Ger's Oil Recipe for a Constipated Baby

Hey hey friends, welcome back to the blog.

Today it’s my homemade recipe for constipation.

This worked wonders for my little one. Of course checking in with your healthcare provider is key, they will likely help you get to the root cause of the back up. (Type of formula, ingredients, something mum is eating that is in her breastmilk etc.)

While I was looking at the root cause for my babe, three things helped with relief.

  1. Magnesium. I actually discovered that magnesium is the mineral that adds water to the stools. And many people are depleted in this. So I added this in to feeds 1x / day. You can find it at any health food store or amazon.

  2. Tummy massage. There’s lots of tutorials online or check in with your massage therapist.

  3. My oil blend.

I used a recycled oil bottle (post on that here) but you can use a roller bottle or simply grab a small bowl and whip this up.


3 d zengest (or digestzen, they have different names in the US/CAN)

3 d lemon

3 d rosemary 

1 tsp castor oil 

Add ingredients to your roller bottle or recycled oil bottle or bowl and fill will fractionated coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil or almond oil. (Any oil you have around the home that you can use as a carrier.) Carrier oils help the absorption process since pure essential oils are volatile compounds. The compounds can ‘jump’ off the skin so the carrier helps with proper application and absorption.

Then simply rub on babies tummy! 

*If you only have digestzen, try it on its own. Or mix it with 2d wild orange. This is another powerful combo for babes.

I have a tutorial on this on my instagram page. Go there and then click on the highlight “Natural baby”

I only use doTERRA oils. If using oils you want them to be pure and unadulterated. To order doTERRA for yourself or your fam click here.


To get started with oils click here.