Prepare for 2019 with Grace


Hi beautiful friends. I’m so excited to share this blog post with you.

If you’re new here I’m Geralyn. Mama to a 2-year old, I’ve got a baby girl on the way, my husband and I are retired cops and we’re Presidential Diamond leaders with doTERRA. We decided to set a vision for ourselves a few years ago to ditch our alarm clock so we could be home and raise our babies amidst a peaceful country setting and ultimately, presence.

We believe that’s the true gift of not only the Christmas season which is just ending but every season of life. Truly BEing with each other. Cultivating peace in our hearts so we can give one another the most precious gift, our pure unconditional love and attention.

As we’ve built out a wildly successful business over the past few years our teaching has shifted. We know we’re here to help people achieve big yes, but to do so with soul and grace. In alignment with God/their inner teacher/your higher self, whatever word resonates for you there.

We believe when you surrender your life and ask to be guided to how you’re here to live, lead and then teach you will not only become wildly fulfilled and successful, you will truly be able to help other people.

So this post is about launching into 2019 with goals yes - but soul goals - along with intention and a commitment to live out your best life. The one that is uniquely destined for you.

We’re also here to help you clarify who needs you and how you’re meant to passionately show up and teach/lead this year.

Let’s dive in.

Step 1: Clarify Your WHY

At the end of every year I always take a few moments to clarify my vision for the coming year and to reflect in solitude on why I’m doing what I’m doing. Sometimes the hustle and bustle of the last quarter of the year can cause us to forget. We get so busy consuming, ending the business year strong and then we add Christmas into the mix and somewhere along the way our hearts can get cloudy.

So what is your WHY for 2019?

Your WHY is a purpose, cause or belief that you stand for. (As defined by Simon Sinek who wrote the bestseller “Start with WHY.” You can find it on Amazon or watch his TedTalks on the subject.)

It’s basically why you do, what you do and it comes from a place of intention and inspiration. It will inspire you when you get up in the morning and will help you stay in the game when the going gets tough. It’s key.

For example.

You may believe that the world needs X for deeper healing and so that’s why you work as an entrepreneur selling Y. Basically what we do in terms of our career has a lot to say about what we believe in.

My why shows up right on the front page of my website here.

It says and I quote “My work is devoted to helping you and your family live well and earn well so you never have to sacrifice what matters most: time together.”


I truly believe in my heart that families need more presence today and time together.

I do not believe in the way society has created separation, access consumerism, going to jobs people hate, supporting CEOs who sit on a golf course all day (while their product that makes people sick, makes them millions), sitting in traffic, believing we’re unsupported and therefore have to do this to get by or fulfill our ego needs of what success is defined by. I just don’t subscribe to this way of thinking and my why has much to do with shifting cultural beliefs within this realm.

My why inspires me to help women and families to create an inspiring business, one in which serves the world in a way that it needs for healing while also freeing up their time.

So I help people earn while they sleep essentially and my why drove my business choice. One of my businesses is with doTERRA essential oils which is passive or residual income. My husband hasn’t worked in over two years but if you were to hang out at our house the last thing you would think is that he’s a guy without purpose. You would see the opposite. You would see us living out our why and what we believe. You would experience presence, peace, laughter, dance parties, dirt rolls outside, tractor rides, dinners at the table together, food prep together and most importantly peace in our hearts because this why was chosen for us, it’s apart of our divine plan and we surrendered to that. This may not be your desired way of living and your why may be different and that’s normal and ok. I hope this example however inspires you to clarify your why even deeper for this year.

And here are a few ways to inspire you to get clear on your why for 2019.

Journal what’s on the surface for you with some of these sentences to help prompt you.

  • My WHY is……

  • I believe the key to changing the world is…….

  • I believe the key to X is to Y

  • I am devoted to helping people…..

  • I am devoted to helping moms/families/health care practitioners/men…..

  • The world will be set free by…….

  • People struggling with X need more Y

  • The key to true healing for people living with / struggling with A is C

  • The key to inspired living is Z

Do you see where I’m going here.

Allow your soul to drip out on paper.

The biggest mistake people make is they journal something out and it feels funny or edgy or sounds messy (very normal) and so they affirm to themselves, “Hmmm, that’s a bit messy so I’ll leave it and come back to it.”


As young entrepreneurs you must be willing to be uncomfortable. To show up messy for a bit. Deeper clarity will come if you trust what surfaces and run with it.

