How We Prevent Colds, Flu, and Chaos in our Home During Seasonal Transitions

Do you or your kids always get sick when fall hits? What about winter?

Do you find it stressful when “back to school” season hits?

What about transitioning from Spring into Summer?

What about Christmas time or holidays?


I’m a sensitive woman, I always have been and times of transition in the past were REALLY hard and stressful for me.

I remember as a young girl getting sick often during times of transition or change.

I recently read a quote from a healthcare practitioner that I love and it said “The flu is NOT a season. It’s the bodies inability to adapt.”


Is that not the most beautiful T R U T H.

Ever since I quit the police force 10 years ago now (where has the time gone!?) I have trained my body to become adaptable.

And now?

Well…. my cells thrive.

Do I get tired? Yes of course.

Have I had to work hard to balance my hormones post the birth of my 2 girls? Yes.

Have my kids had a runny nose? Yes.

This isn’t about perfection or chasing or forcing or setting expectations that are crazy high.

But it is about understanding just how wise and intuitive our bodies are and how capable they are of thriving.

It does take WORK and it’s a commitment to vitality.

It’s about learning to fuel and feed our bodies, our homes, our minds and our souls with the RIGHT kind of nourishment, the right tools, the foods we are intuitively drawn to. It’s flipping the switch and learning to let go of what society teaches about certain seasons of life, which for many people these fears embed right into the subconscious mind and then whammo… instant stress!

Here are the top 5 things that we do in our home, that we had to teach ourselves. There was lots of UNlearning, patience and lots of love when things didn’t go our way.

Be kind to yourself!

And never let other people’s experiences or life get you down. Use healthy people as inspiration.


  1. Before the start of every new season we clean out any clutter and do a mini “detox”

Things like….

  • For the adults, a 3 day mini cleanse. I love this gentle cleanse from health coach Alice Nicholls and did this recently. The only thing I added in was 2 fresh pressed juices in the morning, before the smoothie. The Kitchari recipe within this cleanse is divine and so healing.

  • Clean out closets, donate clothes, get rid of any extra stuff, trinkets. All the excess contributes to noise, head clutter, and stress. It also helps the kids to learn to always keep a fresh and clutter free home to maximize their wellness at a young age and it teaches them to not become overly attached to “stuff”

  • If I need to add any organization or storage I do that as well during this time. Making sure closets, drawers, cupboards feel fresh and all our natural health tools look organized and they’re within reach of our fingertips on the daily.

  • We do this 6 weeks in advance if possible of a new “season”

2. We make a few new DIY toxic free recipes based on the season that’s approaching

Things like….

  • Is Christmas coming? Whip up a pretty DIY car diffuser essential oil blend you can use so you’re not stressed out while shopping and in lines (Try Siberian Fir + Wild Orange + Balance)

  • Updating our all purpose cleaner with a new aroma

  • New room sprays or sleep blends for the kids (PS I wrote a post here with safe, easy and inexpensive essential oil blend recipes using doTERRA’s new accessory line if you need ideas)

3. We assess if we need any help

Things like…

  • A babysitter for date night? Are we tired and lacking connection? Would this help us thrive?

  • Do we need any help in our business, life or parenting? A new bookkeeper, lawyer, food prep support person, house cleaning support. Remember, for each level of health, you’ll need more help. Toxic people will tell you this isn’t true and they’ll talk you (or themselves) out of this truth. Step out of mediocrity if you want to feel great.

4. We take off unhealthy pressure and instead focus on cultivating 1-2 new habits

Things like….

  • If business is slow, instead of sinking into fear, what 1-2 new habits do we need to step into over the next 6-8 weeks?

  • If the goal is to lose weight, what 1-2 habits am I willing to commit to over the next 6-8 weeks and then I can add on from there?

5. We add in tools to help the body adapt

Things like….

  • Supplements, healthy fats, essential fats, bone broth, organic veggies from a weekly farm share, new music playlists that are fresh and inspiring, fresh plants for inside the home. Anything goes!

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Enjoy friends! xx

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