Hello beautiful human


The first thing I want you to know is that you being here, at this very moment, excites me to my core.


Because DoTERRA Attracts Visionary Men And Women At Just The Right Time.

  • People who have been thinking about starting a side passion project - and what they may not realize is that their life experience to date has prepped and primed them for this role

  • People who have a unique background within the healthcare, holistic healthcare and/or the fitness industry

  • People who are tuned up to the truth about what the world needs today and they therefore love partnering with business models and communities that courageously innovate within this realm

  • And people who follow their heart (cliche, but so true... I know you get it)

It’s really that simple.

To learn more about the doTERRA business opportunity watch this short video here and this video I created for you here: {Make sure you click the links and watch both}




  1. Learn more about the company, the oils and then of course get started ASAP with the oils. Pull up and review my page here that shares why doterra is making waves as a company, why doterra oils stand out and how to get started with your kit. This will explain your attraction to the business. You’ll then follow the exact same getting started instructions that are listed on that page but take important note: you’ll be joining as a wellness advocate and you’ll be setting up your monthly LRP cart to a minimum of 100pv. (This is your only required investment. Think of it like your monthly franchise fee. My good friend and business partner Dr Laura Hughes explains LRP well and how to set it up in this video here.)

  2. Understand that I will be there to help guide you, but I will more so inspire you to walk this out in a way that uniquely models how you’re here to walk this out. The first thing we’ll do together is expand your two year vision on paper. The ideas and clarity for how you’re here to serve with doTERRA will surface quite quickly after that and you’ll feel the excitement brewing in your cells. I’ll add you to my private and exclusive facebook group for the builders on my team and you’ll receive immediate access to my online skills hub and team wide training resources. (I have mentored with the greats within this industry and my training is unlike any other you'll find.)

  3. We’ll then have three private 1:1 calls together to get you started and after that we’ll touch base for an in depth strategy session about 1x/month. Also to be clear because I think intention is important - if you’re the type of person who likes to be over helped, and/or if you find yourself in victim or complain mode regularly this team is likely not for you. If you thrive off of nourishing relationships, positive and intentional action and working towards actualizing what your heart is guiding you towards, this team is going to serve you on a very deep scale - I’m thrilled you’ve been guided here.  

  4. Know and understand that the business opportunity of doTERRA (more in depth on that here) will continue to thrive for years to come. The only real concerned question I tend to receive is ‘Is the market for oils saturated?’ My response is always this: it will never be saturated. There will always be someone learning more, the youth of our next generation rising up and people in different stages of life who are ready for the oils at different times. As my business expands towards the top leadership rank in the company I frequently tell people that I will soon have the opportunity to start from scratch and build out a new organization within the structure of the compensation plan. And, I plan on doing so, over and over again, for years to come. If this is a concern for you know this: I will teach you how to tap into the target audience you’re here to serve and I will help you hear the voice of your heart who is constantly communicating ideas with you on how to best serve.

PS I recently recorded an instagram live video with my friend and Doctor of Naturopathy, Dr Laura Hughes, where we chatted about what excites us the most re our doTERRA business. Take a listen if you feel the tug - we uploaded the audio for you - and ps turn the volume up, ha.)


Many people list off all the things you’ll receive when you join their doTERRA team, but at this point of the process here is what I know for sure: if your heart knows this is for you, and you've made it this far, you’re likely the type of person that follows its wisdom.

What I can tell you is that the growth, expansion and abundance that is available to you on our team is bare none, best in class.

If that’s what you’re seeking, what you seek is also seeking you.

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Geralyn has an undeniable gift for leading people in DoTERRA

Elizabeth Di Petta, Creator of All Things Beautiful


Click the button above to enroll as a wellness advocate (I started with the natural solutions kit if you’re wondering), set up your 100pv LRP order and get ready for the magical welcome email that will land in your inbox in less than 24 hours.

From my bold, brave and passionate heart to yours,

Geralyn xox

PS. need those step by step instructions on exactly how to enroll? Visit my oils page here. The instructions are towards the bottom.

Prefer to book a call with me so I can help you get started? Visit my mentoring page here and scroll down to the template where you can book a call with me regarding DoTERRA.

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