This page is devoted to helping my current and future oil customers, coaching clients and doTERRA team members to see the monthly promotions and offerings I currently have on the go.


The NOW IS YOUR TIME retreat is here.

Join doTERRA as a new enrollment/customer of mine between December 26th - December 31st (*Now extended to Jan. 15th) and you’ll be gifted BIG. Why? Because I know we are in a season where change consciousness is heightened. I know your heart has been gently guiding you to make a change and I want to reward you for giving the greatest gift you could give yourself this time of year: listening and taking action on what will help you to actualize what you say you want.



The fine print:

It’s simple! Get started with doTERRA as a customer or a business builder with a start up order that totals a minimum of 200pv and you’ll receive this weeklong retreat hosted by my friends and I for free.


Here’s a bit about my friends and what you can expect from us during the retreat:


Dr Laura Hughes

I hang with her for a reason. Not only is she a bright light in the world, her gift is one of immense presence, care and attention. She is a doctor of naturopathy and has her Phd (along with two master's degrees; I know, wow!) but what I value most is her heart to serve. During this weeklong retreat she will help you with a mini masterclass that focuses on getting your body on a consistent daily routine that is simple, yet powerful. Learn what essential oils are key for a daily protocol that will leaving you feeling extraordinary... not just some days, but most days.



Kristen Owens

Kristen is a holistic nutritionist, passionate about helping families integrate the top 10 oils into their homes to uplift mood, remove toxins and purify mind/body/spirit. During the retreat she will also teach you about doTERRA’ signature OnGuard line which is important to integrate (you can take this out to make more concise if you’d like) for ongoing immunity support.


Rebecca Loach


Rebecca is holistic nutritionist, energy healer and modern mystic, intertwining her wisdom on how physical symptoms can show up with a gentle message to heal the root spiritual cause of the pain. She is passionate about offering new perspectives for her clients’ health and anxiety challenges. Rebecca will teach a mini masterclass on how to remove stress while adapting more ease into your everyday life. She will leverage her unique teaching concepts alongside key uses for DoTERRA’s emotional healing blends and top 10 essential oils.



Geralyn Power


Oh hey, it’s me! During the retreat I’ll be teaching a unique segment on how to actualize what you say you want for 2018. We’ll focus on feeling safe with expanding your vision and moving towards living the life of your dreams.





Kyla Holt 

retreat host


Kyla was the visionary strategist behind this retreat and I love her dearly for her brilliant business mind yes, but also her heart to serve. As a busy mom of 4 (with one on the way) she has learned how to mix motherhood and service with grace. Kyla will be present in the group to answer questions and serve you with her unique perspective on adapting key health and self-care strategies for moms with a busy family life.



TerraZyme digestive enzyme is 10% off and there is a great promotion for a free Frankincense. When you order 200pv in products between now and Jan 15th you receive Frank for free. {PS check out this wicked masterclass on Frank led by my friend Dr Laura Hughes}

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Wild Orange essential oil is the product of the month, meaning when you set up and fire off your LRP order with a minimum of 125pv in product you qualify for the free product of the month. Here are my fav ways to use Wild Orange and here is how I leverage doTERRA’s loyalty rewards program.

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Also a reminder for my Canadian customers - doTERRA’s #1 selling product, their whole foods based vitamin and mineral complex called Life Long Vitality is now available to order from the Canadian warehouse. Most people I know take this product -- I blogged about it here (and my daily if you would like to learn more.

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