A Beginners Guide to Creating Wealth (With Grace)

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Today I’m going to talk about the building blocks to creating wealth, with Grace.

Let’s first define what I mean by this and then we’ll break each section down.


For me True Wealth consists of 5 principles:

1. Aligning with the work you’re meant to do, the person you’re here to be and work the world needs for healing. In this way, it’s about healing the collective and not just signing up for a salary, a quick fix or making it all about your own personal gain, fears or needs.

2. Creating radiant health (in lieu of sacrificing your health for a job, career or chosen lifestyle).

3. Living a beautiful life, in a beautiful state.

4. Setting up leverage in your career so you have financial, time and creative freedom.

5. Once you have leverage the focus shifts to expanding your work in the world in bigger, more impactful ways (with minimal to no limits placed on your time, creative energy or finances).

And what does Grace have to do with it?


Grace is what guides the entire authentic wealth building process.

I believe we’re either connected to God/our Inner Teacher/our Intuition or we’re not. Grace is the voice that guides us to the work we’re really here to do and it’s the voice that guides us to a career path that is healing for the collective (i.e the world).

Can you imagine Grace guiding someone to sell cheeseburgers?

Or a product that causes more harm than the healing we desperately need? Or to be addicted to medication, pain or suffering without any hope for healing?

I just don’t see it happening. Stay with me here if this brings up tension or resistance in you. I get it. I used to feel the same. While I appreciate that some people based on their circumstances have to start somewhere and sure, initially they may receive the call to simply get off their butt and get a job, I can’t see the final part of their plan being a career that makes the world sick. The universal energy that guides everything is far more loving than that.

Which leads me to principle #1 of building wealth with grace:

Aligning with the work you’re meant to do, the person you’re here to be and work the world needs for healing. (In this way it’s about healing the collective and not just signing up for a salary or making it all about your own personal gain, fears or needs).

In order to build wealth with Grace, you first must surrender your life. Meaning you must be willing to give up your plans and instead ask to be guided to the divine plan.

An example is a dear friend of mine who burned her Naturopathic license and decided to pursue entrepreneurship full time. After years of schooling, something just didn’t feel right. She didn’t align and believe fully in the current way of being around how NDs were allowed to practice and she therefore decided to surrender fully to the divine plan instead of trying to “make it work”. She gave it up, surrendered to trust and now helps clients and customers on a global basis in the way she is uniquely guided to do so. The best part is that once she made this decision, clients and customers starting flocking to her, her energy felt lighter and her creativity exploded. These are the gifts that are waiting for us on the other side of our surrendered action.

Here’s a prayer to help you surrender to the divine plan for your life.

You can use this daily.

Note: I used to teach this in my signature coaching program “The Surrender Process” which had 4 steps to prayer. I truly believe people need to be taught how to pray intentionally which is why I designed this process.

Step 1 is affirming that you recognize you are off course.

Without this type of radical honesty, it’s hard to call in the grace we need.

This step also helps us to practice humility by starting the process of calling in grace.

Remember, you don't know what you don't know and grace is waiting to guide you home.

Step 2 is to give up control by saying something like “I release my need to control the situation or I give up my need to pursue that which is not authentic to me.” You can say this in your own words of course but the key is to affirm that you are willing to give up the current situation that is causing you pain or a lack of true fulfillment.

Step 3 is to ask for clear guidance on the steps that you are here to take next.

Step 4 is to affirm that you are ready and willing to take action on the guidance that comes through.

Step 4 is where I see people struggle the most. Their need to control takes over or their self confidence issues surface. Especially in women. Some people will say things in prayer like “I’ll take action once X is healed or I’ll wait for guidance but I know I have work to do…”


God/Your Higher Self is waiting for you to honour the divinity of who you are right now.

Please remember that you are ready and worthy and deserving of grace in your life now.

All you have to do is affirm that. This doesn't mean you won’t be guided to further healing or education or you won’t be called to increase your skill set if you’re guided to change career directions, in fact, you likely will be called to do that. This simply means you are affirming that you are ready and worthy right now to start or to take the next step that is most congruent and true.

Everything you ask for in intentional prayer is delivered to you. Everything.

If your language indicates you are not ready then, of course, you won’t be delivered what you’re seeking. If it indicates you’re ready, you’ll receive answers right away.

Here is an example of a prayer you can use. (I use the words God/Inner Teacher/Higher Self as options so you can choose what resonates most.)

“Dear God/Universe/Higher Self,

I recognize that I have been chasing down/clinging to a job/career path/choice that doesn't serve who I’m truly here to be. I willingly give that need up to you today as I realize I chose this out of fear.

Please show me clear guidance on the next step I’m meant to take in my relationship/health/career/fill in the blank. I am ready and willing to take action on the divine plan immediately.”

Now simply notice the signs that show up. You will very likely feel an immediate weight off your shoulder and the loving power of grace holding you as you finish this prayer.

And ps the signs will show up so get ready.

Please know this is a prayer you can modify and use daily, in fact, I recommend it. Let’s say you know you are on the path of walking out your highest purpose. Use a prayer like this weekly or daily to come back home to your connection to your Inner Teacher. Keep asking for the next right step and keep following through on taking action.

Quick tip: often times people come to me and say they are intentional about their prayers and asking but not sure what type of guidance is coming through or they are confused on the action they need to be taking. My response to this is simple. You do know. You're likely struggling with the confidence to trust what is coming through.

Take a moment and breathe deeply. If you had to guess at what you thought the answer was, what would you say? (Answer this out loud immediately without allowing your brain to start creating unnecessary thoughts, distractions or limitations.) That’s the answer, the one you feel into right away.

