Let Me Teach You How To Use the Top 10 Essential Oils

So you’ve got yourself a doTERRA starter kit. YAY.


You will find this to be one of the most empowering choices you’ll make. Ever. And I don’t say that lightly. These little bottles will bless your home, your heart and your family in countless ways. I truly believe God gave us medicine in the form of plants. Wild dandelions have a higher phytonutrient profile than spinach for example. And we consider spinach a superfood. We are just now truly starting to understand the impact that wild plants, herbs, and even the barks, roots and stems of trees have on our bodies.

Especially when they are grown in their natural habitat and have not been adulterated by man. (Added pesticides, synthetics to make the products cheaper so CEOs make more money, over production, forced growing conditions which change quality etc). When you start with doTERRA you can trust that you are receiving plants that are unadulterated (100% pure), are sourced from the part of the planet where the plant/bark/stem thrives best and therefore they will help detoxify, invigorate and restore your body better than anything else.

To learn more about the quality of doTERRA click here. There is a section where you can enter the lot # of your bottle (found on the bottom of each oil) to read the quality reports and testing if science is your thing!)

My goal with this post is to help you start with the top 10 essential oils, in simple ways, that work. I’m here to remove any overwhelm and to help you feel empowered.

Adapting in new habits, 1 or 2 at a time, is the way to go. Within this post, I’ve outlined exactly how I started and the steps you can take to allow nature to do its thang…. creating not just a home environment, but a human envirnonment (your body/mind/spirit) that thrives. Let’s dive in!


Using the oils aromatically is step 1 and a beautiful way to get started. Don’t underestimate the power of this habit!

Use 3-5 drops in your diffuser to start, but trust your nose and adjust accordingly

I recommend diffusing your oils to start 2-3x / day… in the am, optional afternoon and pm

In the am diffuse a citrus oil or something that will invigorate your body and bring energy, enthusiasm and positive feelings - lemon, peppermint, wild orange or easyair/breathe blend is perfect

In the afternoon diffuse onguard - this helps purify the air and onguard is also great for warding off seasonal threats plus it’s invigorating, “waking you up” during any midday energy slumps

Before bed diffuse lavender, breathe/easy air or a combination of both. 2 d lavender and 2-3 drops breathe/easy air is heavenly, diffused an hour before bedtime



Understand oil safety before you start to use the oils topically (on the skin) or internally. I would only use doTERRA oils internally after some basic education and understanding, OR consult an aromatherapist who can share a trusted brand. Most brands do not educate or do not provide enough transparency with respect to their quality. And there are many brands that are adulterated and toxic to the body. Also be careful of the fear based articles online. Because oils are wildly popular, people will create articles with hot taglines to get “clicks” so that they can make money off their articles or websites. It’s kind of like how celebrity gossip magazines always target Jennifer Anniston. It’s why she’s always pregnant, but never had a baby ;) It’s because it generates attention and clicks. Ok, moving on, ha!

Safety Principles:

Dilute the oils in 1 tbsp of a carrier oil for kids, and 1 tsp of a carrier oil for adults before applying to the skin.

The oils are volatile, meaning they “jump” off the skin. A carrier oil helps them absorb properly. I use doTERRA’s fractionated coconut oil but almond, jojoba, even olive oil works.

If you are prone to allergies and worried about a reaction, do a skin patch test on your inner elbow or wrist.

Do not apply “hot” oils such as peppermint, cinnamon, clove, oregano etc into the bath, they are too hot and can cause a skin reaction. Do not apply the deep blue oil or rub and then take a shower, bath or hot tub. The cooling oils in this blend such as wintergreen and peppermint will absorb deeper into the skin with contact to water and can cause a mild burning sensation that feels hot.

Do not apply citrus oils (lemon, orange, grapefruit, bergamot etc) and then sit in the sun or tanning bed, they are photosensitive and can cause the skin to burn.

No oils in open channels (eyes, ears etc).

Review or reference this safety module from doTERRA when and if you have Q’s or concerns. Start using the oils aromatically and then topically. Source a great essential oil book for guidelines/recipes/blend recommendations. This is my favourite book, it’s a composition of everything needed to create positive and profound result with oils. Once you have a steady foundation and understanding with the help of a book like this, you’ll find you’ll start to create blends and recipes on your own. But in the beginning, it’s important to welcome in tools and support!

