A Devotional for The Fall Season

Take a moment to ground yourself as you sit in meditation or prayer. 

“During this time of transition help me to see how I can receive 

Receive help

Receive guidance 

Receive healing 

Help me to see where I can relax 

Relax into my role as a parent/mother/father/leader 

But most of all help me to surrender fully so I may feel held 

Held in my healing 

Held in my grief

Held in my role as a leader 

Held in the peace and knowing that I am a child of God 

Here to experience your peace, your joy, your fulfillment, your fullness 

The changing seasons help me to see that I too am here to change 

It’s safe to grow

It’s safe for old parts of me to fall away

It’s safe to change

It’s safe to stand out, and be a little different than those around me 

It’s safe to crumble 

It’s safe to build myself back up again 

May the fall leaves remind me that if I do fall, I can paint a new canvas with bright colours and new beauty 

May I trust 

May I be held”