Let’s talk now about principle #2 of building wealth with grace:

Creating radiant health (in lieu of sacrificing your health for a job, career or chosen lifestyle).

When you start to align with the divine plan for your life, not only will you feel fulfilled in your career but your health with start to change. You’ll notice you’ll be intuitively guided to make shifts that will greatly benefit and impact your health.

God/the Universe/Your Inner Teacher wants to make manifest of your light and love in the world. It’s this energy that heals not just yourself but the collective. And it’s kind of hard to influence the collective if you’re broke, sick, tired, depressed etc.

God wants to work through you.

To guide you and help you to clean up certain areas of your life, including your health.

You may be guided to eat a certain diet. (This is why I never recommend a certain diet because everyone is different.)

To attend yoga retreats or detox in a certain way.

To therapy.

Again, be intentional in your prayers and watch the guidance come through.

Then take action immediately and watch your health start to soar and transform.

Principle #3 of building wealth with grace:

Living a beautiful life, in a beautiful state.

Once you start to align your career and your health with the divine plan, you’ll start to live your life from a place of ease, joy and passion.

One of my greatest teachers (a personal mentor who teaches from the text A Course in Miracles) always tells me that if I’m bored, unfulfilled or stuck then I’m disengaged or off course with the divine plan. And it's normal for this to happen, we're human after all.

Sometimes you’ll be called to seasons of deep healing in your life when it’s vital that you feel, grieve or unearth unhealthy emotions that have been stored in our cells. But this isn’t what I’m talking about within this principle.

I’m talking about in your average day to day life, God/Your Inner Teacher is always available to you when it comes to guiding your daily state and is constantly looking to fill you with ideas and tools to create beauty and radiance.

For example, when I pray at night and ask to be guided the next day I’ll often start by asking that my day is infused with passion, creativity, joy and ease. Sometimes I’m guided to write a blog post, to book essential oil classes for my wellness team and sometimes it’s simply to turn on my oil diffuser first thing in the morning. Sometimes it’s making hot organic oatmeal with cinnamon on top and sometimes it’s lying out fresh flowers in our kitchen.

Recently we did a small renovation in our home and it came after a season where I was feeling a bit bored. I had recently hit a huge milestone in my business, I was pregnant and in a season of slowing down a bit but I admittedly started to feel a bit bored. I was losing my beautiful state and feeling distracted. So I asked and prayed about what I should be doing at this time of my life. (Because remember it’s not always about work and the hustle.) The answers immediately came through. I felt guided to Pinterest that week and I hadn’t been on Pinterest in years. All of a sudden I had this creative urge to design a nursery for our baby girl that was on the way. Then my husband and I started brewing ideas to finish the entire upstairs of our home.

We had our alignment back and quick.

Remember, you’re here to live life in a beautiful state. Not just in work, but in relationships, parenting, living and in creative projects as well.

Principle #4 of building wealth with grace:

Setting up leverage in your career so you have financial, time and creative freedom.

Leverage means that you build something once or during a set period of time and then it grows without you. Investing is an example of leverage (or having an automated savings program.) You set this up once and your money grows and grows.

I use the concept of leverage in my social media marketing, in my business and with my money. For social media, I create content once (like this blog post, or prior masterclasses or social media quotes) and then I upload them into a social media marketing platform that recycles old posts. (I use Meet Edgar if you're wondering.) My professional facebook page posts a set # of content posts per week and I’m not doing anything, it's done for me. I created this value once and it recycles for life if I choose to keep it going.

But the most exciting form of leverage? Career leverage.

This isn’t possible with a typical corporate job where you go to work 9-5 and put in work for someone else who is using you, for their optimal leverage.

I chose the network marketing model to create leverage, specifically with doTERRA essential oils because it’s a healing product that the world needs and their standards for support and the integrity behind what they do is divinely guided, I can tell you that with 100% certainty. (You can learn more about doTERRA and their biz plan here if that interests you.)

Essentially I worked my business for 3-4 years setting up systems, leaders, programs to train new people, a strong customer base and I help people to become great (like my mentors helped me) and then that model duplicates and you get paid while you sleep based off your global sales. It’s brilliant!

Do I think everyone will be guided to this type of model as part of their divine plan? Of course not.

But I do believe that God/The Business Gods are working on our behalf to teach everyone how to work smarter, not harder. So we can live with radiant health, creativity and passion infused into our daily life, along with contributing in how we’re needed.

Isn’t that such a beautiful concept?! Can you imagine we all lived in this way?

Times are changing and this is where the collective is shifting.

Let’s finish up with principle #5 of building wealth with grace:

Once you have business and money leverage the focus shifts to expanding your work in the world in bigger, more impactful ways (with minimal to no limits placed on your time, creative energy or finances).

Once I created leverage in my business (my social media channels work for me instead of against me, my doTERRA business pays me while I sleep etc) it opened up so much time.

Also once we really got ahead financially (no debt, mortgage free plan, we pay for all of our big investments with cash) we truly were in a position to give more.

I now have time to write more, I’m writing my first book and starting a podcast in the same year and I truly feel unlimited in how I can contribute.

Now humility is key here I believe. I see some entrepreneurs thinking they have “made it” to this principle when in fact they have skipped some steps. They truly don’t have solid leverage yet and they think they do which is dangerous.

Put in the work, find a mentor that can help you, humble yourself daily, be intentional and do the work until you truly have the leverage you’ve worked for.

Once you’re free it’s a beautiful thing, friends.

But freedom takes work, humility, time and intentionality.

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