other goodies that we love. All for FREE. 

You can't beat it you guys! 

If you are ready to commit 100% to your wellness journey and you're ready to make the leap into feeling your absolute best, while empowering your family to do the same, I encourage you to try LRP for a few months. I even have a special little promo in collaboration with doTERRA for my team only, called 'Oil of the Month' club. Basically when you commit to trying LRP for three months, doTERRA sends you 3 free oils. And, I add on a special prize as well, as a 'high five' for taking a huge upgrade. 

Step 1 is to join as a wholesale member though me and then I can explain all of this though more direct communication with you.

Chat soon!

Geralyn xx