How to Recycle Used Essential Oil Bottles (To Make New Recipes)


I used to purchase roller bottles for my essential oil recipes but now I simply recycle my old bottles. I find it quite empowering actually.

I get into my lab (my kitchen! ha) and have some fun.


Save used and empty oil bottles in a container in your kitchen cupboard and then batch clean a bunch at a time. Or if you’re in a hurry, 1 at a time works too.

Fill your sink or a large dish with hot soapy water.

Add 4-5 drops lemon or lemongrass essential oil from doTERRA to the soapy liquid. (The unique chemical profile of these oils helps to ‘pull’ off the labels and sticky residue.)


Soak for 10 mins while you food prep or complete other kitchen tasks.

Peel off labels and take the dropper caps out. If you have long nails you can wedge your way in and they simply pop out, otherwise use the edge of a small kitchen knife. 

Once the labels are removed add more soap to a small brush or scrubber. Scrub away access residue. You may need to add 1-2 drops of lemon or lemongrass (this one is super powerful) right on the residue and it should come right off with a good scrub.

Then simply wipe down all other parts, rinse, dry and they’re ready for use. 

I put the doTERRA stickers on my new blends to remind me what’s in there or I use a custom label maker which you can find on amazon.

To get started with oils visit my page here. 

*When it comes to essential oils, there are a lot of ways to source, harvest, and produce a product. doTERRA believes in responsible sourcing, and efficiency during harvest and production, to provide the highest quality oils possible. For this reason I only use their brand.