My Fav Non Toxic Skin, Beauty + Hair Products

After becoming a mum of two and also having a business I felt the desire to spruce up my hair, beauty and makeup routine. I wanted to share with you guys my top finds and favourite products!

- Hair -

Beauty By Earth Organic Dry Shampoo. Make sure you get the right colour, dark or light.

Honest Company Detangler. I use this for my toddler and my own hair after a day at the beach or pool.

Beauty By Earth Sea Salt and Texturizing Spray.

I love this root to tip serum from doTERRA to smooth ends after blowdrying or straightening

doTERRA’s shampoo and conditioner. My hairstylist is always complimenting how healthy my hair is! *Because this is more of a natural shampoo, it won’t strip the oils from your head. Therefore it might take 2-3 weeks for your scalp to get used to it and your hair could be more oil’y than normal. This will even out, give it time. And use lots of dry shampoo in the meantime.

- Skin -

Beauty By Earth Foot Exfoliator. I scrub my feet 1x week during or post shower. I use doTERRA’s exfoliating scrub and add 1 d doTERRA peppermint essential oil right on the scrubber. Your feet will stay fresh all season long!

Beauty by Earth Organic Self Tanner. I only use this one on my face, by adding in a dime size amount to my moisturizer 1-2x / week.

St Tropez Purity Bronzer Tanning Gel. The Purity Line is better in terms of ingredients. Make sure you exfoliate before applying, make sure skin is dry and use a self tanner mit, applying in slow, circular strokes. You can snag the applicator mit on amazon.

doTERRA’s Verage Skincare Collection. I use this daily, before applying makeup. At night I’ll add 3-4 drops yarrow pom to the moisturizer. Watch that skin glow ladies!! (PS Yarrow Pom is pricier. It’s the Holy Grail skin oil though!)

I love this exfoliator from Truth Beauty Company

I dry brush 1x week before a hot detox bath and add 2-3 drops of one of the following doTERRA essential oils to my brush: geranium, lavender, pink pepper, grapefruit, or smart and sassy

I oil cleanse 1x week at night (following instructions here) using either jojoba oil, olive oil or almond oil as my base, a dollop of castor oil and either lime, geranium, blue tansy, yarrow pom or frankincense added in. I add about 2-3 drops of the selected essential oil. *If using blue tansy, your face will turn a very soft shade of blue for about an hour! But don’t worry, this is the oil going to work on your skin. This is why I use it at night.

Beautycounter sunscreen. This is the best!

- Makeup -

Anything from BeautyCounter, their makeup is amazing. (Except their mascara. I find natural mascara just doesn’t compare, I’ve tried so many. I use a good ol’trusted regular brand, Loreal for me;). I especially love Beautycounter’s dew skin moisturizer (foundation), and brilliant brow gel (I do a quick 30 sec brow routine when I don’t have time to fill them in fully. I just run this through my brows quick for shape and colour!) Also any of their eyeshadows and lip glosses are great. It’s all good, just avoid the mascara.

Pur minerals face setting powder

Ilia beauty is lovely. I use their lipsticks and check highlighter.

Anything from the Sephora “Clean” beauty line

- Accessories -

My fav travel makeup bag. I use this everyday and it’s so easy to throw in a weekender bag or a suitcase when travelling.

Travel jewellery organizer


K. Let’s talk about this, ha. doTERRA has a great “natural” deodorant, I’ve tested it and it works. When going natural and non toxic you have to look for something like baking soda in the ingredient list to ensure it masks any odour and actually does the job. But after the birth of my first baby and some hormone balancing stuff I was going through, I was pretty terrified to use anything natural. That’s when I discovered BAN deodorant, the unscented version. I went through most deodorants at the drug store and rated them using the EWG app. It rates a 3/10 in terms of toxicity on EWG’s website, again where you can scan and rate almost any product. It doesn’t have any of the top 5 nasty ingredients like parabens, aluminum, fragrance etc and it works. So this is what I use. Mama’s, I got you! : )