My Daily Supplement Routine for Great Poops, Glowing Skin and Beautiful Energy

Friends! How are you? I just got back from a trip to Curacao - WOW. We've been doing the air b+b thing and I'm not sure if we'll ever stay at a hotel again. It was perfect because we chose a place with our own private pool and stunning views so we could chill (with privacy) while baby V had nap time. Here are some pics. I'm going to start a file with epic b+b's we've found - stay tuned for that.

Also have you heard I’m going back to school for functional medicine? I’m thrilled to deepen my knowledge and wisdom around how the body is uniquely designed to heal itself. Expect lots of juicy blog posts coming up on all that I'm learning.

I’ve always been the gal who stays up until 2 am doing my own research so it's time for more in depth knowledge, mostly because I really want to help people. But can I be honest with you for a moment? Do you want to know what has served me the most along my wellness journey thus far?

Trusting my intuition. 

I believe our inner wisdom is speaking to us all day long, most of us just don’t know how to tap into it.

Or, we're simply afraid of taking action on it. It terrifies most people. 

I believe the only way to live out your best life, both in health and leadership, is to surrender deeply. I wrote an entire blog post on that here and talk about the fact that you must invite in the presence of a higher power to guide you. And then of course, you must listen and take bold action.  

So what does this have to do with supplements? Everything. Because you can, and should, apply this practice in every area of your life.

There are probably a good 456, 789 supplement brands on planet earth today. (Ok, maybe I exaggerated a bit, but you get what I’m throwing down.) So how do we know what to trust?

Again, I like to couple my decisions based on two things:

1) My intuition and where I’m guided. I ask and pray to be guided to what I need, to what my baby babe needs and then I listen to the signs, and it's GO time baby.

2) Advice from health practitioners I’m guided to and one’s I know, like and trust.

I absolutely do not trust someone who has a medical degree, yet they are drinking diet coke and living out a life that does not show in any way, that they practice what they preach. I’ve run into a few of those and I’ve fired them pretty much instantly.

I’m also not a huge fan of family doctors, unless they practice functional medicine and they're tuned in and dialled up with respect to the most important health issues of our time today. Although times are changing, most family doctors just prescribe and treat symptoms, which is fine if necessary, but I personally leverage a more holistic health team for myself and my family.  

So let’s chat supplements.

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 8.25.06 AM.png

Before Vera was born, I especialy wanted to tune up my supplement game to ensure I was feeding my cells with the best of the best. 

I prayed. I asked. I received signs. I took action.

Vera is currently 13 months old and has stunning health.

Of course I’m not naive, I know certain things are outside of our control but there are so many things as a mum that I can influence. And I believe in taking personal responsibility for influencing our health, in a big way.

I share openly about the results we receive in our life in terms of our business success, our abundance, and our clarity on how we serve others, plus of course our health because I know results speak volumes and I really, really, really want women to see through example just how powerful a surrendered life really is.

So here’s my daily routine. {And yes I continued this on vacation I always travel with my supplements.}

My hope is that you've been guided here because you have been seeking, asking and/or praying for a better way with respect to your health and I hope through sharing my experience and what's worked, you'll be drawn to what you need.

(And of course, I’m not a doctor, this is simply my own personal choice and routine and not intended to give advice, but to inspire, so be sure to check in with your own healthcare provider when tuning up your own routine.) 

  • I currently start my day with a glass of water, using my Berkey water filter, and 1-2 drops of doTERRA’s lemon essential oil. (And if you're an oil customer of mine, you'll have my guide on safety with essential oils during pregnancy and postpartum! I just started taking a few oils internally again, about 6 months post bebe.)

  • I take 1 terraZyme digestive enzyme complex from doTERRA, on an empty stomach along with an additional omega supplement, Evening Primrose Oil, based on my holistic health team's recommendation for what I need during this time.

  • At lunch, I take doTERRA’s multivitamin and omega blend, called Lifelong Vitality Pack. I recorded a short video here sharing my thoughts and experiences on LLV. I used this as my pre-natal vitamin too! I don't trust those weird pink synthetic vitamins from family doctors. My intuition gave me a clear NO with those babies. {No judgement on what you take, this is just my experience.}

VIDEO LINK: HTTPS://VIMEO.COM/217244854 (Password = oils)

  • At dinner, I do the same. I take the lifelong vitality pack and an additional terraZyme.

    • Also, good to note: I order the Lifelong vitality pack on doTERRA's Loyalty Rewards Program and then I receive all my other natural health products for free, because of their points program. Here is how I get free stuff.

  • Before bed, on an empty stomach, I take one of doTERRA’s probiotic supplements.

  • I'm also a huge fan of their Mito2Max energy complex blend. I'm super intrigued by all the research lately on our cells and powering up the mitochondria. More on that in a future post.

  • I also use digestzen, or digest ease as it’s called in Canada, 2-3x per week, to support my digestive system with all its hard work. It's doTERRA's tummy tamer blend and supports overall digestive function. This was the first oil that came to my rescue and I hold it near and dear to my heart. I carry this blend around in my handy, dandy oil pouch on the daily and I travel with it too!

So there you have it.

Oh I also use a supplement pouch that I fill every Sunday to keep me accountable. I pulled an example from amazon there quickly for you, but you can find cuter ones and travel ones.

And here are my top tips for tuning into what your body needs, in terms of supplements (or anything in life really): 

  1. Surrender. Ask through prayer, listen, take action.

  2. When you take action, take it promptly and seriously.

  3. Notice what greatness starts to flow into your life.

  4. Repeat : )

So much love,

Geralyn xoxo