The business Gods don’t deliver deeper clarity to those who don’t trust what initially surfaces. You must be willing to trust the divine plan and yourself my friends. If you don’t trust yourself and what surfaces you won’t cultivate success with grace. You will always feel unfulfilled in some way.

My WHY felt funny to me for 5 years. Again, remember that true confidence is bred from action. You’ll become more confident in who your soul is here to be by acting on its guidance and truth, not from running away from it.

Step 2: Empower Your Thinking

I was coaching a team member this week through her thinking. She came to me and said “My business needed me to adapt during the last quarter of 2019. I was called to create deeper boundaries and a new system for those I mentor. Although this feels good and I know it’s aligned with how I’m here to step up and grow, it feels edgy. And now I feel like I’m I’m losing people. I’m going to have to start over with building my dream team.”

Now I know this person and her business is not falling apart at all. Sure the reality is now that she has set some new boundaries 1-2 might drop off the map. Totally normal and expected.

But what is truly happening is that she is stepping up in her leadership and so her fear based mind is creating all sorts of disempowering thoughts to make her think things are falling apart (or they’re going to fall apart when she acts on the divine plan) when in fact what’s really happening is that through her leadership strengthening, her business will start to strengthen.

This is the test of building a business with grace behind the wheel.

Do we trust?

And when we do the edgy, scary things that we truly need to do and our fear based mind starts to freak out and tell us it’s wrong (this will happen) are we able to correct our thinking?

My course in miracles teacher always tells me that God/our higher self lives in our mind. But so does fear. And when we’re growing, that fear based voice is going to try to create all sorts of limitations to hold us back.

So I had this leader write out 4 empowering thoughts and paste them on her fridge. Things like…

“My business is strengthening as my leadership strengthens”

“I am beginning to attract clients and team members at a very high level”

“My team and those who follow me are starting to cultivate deeper trust in me and in themselves as I set deeper boundaries”

“I’m attracting healthy people who do powerful things; We do powerful things together”


Do you feel that shift?

It feels good just reading it.

Your higher mind will never lead you to step up in the arena of personal growth if there wasn’t meant to be powerful results on the other side of that stretch or action step. But we need to clarify and empower our thinking to make sure it aligns with the action we’re being guided to take.

Read that again friends.

This is big.

Now think about where you are being called to step up in terms of your leadership growth right now. Has your mind been telling you some BS story or belief about why that won’t work or how you’ll fail?

Take a deep breath and feel those fears lifting up for healing. (Sometimes people ask me what that means by the way; How do I lift fears for healing they say?) The thing is if you try to obsess and logically figure out how to do that, you’re done. You need to relax. Trust yourself here and the simplicity of this. Sit quietly and imagine the fears or thoughts as stuck, heavy energy in your body. Then imagine them like a dark cloud lifting up towards the sky. There is a power greater than ourselves working on our behalf at all times. This power is waiting for us to lift our fears, trauma, guilt, grief. All of it. This power is what does the cleansing for us. We don’t need as many crystals or angel card readings as we think we do. We need to lift our fears for healing and allow the supportive energy that is right there to cleanse them for us.

Now write out 4-5 empowering thoughts about what is truly happening this year in your business.

Remember strong leaders cast vision. They write out what they feel to be true and most possible for them and they trust in the divine plan.

Step 3: Make Your Social Media Profiles Intentional

Your social media headshots, bios, cover photos etc should be you in your highest potential and full self expression. Update your photos if needed, book in a new photoshoot, make sure you are coming across how you want to be experienced. In your power, confident, filled with grace, hope, inspiration and love.

Vague bios, stories, posts and random crap doesn’t cut it. You will often see influencers who have been around for years and have massive followings get away with more playful bios but they have the credibility already, they have built their empires, they are already known for their work and they are wildly successful. Do you have that yet? If not, you have to get your hands dirty and create that. You are in charge of this and no one can do it for you.

Here’s an example of my Instagram bio: it’s clear on how I live, what I stand for (my why / belief) and who I help.

Screen Shot 2018-12-27 at 11.15.03 AM.png

If you write something out and it feels messy or edgy that’s fine. Own it. Remember deeper confidence and clarity comes from action not sitting around waiting for perfect clarity to emerge.

I love the example of Brene Brown, best selling author. When she writes her books she has a sticky note on her laptop that says “It’s supposted to feel scary Brene. Keep writing.”

This intentionality should follow you into your year. Every blog post, sales call, interaction, workshop that you teach will have this clarity woven in.

