The Inner Wiring of Living Well. A Journalling Exercise for The Entire Family.

Hi friends,

I wanted to share with you a journalling exercise I use to start my day.

And, I’m teaching my toddler already!

Of course she doesn’t know how to do this yet, but she is watching me and she colours while I do this. Eventually this will turn into her own exercise.



A daily exercise to help you tap into your desires, reboot your subconscious mind and then act on all that will make you feel good.

Because if you don’t feel good, then there won’t be much flow in your life.

Feeling good = flow!

I often see moms in business for example thinking things have to be “hard” all the time until they hit their 5 year long term vision. And of course there WILL be seasons where you are very outside your comfort zone or in the pressure cooker so to speak. This is very normal. And of course life hits, trauma hits, hard times hit. I’m not saying you will feel good all the time.

But, if you are always stressed out in your daily life, forcing, controlling, in fear around money or health issues, thinking lack thoughts… then it will be very hard to gain traction towards your highest vision.

I teach my team that you need a longterm vision. (Something 2-5 years out.) Example, you want to earn XX amount of money, you want to reach YY goal in your business, you want a cottage on the lake so your kids can grow up with no wifi, rolling in the dirt etc.

But then there is a “letting go” energy so to speak. You must sink into faith and trust, and start living every day in the energy of peace, joy and love. Along with taking action towards your goals, this is the energy that helps you move into a beautiful state of attraction.

Stress = blocked flow.

Harmony and feeling good + aligned and courageous action = flow state.

And so this journalling exercise helps you to write out a gorgeous day in your life, RIGHT NOW.

Not in 5 years, but now. The key is to think about how you want to feel, and what you want to experience now (that would bring you peace) as you are taking action to build your long term vision.


Take a piece of paper and write tomorrow’s date on it.

You can write at the top “My Best Day Ever” or “Our Perfect Family Day” or whatever resonates.

Then simply write in the 1st person, present tense as if it has already happened.

Write about what you do as a family (or solo if you don’t have a family) when you wake up, write about mealtimes, work times, how you feel. Write out all of it and include the details that bring peace, joy and harmony into your life. Remember it’s absolutely key to open yourself up to the fact that God wants you to feel good. It’s your birthright. And so don’t judge what desires come up, just write them out.


Read this daily, over your morning coffee or tea.

Change it up here and there! Maybe in a few weeks time, it will change a bit based on new routines, a new season, school starting etc.

Have your kids journal with you or colour with you depending on their age and ability to understand.

As you read your vision, the key is to tap into your heart and FEEL how it feels to experience this life you are creating. For example, let’s say you start your vision with “I wake up and smell fresh coffee brewing downstairs, I hear the birds in the trees and my little one calling my name from her bed.” IMAGINE this on the screen of your mind as you read it and feel all the heart feels bubbling up inside of you.

I often include things in my daily vision like “I wake up excited and energized to start the day” and “The kitchen is always clean and ready to go from the night before. I start my day by drinking 16 oz of fresh water.”

Other ideas for you…

“All the money we need flows to us with grace.”

“If fears arise, we talk about it, to release them, and then land in the knowing that we are held.”

“I love and accept all parts of myself, and bring my whole self to the table in life, parenting and my career work”

Stuff like that! Write out all of it.

And remember, remember to tap into your emotions around how it feels to live like this.

By tapping into your feelings and emotions, this is how you rewire the subconscious mind and plant the seeds that eventually manifest. As long as you start to take action of course. What will happen is now that you’ve read this vision, you’ll feel the prompts to start doing things differently so that you can live in this way. It may not happen exactly as you wrote it out, but it will be similar.

Do you do this? Let me know in the comments on social.

xx Geralyn