How to Order doTERRA BOGO

I get it girl. You want to stock up. Or you want to get started with oils and leverage BOGO week as your starting point. It's the perfect time and that's where I come in.

Let's go through easy instructions:

Step 1: Follow doTERRA on Facebook (US site and CND site) so you can check out the BOGO deal of the day. They post daily by 7am. Make sure you check early as they often sell out by noon.

Step 2: Make sure you already have a wholesale account with doTERRA. (And if you do head to step 3.) If you do NOT have a wholesale account already, that's how you purchase doTERRA. It's like Costco, super easy, smart and cheap. You purchase a one time membership for $35 US or $42 CND and then you receive your oils at wholesale cost (25% below retail) for life. If you would like to renew your wholesale membership at the end of the year it's $25 but they send you a free bottle of peppermint so it's a pretty sweet deal. Send me an email asap and I'll hook you up with a wholesale membership if needed, (I also have an exclusive oil cove you'll be added to right away, where I mentor women behind the scenes along their wellness journey). The group is light, spacious, vibrant and fun. 

If you're more of an ambitious self-starter, simply visit this link here to enroll yourself. You'll fill out your information, add the $42 wholesale intro package to your cart (you'll get cute stickers for your oil bottles and a few other things with the starter kit!) plus whatever BOGO items and/or products you would like to start with. You can shop products here. If you really want to get rocking as a new oil'er I recommend adding one of the starter kits to your cart, plus the daily BOGO. The starter kits include the wholesale membership but they waive the $42 plus you save extra buckaroo's. I started with the natural solutions kit because of the savings.  

Step 3, for current wholesale members: Visit and enter your wholesale customer # and your password. 

Step 4: Add the daily BOGO to your cart and then the free BOGO oil will self-populate. 

Happy BOGO'ing! 

Frequently Asked Questions and official doTERRA BOGO rules: 

There is a limit of 6 BOGOs allowed per home per day. They typically sell out by noon.
Some days the doTERRA US warehouse offers a different BOGO than the CDN warehouse. Canadians can order the max from both. I post the daily deals in my private oil cove, so you'll be good there! Shipping is approx $13 from the US and $6 from Canada.
If you order the BOGO through your LRP cart (the Loyalty Rewards Program) you'll receive your shipping back in product credits. If your daily LRP order is higher than 50 points in product you'll also earn at least 10% back in free product points, depending on your LRP status and how long you've been on the program. 

If you already have a monthly LRP order and you're adding an additional LRP template to order on BOGO day, simply add the BOGO oil to your new LRP cart. If you want any additional product, add that to your cart. (Remember, it's smart to bump it up to 50 points if you're close, so you get the additional 10%-30% in product points. If you've been on LRP for awhile, you may be earning more towards the higher end at this point.) Then click 'ship now'.

After you've clicked the 'ship now' button, go back and delete the BOGO template you just shipped off. You'll do the same thing for each of the 5 BOGO days. Your regular LRP order will stay intact for the week. 



PS: here are doTERRA's official BOGO rules