Happy, Healthy Fall: An Immunity Plan for Conscious Moms


Friends! Even though it’s only Aug. 31st you can smell fall in the air here just outside of Toronto, Canada where I live.

I’ve been shopping for a new fall wardrobe for my bump and for my toddler. I love being prepared to limit any stress.

I do the same thing when it comes to our health.

I can feel the gentle nudges and changes my body, home and heart guide us to make to ensure we are happy, healthy and thriving all year long. Of course I know that the odd cold or cough is sometimes inevitable and I believe the body knows exactly what to do in order to support healing but I also believe this:

When we support our body with the right mindset, the right loving and clean energy within our home and the right fuel in terms of water, nutrition and supplementary tools like essential oils,  we are on track for a gorgeous fall and winter season.

Here is what we do.

And please note as always, I’m not a doctor so always check in with your healthcare provider first and foremost.

Your Healthy Home Plan

Every year we clean out and detox a few areas that feel heavy. That good old kitchen junk drawer, closets that need a refresh, old toys that we can donate. Always, always aim to make space for the new and fresh.

Experts say that those who have a clean car and a clean home minus any junk, clutter or trinkets actually have a clearer headspace.


To do:

  • Make space by decluttering and cleaning out any junk areas. Make an all purpose spray with water, vinegar and 20-30 drops of your favourite essential oil(s) for fall. I love onguard essential oil mixed with wild orange right now and I only use doTERRA oils due to their transparency around purity and potency. (More on that here.) You won’t catch me at the supermarket buying essential oils or supplements even. Those oil brands are generally loaded or cut with synthetics and/or adulterated oils or perfumes. This is exactly what you want to get away from so if your goal is more vibrant energy at a cellular level, you have to support the cell with the highest quality oils. This is key.

  • Review your fall immunity plan with a professional that you trust. We use an osteopath who also practices chinese medicine, craniosacral adjustments, cupping and energy work. We also leverage a naturopath who leads clients from love, truthful research, empowerment and not fear. We have a zero tolerance policy in our home for healthcare professionals who lead from fear. 

Your Healthy Body

We use and leverage supplements on the daily to fill in nutritional gaps. Here is a blog I wrote on my personal daily supplement routine. This is bit different now that I’m pregnant but for general health this works well.

We also use a Berkey water filter - the latest research on what’s in our water is alarming. I believe in pure, clean, properly filtered water. Avoid water filters that you can purchase at your local hardware store. They are usually crap! The EWG has a great article on water filters. 

If allergies are getting to you try doTERRA’s TriEase supplement a blend of lavender, lemon and peppermint. It’s wildly effective, safe and natural. (Email me for support in setting up your doTERRA account, geralynmariepower@gmail.com)

In New Zealand many people take a teaspoon of Manuka honey daily to support their overall health. doTERRA just launched the world’s purest Manuka oil, now available this month only in Canada and the US. We purchased some and it’s insanely gorgeous friends. We’ve been applying to our neck, spine and chest area daily and I include my 19 month toddler in this routine. (She’s the healthiest little gal I know!) You can also roll Manuka under armpits as a natural deodorant and it’s great to support and balance emotions during times of transition, change or stress. Try rubbing it along the forearms, wrists and/or elbow creases, which in chinese medicine connects to the heart channel.

Other oils we use for support during the transition into fall:

  • Onguard capsules - the capsules contains a slightly different blend of oils than the onguard essential oil. It’s a bit more powerful in my opinion so I crack open the softgel, pour into a bowl and dilute with some coconut oil and then rub on my toddlers spine 1x / week.

  • Vitamin C  - I love Dr Suzanne Humphries work and teachings on natural immunity and the vital role vitamin C plays in general immunity and also how supportive it is when we come down with an illness. She talks about how conventional medical doctors are not taught about the mechanisms of action and benefits of vitamin C in medical school. (Surprise, surprise, sigh). If they knew about it, she believes a raft of other drugs would become unnecessary. You can find her work and articles online. She wrote a great book called Dissolving Illusions.

  • Onguard hand sanitizing spray - I don’t go crazy with this or act out of fear. I’m ok with the reality that germs are out there and I trust our body’s ability to handle it, that’s what it knows how to do. I do carry this in my purse however and after a day in the daycare center at church or a sweaty afternoon at the park I’ll give my toddlers hands a quick spray. I also keep one in the top drawer of her dresser and regularly spray down her change table and diaper pail area which - c’mon mama’s I know you hear me on this -  just the smell is so gross, ha.

  • Digestease - the gut and our gut health is everything and so this oil is a staple for us. We all currently have great digestion so we have not had to use much lately but it’s on the kitchen counter in our top 10 oil rack in case.  

  • Digestive enzyme’s - I talked about this in my blog post on my daily supplement routine but this is one of my favourite products. I take 1 with each meal to ensure when I consume a big salad for example, my body can absorb all the nutrients properly.

  • Melissa essential oil - this is one of the most expensive and luscious essential oils on the market today and for good reason. It’s incredibly powerful in my opinion at bringing the body and our cells back into balance. I take 1 drop in a capsule whenever I’m feeling off and apply to my toddler’s belly and spine 2-3x month for general health. You can read more about Melissa here.

  • Lavender roll on essential oil - check out this sweet instagram video of my toddler Vera applying her lavender oil before bed. My goal is to start her young when it comes to routines that feel nourishing and supportive of her body. We do this every night before bed.

My last tip- eat well and with the seasonal change. Start to reach for more root veggies, cooked foods for optimal digestion in the colder months and my absolute fav, bone broth. 


bone broth in baby food trays

Or use ice cube trays! Add to stir fry, rice dishes etc

You can find tons of great bone broth recipes online. (Just make sure the recipe you're using advises that you soak your bones in apple cider vinegar and water first to help pull the essential minerals and nutrients from the bones.) 

Here's my tip for bone broth: make a huge batch and freeze in small portions. I use mason jars to freeze a few 1 c portions for fall soups and stews and then my top secret trick is to freeze a few ice cube trays or baby food trays. Then simply pull them out in small portions and add to stir fry's, rice, anything really. The nutrients in bone broth are incredible for you and your family.

Your Healthy Mind

A healthy mindset is the key to just about everything in my opinion and fall is a great time to rewrite the narratives we've been telling ourselves. 

Take out a scrap piece of paper and write down how you currently feel about transitioning into this fall and winter season. Notice if something negative comes up like "I hate the cold weather or I always get sick or my business is slowing down."

Now rewrite those narratives into their most empowering version. For example "This time of transition brings about new change, growth and opportunity" or "My business is starting to flourish because I've been focusing on XY and Z." Read these new narratives every day 1x in the am and 1x in the pm and feel your cells start to move into deeper alignment.

There you have it friends - share with your friends and shoot me a line at geralynmariepower@gmail.com if I can help in anyway.