The Real Reason I Use, Share and Love doTERRA Essential Oils

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If you’ve been following my trajectory it’s no secret that I am passionate about nature and essential oils. I wanted to write a truthful and tell all post about my love affair, why I believe every family and home needs doTERRA essential oils and what to look for when choosing oils for your home and family. I hope my story inspires you and I hope you see just how much possibility is available for you too.

Story time! A few years ago I left a stressful job that was robbing my soul. I may look happy on the outside here, but my insides were screaming at me. I know so many people have a cliche story like that, but how much truth lies within those key cornerstone moments? The one’s where you decide that you’re worthy of something greater.



Something more aligned with the man/woman you’re really here to be. That was me and I’m not sure what took over one day, but I simply said a prayer and asked to be guided. I felt a sense of courage take over my cells, and within about a 20-minute timeframe, I dropped my gun belt off on my staff sergeants desk and took off. It was absolutely liberating.

There was some fear of course. My husband and I had just purchased our first home, had a $40,000.00 wedding bill we had racked up (Oops — has anyone else done that? I like pretty things, lol) and we had no idea how we were even going to afford curtains for our living room.

But what happened next was magical. We didn’t care about the curtains, or furniture for that matter. In fact, we lived in our beautiful home for almost two years without furniture. Our values had shifted and our health and life purpose became our number one priority. Instead of worrying about curtains we would ask and pray about how we were meant to live and lead in the world. Answers came and we simply followed the signs. We were being guided, by a power greater than ourselves, and I could tell our life was taking a massive shift into a world of possibility that neither one of us even realized existed.

My hubby kept on with his work in policing but set a 5-year goal to retire, once my business generated enough revenue. 



I started off teaching yoga, which eventually turned into workshops and small leadership seminars. I studied with a few life coaches, did the Tony Robbins circuit, hired a few business coaches, and learned some skills around how I was going to monetize my growing holistic health and leadership brand. I got pretty edgy and set a goal for when we would be mortgage free, even though I was making ohhh about $800.00 / month teaching yoga at the time. LOL! (That goal oriented mindset would pay off later though.)

I began taking even more risks, spending all my yoga teaching money on continuing to development myself. At times I wanted to barf because I was guided to begin again and again and it scared me. (To elaborate, I went from teaching yoga, to 1:1 coaching, to mentoring with one of the greats in the lifestyle and leaderspace space, to finally landing in doTERRA all in the span of about four years.)

But each time I said yes to where I was guided, I felt more free of the fear that had lingered in my cells for years, and I could literally feel my freedom deepening and my final destination closing in.

doTERRA was my final destination and it found me. 

Momentum and magic took off in a way I was always promised it would, by my greatest mentors, if I trusted the process and worked hard. 

I built out one of the largest and most inspiring teams in Canada and we’re now global, in 19 countries and counting.

I am completely financially free, but I honestly don’t even care about that part. Yes it's amazing. (And here are 20 remarkable things doTERRA has created for our family if you’re interested.)

But my favourite part? The energy, vitality, and lightness I feel every day, coupled with my unbridled passion for helping other men and women achieve their dreams.

(A few success stories from my team: millennial Brittany McLean; Inspiring mama of 3 Elizabeth Dipetta; Adventure seeker Amanda Payne and Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine Laura Hughes.) Our combined success has completely shifted my beliefs surrounding what I now believe every man and woman deserves to feel: free and connected to the work they're really here to do in the world.

The complete freedom that you feel, when you trust the trajectory of your heart and walk out Gods path for your life is the most intensely liberating feeling in the world. 

The oils of course played a huge part and worked magic on myself and my family too. When I started doTERRA, I was doing some intense detoxing at the time, to help my body prep for pregnancy. I had experienced a miscarriage the previous year and intuitively knew I needed some deeper healing. I had been addicted to carbs and sugar my entire life and turns out my digestive system and therefore my entire system was thrown off. Coming off grains, healing my gut and using doTERRA’s digestzen blend along with many of their top notch products to completely rid my home and body of toxins, I KNOW in my heart was a key factor in me conceiving a healthy baby. 

doTERRA quite simply changed our lives. I see a higher power working through this company, I see their innovation and how they are completely pioneering a new way and I want to scream from the rooftops about this opportunity, both for people looking to integrate essential oils into their life and for those looking for a vehicle to share with others. 

