My Must Have doTERRA Products, Habits & Rituals

Hey friends! This blog will be helpful if you’ve already started with the top 10 oils, a basic starter order or perhaps you completed the 21-day health challenge that I run quarterly and you’re wondering which oils or habits to add into your routine next.


The below products are my holy grail, use all the time, change your life products. I’ve broken them down into categories so you can choose what you add to your cart based on your goals or family needs.

I’ve also added in a few tips for how to use some of the products. Adding in a new habit or two 1x month is how I started. Before I knew it, I was using oils, all day, all the time and I never felt better. They truly renovate your cells and keep them thriving… Enjoy!

PS: You’ll want to order regular products via the Loyalty Rewards Program so you can get free oils. I wrote a blog post about that HERE. Make sure you check it out so you don’t miss out!}

- Skin Care -

Verage skin care line {Great in the summer. The serum is fantastic under your makeup for a dewy glow}

Essential skin care line {I rotate this with verage, I enjoy both}

Add in 1d daily of blue tansy, yarrow pom, frankincense or lavender to your night cream. Apply the blue tansy at night as it tints your skin for about an hour

Oil cleanse 1x week and add 2d of essential oil of choice: lime, lavender, geranium, frankincense, yarrow pom, blue tansy. I sometimes do this while in the bath

Exfoliate weekly with the gentle body scrub

- Self Care -

Bath oils: aromatouch for achy muscles, marjoram to reduce stress and serenity for some zen. Here is my full post on how to have a bath safely with essential oils + more recipes

1x / week lather up with this body mist after a hot detox bath

Add 2 d smart and sassy in unscented body lotion, rubbed on the tummy, arms and legs post shower

1d frankincense under the tongue, 2x daily

balance on bottoms of feet in the am

lavender on the feet before bed (try cedarwood, bergamot and/or vetiver for other sleep blends. Sometimes certain oils work better, it depends on the person and their body chemistry)

Place all of your self-care oils in your bathroom neatly + organized!

- Exercise & Energy -

Apply deep blue rub post exercise

Apply peppermint touch (roller) to temples and back of neck before workouts, for a mid day energy boost or when feeling fatigue

Apply motivate, passion, OR thinker blend to temples, wrists, or neck daily for energy and focus

Apply passion before a hardcore work session or fun day out with the kids

- Supplementation -

LLV daily

Digestive enzyme with each meal

Supplement box for successful prep (it’s all about the prep)

Mito2max in the morning

Probiotics daily

Here is a video I recorded on the doTERRA supplements

- Managing and Reducing Stress -

Copaiba softgels, 2x / day or Copaiba under the tongue

Frankincense under the tongue 2x daily

Neroli on wrist and elbow creases to support anxious feelings

Peppermint on temples, 2-3 x / day

My “calm the nervous system” custom blend

- ReducING Toxic Load & Cleaning -

doTERRA Onguard laundry detergent

My go to all purpose cleaning blend using a combo of lemon, tea tree, eucalyptus, lavender and/or rosemary

Diffusing oils daily - click here for my Pinterest guide of diffuser recipes

- Sleep -

Lavender on the bottoms of the feet before bed

For kids, lavender + cedarwood

For more chronic sleep issues, vetiver

*Dilute 2-4 drops of essential oil in 1 tsp of fractionated coconut oil and apply to the bottoms of your feet and/or lower legs before bed

- Emotional Healing -

Neroli on wrist and elbow creases during periods of high stress or when you’re going through high emotion

Forgive blend

Console blend

Cheer blend

- My favourite oil accessories + hacks -

Recycling old bottles to make new blends

Fractionated coconut oil for dilution (I keep one in my kitchen and 2 upstairs in my bathroom for detox baths)

Purchase a pretty oil holder to organize your bottles (amazon link is there, or try winners, target or walmart)

Supplement holder