I don't believe you need a coach all the time.




You need a connection to your inner coach who knows what is best for you. I get that at times it can be hard to hear this voice and so that is why I offer sessions for women from time to time. To help you reignite that inner flame and a strong connection to how you're here to lead. What you won't receive from mentoring with me is ongoing emails about the next program or thing that you need. My #1 goal is to help you to NOT need me, as quickly as possible, because that's a sure sign you've found your power. And that is what I stand for most, helping you find your innermost sense of power.

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Book a 60-minute session with Geralyn and learn how to tap into what your inner flame is guiding you to do next as you build out your 7-figure network marketing business. Topics often discussed include: personal action steps, mastering the foundational skills, busting through blocks, money management, cultivating a mindset of wealth and possibility, inspiring and growing your team, creating the boundaries necessary for success, manifesting your dream vision, retiring your spouse and much more. 


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Join Geralyn's doTERRA essential oils team and learn how to build an extraordinary wellness business with the leading essential oil company globally. doTERRA attracts visionary men and women who are looking to align themselves with opportunities that foster global change in a way the world desperately needs today. 


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Learn how to build your business in an aligned and authentic way while expanding your personal vision for true health and true wealth. 

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