Side note and cool fact: I don’t have 18 million followers online but I do have a business that most people only dream about. It’s because I’m intentional and I have the courage to be intentional. I don’t chase likes, or vanity metrics. I ask daily how I’m here to serve and I show up and serve in that way. This is part of how I attract powerful leaders and clients into my business and truly help people. Get intentional if you want to do the same!

Step 4: Cast Vision

If you have a team of people you work with, clients, team members like I do or even family and friends make sure you are casting vision. I wrote this blog post for my team this year specifically (and for all of you who follow my work) but I’ve also been saying things strategically to help my team feel into their potential this year. For example when I posted a webinar I recorded recently I wrote out in my post, “Guys, this is the year so many of you are going to actualize your potential.” I’m casting vision with my words here. Speaking possibility. Feeling into the potential for other people and using my language to support that.

Strong leaders cast vision. And not just when it’s all about them or their most epic sales month. They do this continuously.

Stuck or ego driven leaders think negatively about themselves and their people or they make it all about them.

Step 5: Reflect

John Maxwell says one of the most important business skills to cultivate is self-awareness. Meaning the first person you need to lead is yourself. The first person you need to inspire change within is yourself.

Practice self-awareness by journalling honestly and truthfully on these questions before diving into 2019:

  • Who needs me this year? (Example: mums struggling with X need me)

  • What is the experience I want others to have of me? (Example: I want others to feel love, compassion and hope coming through me as I build my business)

  • How does the 6-figure per year CEO ME show up in her daily life and actions? (Or if you already earn 6-figures, the multiple 6-figure biz owner or if you already have that, the 7-figure biz owner etc)

  • How does she think?

  • What stories/experiences from 2018 do I have to share that will inspire others?

  • Where do I need to grow in my confidence and what’s my game plan to do that? (Remember action breeds confidence).

*PS if you’re in doTERRA I recorded this webinar on attracting CEO’s to your business and I chat lots about reflection and self-awareness. Basically guiding you to your own answers and to your own authentic power. You can access that here. Share with anyone it may help!

Step 6: Set Soul Goals

I’m all about simplicity and ease and I don’t subscribe to access “doing” in my life.

When I set goals I keep it very simple because to me it’s a reflection of how deeply I am or am not listening to the voice of God/my inner teacher/my highest most wise self.

I simply create a spreadsheet like this and save it in my google drive titled “Yearly goals”. I have one for each business year.

Screen Shot 2018-12-27 at 11.25.19 AM.png

Then I sit in solitude, take a few deep breaths, shut down all tabs on my computer and/or phone and simply journal out what I want to experience this coming year. It’s as simple as that. One year my focus was on having my first 6-figure year. Last year one of my goals was to hit our income goal of high multiple 6-figures and I was very specific about the exact number.

One year it was all about presence and grace as we had our first baby.

Another year one of our goals was about cultivating powerful relationships with influencers and friends and family that felt good and value driven. Another year it was all about asking for and leveraging more help. You see where I’m going with this. It can be anything but the key is in your listening and most importantly in how much trust you have in yourself and the divine plan and what surfaces.

So write out your 3 goals for this year if this feels aligned. Here is that spreadsheet to help you. (Click file, make a copy for your own).

Then I expand by writing out my income goal as you’ll see on the spreadsheet. I do this every year. Remember earning money has nothing to do with money but it has to do with our fear of our own power and leadership. This is why I have up and coming leaders do this exercise. We have to feel any fears here and allow them to move through so we can get to work.

Another key is non-attachment. In the first 4 years of being an entrepreneur I rarely hit the exact goals I set. But each year I expanded into who I needed to be in order to hit the goal the following year or shortly after the original timeline I had set. Now I’m better at setting soul goals and I get pretty close to hitting exactly what I write down.

You’ll see I also have a section at the bottom for personal and family goals. This is in case the top 3 goals that surfaced were all surrounding your business. Then I would add to this section to make sure it’s well rounded and you have passion, purpose and joy flowing through all areas of your life. For example for us this year we’re doing a renovation but I wrote down that I want it to come together with ease and grace and in perfect timing. This feels so good to me.

Remember when we get bored or stuck in our life it’s because the beautiful ego has taken over. When we feel passionate, in flow and creative (in business and life) it’s because we have surrendered our life and we are deep in our listening.

So there you have it friends.

Did you find this helpful?

Please share the blog link with your family, friends, team and/or network. I would super grateful to help anyone this truly aligns with.

To a magical (and soulful) 2019,

Geralyn xx an