The Truth About Surrender

Let’s go deep today ladies. If you’ve followed me for awhile you know that my main teaching is surrender. Yes I sell, educate and inspire on the teachings of essential oils and reducing your toxic load. Yes I help women step deeper into their leadership so they can grow beautifully abundant global businesses. Yes I help mama bears to grow in their confidence with their intuitive choices. But essentially, it all comes back to surrender because I believe that’s where your deepest power comes from. That’s where your intuitive guidance comes from. That’s where the answers come from.

So what exactly is surrender? 

There are many teachers of this concept today and for many people it’s not new because so many great men and women have gone first, writing books, and doing beautiful work behind the scenes in this field. They’ve paved the way so to speak. (Teachers like Marianne Williamson and Gabrielle Bernstein for example. Even modern day preachers and ministers are doing such a great job at bringing forth this message to the masses in a way that isn't so scary. Some of my favs: Joel Olsteen and Bishop TD Jakes). There are hundreds of teachers of surrender today and everyone tends to teach it in their own way, but essentially it’s the same dang message.

You must invite in the presence of a higher power, in order to access your own personal power.

Period. End of story. The truth about the truth of all truths! 

I’ve been living this way for years and just recently I feel like I’m coming out of the closet to talk more about it. 

Why now?

Because of my results. It’s time to share what living out a surrendered life has created for me so I can inspire you to give it a try.

I literally want to scream from the rooftops and tell everyone what is possible if you decide to live in this way.

The timing is also right for me, because I had to walk it out first. I had to do the work. I had to surrender, hard, and ask how I was here to live and lead, and then I had to follow the signs. I had to heal. I had to transform. I had to take risks. I essentially had to allow the magic of surrender to work on me and through me. 

Throughout my own surrender process I always instinctively knew that I would be fine, I would access my true power, my connection to the work I was really here to do and my greatest health. I knew if something did go wrong or astray, that I would be fine too. Because that's the power of surrender, you feel like you're being held the entire time, and you are. 

Yes I still experience fear as I live and lead in this way, but I have the confidence today to push through that, because of this support, of an energy greater than myself, and because I see time and time again, the results that I achieve. 

Other cool things that have happened, since living out a surrendered life. (And the Truth about what is possible for you): 

  • I finally don’t care what people think anymore. I’m a very sensitive person, I always have been. If someone was gossiping about me on the school yard in grade 8, I would cry for days about it. That’s how sensitive I am. And, as I’ve completely changed the trajectory of my life over the past few years, I’ve had a few haters. Everyone does, when you live in this way, it’s basically the first warning sign that you’re doing it right. If you don’t have haters, you’re doing it wrong and playing safe. When it would happen, it would crush me initially. My confidence was really low and I was afraid to bring forth this new me. The real me. But now, I honestly don’t care. I show up, as I'm told to show up, and I don't give a crap. It’s so freeing and liberating. I also know the risks of not showing up in this way and I'm not interested in going back down that alley.

  • I’m the healthiest and most vibrant, confident being, I’ve ever been. (And ps, I recognize I’m talking a lot about myself here, and that will change as I continue to blog more on these topics, and offer value and support to you, but I do need to build trust with you and show you what’s possible when you live and lead in this way. And there is SO much greatness possible.)

  • I’m not afraid to make mistakes. I’ve made them, and I’ve had to learn. But when you’re living out a surrendered life, the risks you’re called to take don’t scare you as much. You just do it. And that’s where your freedom and success comes from. Are you really going to remember that one thing you messed up on when you were 25, 35 or 45 because you were guided to try something new, to record the video, to say the thing, to send the email? No. You’re going to be sitting with the beautiful legacy you’ve created and the joy in your heart, because you had the courage to fail forward. To walk out your real destiny here. You'll also be sitting with deep joy and appreciation for how you were guided to help others in the way you were born to.

  • I’m connected to my creativity. I always thought I wasn’t creative, it was a story I would tell myself, but slowly and over time, I’ve been guided to heal that story and my self-expression as a woman is unleashing, at a rapid pace. I believe we are all creative beings and need to express this part of ourselves in order to feel truly fulfilled.

  • I’m connected to my real destiny and how other women in the world need me. This is by far the best part. At first, when you’re living out a surrendered life, it’s admittedly all about you. How am I going to get my finances in order, what career / business model am I here to explore, what health upgrades or healing do I need? Why do I feel this way? How can I align more with the true, authentic me? Then all of a sudden, the answers come, you follow the signs, and then you’re guided to share your experiences and healing techniques with others.

This to me is leadership. Having the courage to share and inspire. This is where your freedom will deepen and you start to see what life is really about: getting lost in the service of adding value, hope and healing to others.

PS: When you start to walk out this path, do NOT let anyone bully you into downgrading. If someone has an inability to respect your path of healing, transformation and leadership, let them go. Got it? Coolio. 

So lets recap. What exactly is surrender? 

It’s getting sick and tired, of trying to control your life.

Of trying to figure it out, on your own.

Of ignoring what God/Your Higher Self is so desperately attempting to guide you towards. 

Instead you pray your face off.

Step 1: You ask, intently, with your language “Please guide me. Show me. Because what I'm doing is clearly not working. I hear my body speaking to me. I hear my soul speaking to me. I know it's not supposed to feel this way.”

Step 2: And then you affirm with your language and your heart that you are wide open to receive the guidance that comes your way. Because when you ask and pray, that answer is coming fast baby cakes ;) 

“I am wide open to receiving the guidance that comes my way. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. I’m sick and tired of forcing. Of not knowing. Of confusing myself. Show me a clear sign and let’s do this. I promise to take immediate action. I promise to trust. You take charge. I turn this over to you.”

You can’t skip this step.

Step 3: Of course is taking action.  

Most people receive the signs and most people today still ignore them. We’re getting better as a society, because so many brave men and women are going first. 

But we can do better and I believe we must do better. 

Here is a mini meditation I recorded awhile back, when I was doing 1:1 coaching that will help you tap into the  feeling of surrender and the language that accompanies it. I recorded this to help guide you, but I do believe that surrender can NOT come from someone else. YOU have to want to live in this way. You have to be open to it and trusting of it. (I also led this call with doTERRA leaders on 'Inviting Grace into Your Life') 


So there you have it. 

The basics of surrender, and what can happen for you, when you allow yourself to live in this way.

A few people have asked me how I'm living out a surrendered life today and what I pray for. Here are the things I'm currently asking for guidance on the most, and putting into bold action the responses / signs I receive : 

  • I'm asking how I can be a better leader and affirming that I'm ready for my next level of greatness

  • I'm asking how to take care of my daughter. There are lots of scary things happening in the world today with respect to our kids so I ask and when the signs come, I take massive action

  • I'm asking how I can be a better wife

  • I'm asking how I can be more emotionally tuned up and not so reactive. I've been guided to books on that and I'm reading them all and applying what I'm learning

  • I'm asking for more courage. I've been guided recently to speak up online about hot topics and it scares the f*&%'ing pants off me, but this is living out a surrendered life so I go for it. So I ask for courage and grace

  • I'm asking who in the world I'm meant to partner with in terms of spreading hope and healing with essential oils and my doTERRA business. I don't just want to partner with anyone today, I'm bored of working with people who are resistant to growth. I want to partner with men and women who love to live and lead in this way

There you have it. I hope that inspires you! 

To your most beautiful life,

Geralyn xx 

PS Post below this post on Facebook or Instagram and tell me everything about your results since starting to live in this way. We’re inspiring the next generation when we do this ; )