If you’re feeling drawn to doTERRA, here are 4 things you absolutely need to know.

Number 1 thing you need to know: Their quality is unmatched and world class

doTERRA sources their essential oils indigenously, which means they go to the part of the earth that grows said specific plant/stem/root/leaf in the climate and region where it thrives. This of course is what makes them so pure, potent and effective. Each oil then goes through rigorous testing and doTERRA is completely transparent with their consumers about everything. 

Check out this beautiful and intimate video of how they source Jasmine essential oil for example, from the lush fields of India. 

And, check out their signature Source To You website where they outline the full details on how they harvest their oils. 

If you’re looking for an essential oil company that you can trust, you’re in good hands. 

Number two thing you need to know: The culture and support feels like a warm hug

Have you ever felt completely overwhelmed along your natural health journey? At times I wanted to cry trying to read labels in the organic aisle of the grocery store and trying to figure out WTF (excuse my french, but seriously) I needed and didn’t need. And, every year it seemed to get more overwhelming and borderline scary with what we’re learning as a society. From GMO’s, and our corrupt food system, to the dangers of drug addictions and over prescribing to wondering who on earth you can actually trust today. 

The good news? The intuitive heart strings that lie within all of us are cracking open at a rapid pace. People are starting to see and lean in towards the truth of what their body needs, and doesn’t need.

And what have I discovered so many people need? Community. Support. And value. 

When I joined doTERRA it was a like a warm bear hug. I was instantly welcomed into the most supportive and loving community I had ever been apart of. I learned so much and at the perfect time, right before conceiving a baby. My education deepened, I was surrounded by like-minded people who got me and I got them and I felt safe exploring all I needed to learn to best support my family and I.

If you’re feeling drawn to us here, please know that our culture and community is here for YOU! Whether you start as a customer or a business builder, you’ll be welcomed with a jammed packed starter email filled with education guides on safety (my team and I send out a full 30-page guide), resouces like the doTERRA blog and science blog which includes safe recipes and articles on safety, dilution, how to use with kids and much more. Some top leaders and specialists have even developed e-books and 4-week programs that they provide their customer communities for free, and we all share these resources with each other. 

Trust me, you're in great hands.

Number three thing you need to know: Their philanthropy is real

I have a huge crush on the CEO of doTERRA, Dave Stirling. (Sorry hubby ;)) But in all honestly, his badassery as a CEO is incredibly inspiring to me. Here is what doTERRA is up to with respect to giving back...

As wellness advocates we donate to the Healing Hands foundation which seeks to bring hope and healing to the world through many different initiatives. For example, the ‘Days for Girls’ initiative works to provide young females in the world the education, safety, and dignity that they deserve through direct distribution of sustainable feminine hygiene kits. (Did you know many young girls do not have access to feminine products? Horrible.) Thanks to a global grassroots network of thousands of volunteers and supporters on six continents, Days for Girls has reached women and girls in over 100 countries.

doTERRA is also actively involved with Operation Underground Railroad, also known as OUR, a non-profit organization that extricates as many children as possible from sex trafficking. They recently funded a facility in Thailand, with state-of-the-art technology to intercept trafficking before it happens. Learn more here:

Number 4 thing you need to know: They’re pioneering a new way in collaboration with modern medicine

doTERRA is becoming more and more embraced every day by modern medicine  because of how hard they’ve worked to source the best quality possible and therefore highly effective oils on planet earth, that are creating remarkable results for people on a global scale. This, coupled with their dedication to building the right relationships with people within the healthcare industry, is starting a movement. Passionate and innovative health care professionals are paying attention and getting involved. Check out this video of the doTERRA medical advisory board which includes a board certified surgeon, and ear, nose and throat specialist, a dentist, an anaesthesiologist, a family physician, a pediatrician and a gynecologist.  An integral part of doTERRA's mission over the next 10 years is to bring together healthcare professionals of traditional and alternative medicine to encourage further study and application of essential oils in modern healthcare practices.

PS are you a health care professional interesting in learning more? Check this out or message me for more details. I have a few healthcare professionals on my team who are already apart of this initiative and we are getting set to blow things up! 

I hope that inspired you to read and learn, as much as I loved writing it for you.

Thanks so much for stopping by and learning.

And if it’s your time to get rocking, check out my official oils page here or flip me an email today at 

We have magic to create!