When using internally check out this module and only use the oils that are labelled for internal use

Know that you are in the best hands with doTERRA oils!


One of the most empowering ways to start with your top 10 oils is to make a few DIY recipes to use around your home and/or to swap out toxic or synthetic products. You’ll start to feel like a real life supermom/dad/woman. Trust me, it’s empowering as f&*$. LOL. (If you’re new here, I’m an ex cop and an Aquarius. I have a bit of a potty mouth and I’m totally ok with it ;)

Ger’s Holy Grail DIY oil recipes :

The all purpose Cleaner I use for Everything

Wood polish

Soft scrub bathroom cleaner
Stove top cleaner

Fridge and microwave cleaner

Check out the doTERRA blog and pick 2-3 recipes you’re interested in

Again, if you want a more specific recipe your best bet is to pick up my favourite essential oil book called The Essential Life, which has recipes for literally everything you can think of! It’s cheapest at My Essential Business if you’re in Canada. If you’re in another country try Amazon, or Oillife,com.


This is the best part. You have started to build trust with using the oils, the daily diffusing and the DIY cleaning recipes are working magic in your home. You’re cleaning out the toxic crap and you’re feeling like a B O S S.

It’s time to start using the oils in new ways… topically, on your skin, in the bath (check out my bath recipes here) and/or with your family.

Again, I can’t stress enough having the right tools. Pick up my fav essential oil book where ever single recipe you’ll ever need you can find within. It’s a holy grail, must have book!

Then, simply look up which oil to use based on what your needs are.

There is an index at the front of the book with every need covered off and then 3-5 oil recommendations. The reason they reference a few different oils is because many oils help with similar things. Plus, oils can work differently in one person’s body in comparison to another. So, if one oil doesn’t work, try another one!! The great thing about having the top 10 oils on hand is that you can generally find an oil within that mix for the most common needs. (Sleep, DIY projects, skin stuff, digestion, etc.) I’ve listed my fav ways to use the top 10 oils below, but again, the uses are endless. Have fun!

LAVENDER - diffuse before bedtime, apply topically to feet before bed (this works wonders, helping the body rest and restore during sleep), add 1 d to moisturizer before bed, use on itches/bug bites/stings for immediate relief, use in a calming bath

Screen Shot 2019-06-20 at 8.11.49 PM.png

FRANKINCENSE - take 1 drop under the tongue 2 x daily for optimal function of the entire body. Diffuse with lemon and/or peppermint for a mid day boost . Use during meditation

LEMON - diffuse in the am, use in DIY cleaning recipes, add 1d to water a few times a day to help the body flush out toxins, keep a bottle beside your kitchen sink and drop 3-4 drops into sticky pans or on stubborn residue and soak, it will come right off! Also add 3-4 drops to toilet paper rolls, sinks, tiles and kitchen counters daily for a fresh scent

DEEP BLUE - apply post workout or to stress points/tension points (knees, upper traps, wrists etc)

DIGESTZEN/DIGESTEASE - apply 2-3x day on the tummy for digestive support or after a meal to aid in digestion, take 1d in a veggie capsule if additional digestive support is needed

BREATHE/EASY AIR - apply to the chest/lung area to help with clearer breathing, diffuse daily

OREGANO - this oil is a heavy hitter for immune support, diffuse when feeling stressed or when additional support is needed for the body to fight off seasonal threats, apply topically to the feet and/or spine if feeling under the weather

TEA TREE (MELALEUCA) - same as oregano this is a heavy hitting oil, diffuse and/or apply topically to fight off seasonal threats, also use in DIY cleaning recipes as it’s antibacterial/antifungal and great as a natural cleaner

ONGUARD (PROTECTING BLEND) - diffuse daily in the afternoon, use in different diffusing blends (see my Pinterest board of blends here) and apply to spine for additional cellular support, especially when feeling ill but also weekly for prevention

PEPPERMINT - my fav oil! Apply to pulse points and temples before a workou and mid day for a burst of energy! diffuse daily with lemon and lavender for an invigorating scent, add 1 d to water


There you have it friends! Shoot me a message if you need any help.